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Bow hunting tips for beginners

Best Bow hunting tips for beginner bow hunters, tricks & Bow Reviews.

Bow hunting is considered a sport that has grown majorly in the last 50 years or so. Although every hunter’s goal is success, anyone who has some experience with bow vs gun hunting knows pretty well that setting out with the bow does not necessarily mean coming home loaded with some meat. The challenge that comes with bow hunting is what sportsmen find more enjoyable as compared to using a rifle to shoot an animal that is 100 yards away. With that said, here are some bow hunting tips to improve bow hunting experiences for beginners:

Best Bow: Hunting Bow Brands

Bear, Diamond, Matthews, Athens, Parker, Hoyt, Martin. Now, someone who is into archery, will surely understand what these names in the previous line means, but for someone who is new to all this ready, aim, shoot business – the first is a really big beast, the second is expensive, third is a neighborhood guy and so on. But, little did they know that these are compound bow manufacturers. Choosing one of them, is not an easy choice to make when each one is claiming to be better than the other, but sweat not, this blog post is here to save you. So, ready, aim, read on(got you!).

Bear Archery

After making archery equipment for his friends, for years. Fred Bear started Bear Archery out of his passion for archery and love for bow hunting, with just one thing in mind – “it’s all about the hunt”. In 1982, the company opened it’s wings by acquiring – Jennings Bows, and has been flying high since then.
The company is well known for it’s affordable archery equipment, superb quality, great customer service and for exceeding customer expectations every goddamn time.
The company comes out with loads of products every year, which are always well received by critics and customers alike.

Diamond Archery

The company aims for the mid-priced sector, and successfully hits the bullseye. The company is famous for their great quality compound bows.
In 2004, the company got acquired by Bowtech Archery, and since then the company has seen a lot of positive changes in the product line.
Diamond Archery is one of the most loved brands available in the market today.

Bowtech Archery
The company was started by John Strasheim and Kevin Strother, in 1999. The company is known for their innovation, and unique design of their compound bows. The company has grown rapidly, and in a short time span has successfully established itself as one of largest bow and archery equipment manufacturers in the world.
Their product quality is evident from the fact that, every bow made by them is manually shot and tested.
The company invests heavily into R&D, and it’s design team is credited for inventing Binary Cam system, to overcome can synchronization problems, the system has helped in improving bow accuracy and power.
To get into the mid-range priced sector, the company acquired Diamond Archery in 2004, hence combining their innovative design with Diamond’s affordable quality.
In 2007, the company was acquired by Savage Sports Corporation, which is all in for investing in new technologies.

Matthews Inc.
In 1992, Matt McPherson, a talented and passionate compound bowengineer founded Matthews Inc. in Austin, Minnesota , with a motto – “people first, business second”. The people in the motto refers to both the people working in the company and people buying their products.
The company is responsible for inventing the Single Cam technology in 1992, which revolutionized the bow manufacturing industry by producing easy to maintain, and easy to recoil bows.
The company is well regarded for their superior bow quality and is one of the most trusted brands available in the market.
Matthews Inc. is a big supporter of National Archery in Schools Program(NASPR), and invests a lot in training and educating school students worldwide.

Hoyt Archery
Founded by Earl Hoyt, Jr. in 1942, Hoyt is one of the oldest brands out there, and even after decades, it is counted as one of the topmost bow equipment and accessory manufacturers.
Well known for innovation and quality, their compound bows provide a greater technical and tactical feel.
The brand is very popular among hunters,archers and Olympic gold medalists(bullseye).

PSE Archery
Precision Shooting Equipment, founded by Pete Shepley in 1972. Shepley, an archer, started the company, out of his passion for archery and love for bows. Being a product a product engineer, Shepley was highly focused on innovation and it was not long before his compound bows gained popularity. Now, it has become one of the most sought after brand by professionals and enthusiasts alike.
The company is well known for exceeding expectations with their out of box ideas.
PSE holds a number of industry patents and was the first company to make use of solid aluminum for producing bow risers and accessories
The company is also involved in promoting archery by producing educational DVDs, with video lessons and a dedicated training center with a number of programs for both the adults and the kids.

Hunting bow brands: Choice of bow.

It is important to choose the right bow for you. There are different styles when it comes to bows and hunting bow for women! . The ones that have been in use since time immemorial are the longbows. The mid-20th century came with composite and recurve bows. Compared to the longbow, these two lack an effective range but are more powerful and accurate within their own range. The latest advancement to bow making are the compound bows that use both cams and pulleys in the multiplication of the arrow force exerted when you release the spring. The cams and pulleys also provide a release of tension in case the bow is drawn to full length which further helps the hunter aim properly because if necessary, he would be able to hold the bow longer while in firing position.

What do i need to start bow hunting: Choice of arrow.

Choosing arrows that are proper for your bow is very important. Remember, different bows come with different draw lengths. The right thing to do therefore is to choose arrows of a length that matches or almost matches the bow’s draw length. The arrows being too long means that they will have a tendency of dropping off too fast after firing. If they are too short then the archer will not be able to draw the bow to its full length.

Know your arrowhead requirements

Before setting out hunting, it is important to know the arrowhead requirements for the kind of game that you plan to hunt. A lot of states have rules laid out declaring broad heads to be used during the hunting of big game such as elk, bear or deer. Simply not knowing the rules is not enough justification for the heavy fines imposed for using the wrong heads and hunting bow poundage.

Bow Hunting Tips for Beginners – How to shoot a hunting bow.

Practice! Practice! Practice!

Practice frequently with your arrows and best bow. It is essential to practice in all situations you may be in while out in the field. This also includes going out while having adorned your hunting gear. Shooting with your friends in the backyard is good but it will not be of help when it comes to hunting in the field. Make sure you “practice the way you play”. This is where every small thing counts. In case you have a certain cap during hunting, make sure you have it as well during practice! Again, practicing in the off season leaves you with no doubt that if an opportunity arises, a clean kill is the only thing that will come out of it.


You should be able to spend some major time in the places where you are planning on hunting all year through. Scouting the area and making the decision of where a stand is to be put right before the season begins means your stalking skills will be poor as you miss out on a couple of opportunities to practice. Try to also take harder shots during practice because when it comes to the real experience, the shots will seem easier. If you are taking the shots while on a tree stand, practice and have a good understanding of the shooting angles you shall take during the hunt.

Make the wind your friend

Lastly, you need to be able to tell the wind direction and ensure you always hunt upwind or across the wind. An animal that is downwind of you will be aware of your presence long before you learn of its whereabouts. Put more effort on skills outdoor so that you can become good at stalking.

If you are serious about having your bow tag filling odds increased then these tips are the best thing that could happen to you right now. If the right amount of effort is put then you can be sure to come with game every time you set out hunting!

Animals That Will Give Your Hunting Expedition A Meaning And A Reward

History and archaeology has established that our ancestors were hunters and gatherers. Methinks the Turkana boy died in a hunting expedition. Even in biblical mythology, man was given dominion over all of God’s creation. Food was to come from the plants and animals. It begs the opinion that hunting is one of the the oldest skills man honed and to date is one of the most fun expeditions man knows for leisure. We may no longer be doing it for survival thanks to the Agrarian revolution, but fun is key to survival of the modern man, just as was food in the Stone Age period.
Whether at the sprawling Savannas in Africa, face to face with the roaring lions or in the deep ocean in the New Zealand hunting for water species, the whole experience is worth a story. The chase, the sprint, the scare and the aim all make hunting much more fun.
Hunting parks and trips are a reserve of the few. Government have come up with stringent legal measures and policies that govern fauna and ensure that vulnerable species are protected from a holocaust while at the same time regulating human insatiable desire for game meat. Hunting parks are amongst the most luxurious assets for the affluent. It is a dream come true.
Game meat and accessories are some of the most sought out resources and décor for modern society. This has led to the rampant yet unfortunate massacre of the elephants and Rhinos in the tropics in Africa and Asia. So dire is the poaching menace that the United Nations and International monetary bodies have set up special funds and policies meant to curb the human threat. Hence, man must differentiate poaching from hunting. Poaching is illegal and selfish while hunting is legal and fun.
What are the most sought after animals in hunting expeditions?
1. Rabbits: Bow vs Gun hunting
The small swift animals will give you a real run for your money, literally. The bunnies are amongst a favorite game meat that is sought after. They are widely distributed geographically, but Australia without doubt holds some of the greatest concentration of bunnies. It is even speculated that these ravenous eaters contributed to desertification in the pacific island continent.
Bunnies are fast-reproducing, ensuring that their extinction is almost unlikely. In a month, a female rabbit has already completed its gestation and after nursing its numerous offspring for a month or so, is back to pregnancy again! One rabbit can give birth to up to 60 offspring in a year.
2. Antelopes/ Deer
Vast in the Savannas in East and Southern Africa, these animals are a darling for game meat lovers. Their meat is lean and sweet. It is no wonder that hunters and lions compete for this witty animal.
Get down to Africa’s grasslands and try your luck catching these swift and cunning animals that are in plenty. However, be sure not to strike down an elephant by mistake, lest the worlds turns against you with fury as they did after the demise of Cecil, the Zimbabwean Lion.
3. The Buffalo.
Still in the tropics, this huge cow will prove a great catch for a group hunt. It has great beef and if you are in a big group, its meat will come in handy in your tropical forest expeditions. You will have enough to grill, fry, roast and more to create sumptuous game soup.
Just be sure not to arouse this beast, lest its horns end up in your brain matter.
4. The Elk
The large temperate beast with adorable horns that can be an excellent game trophy and lean meat to serve a group hunt comes offers a great hunting experience outside the tropics. As long as the hunting regulations are adhered to, this animal will give you an enjoyable run, a great meal and elegant horns for trophy.
5. The Dove
The beautiful air creatures thought to be the embodiment of peace and covenant also offer great hunting options. Their crowd mentality gives one a great chance to strike lucky and when aimed with precision, you can fulfil the proverbial phrase of killing two birds with the same stone.
6. Wolves
These wild carnivorous sheep provide a great source of game trophy and probably also are hunted in revenge against their feasting of domesticated animals.
We can talk of skunks, snakes, Lizards, the Coyote and Hyenas which provide great game trophy and experiences in hunting expeditions. The animals to hunt depend on regulations and geography but whatever your catch is, hunting has proven to be amongst the most gratifying and heroic expeditions for human leisure in modern times

Learn How to Choose Game Calls!

For those that are looking for ways to choose the best Game calls, then this article is a must read for them. Let us begin by understanding what game calls are. These are hunting equipment that will help the interested person to hunt more effectively and efficiently. However, there are still a lot of people who don’t know how to find these game calls that will help them make their hunt more effective. In this article we will be focusing on some tips that will teach on how to find the best calls and those that are made of high quality materials. When this is done, then the hunting experience will turn out to be exiting and fun.

There are some vital things that one would need to take into account. These are the;-

  • Quality
  • Features
  • Cost and
  • Reviews by others that have used similar game calls in the past.

We all know that the quality of any item determines its effectiveness and efficiency. This is the same with game calls. There are many game calls that can produce low quality sounds. This end up being perceived by an animal as danger, proving to be detrimental to your hunt. It is important to stay away from such calls. Remember that having low-quality calls is as good as having nothing at all, and if you are serious about turning your hunting experience into one that is more exciting and effective, choosing calls that are made of high quality is the best thing that you can do.

Aside from the quality, there is need to consider their features. Technology has made it possible for people to purchase items online. If you are going to search the Internet, you will be seeing a lot of different game calls that you can use to make you a more effective hunter. Different calls have different features, and if you want to avoid spending a lot of money, the best thing that you would need to do is to create a list of all the features that you want. Once you have the list, choose the calls that has the features that you want or is required by your hunting style.

Once you are comfortable with the quality and features of the game calls, the next thing to consider is the cost. The price of the equipment that you will be purchasing is also important. It would be better to set your limit when buying calls, and use this budget to find the tools that are made of high quality and has the features that you need. Planning ahead with a set budget will prevent you from spending more than what you should have spent.

The last thing that you need to look for when choosing game calls are the reviews that it is receiving from different people. These are people that have tried the product themselves and these reviews will help you learn more about these calls. This will also help you find the one that is capable of making you a more effective proactive hunter and give an informed decision when making the purchase.














Turkey Bow Hunting

Turkey Bow Hunting

Wild turkeys are not the smartest or the speediest animals definitely. This is why these are so popular for bow hunting. They are simply easy to monitor and aren’t very wise, so bow hunting makes this more difficult than knocking them off with rifle. Bow hunting is one popular form of hunting that sports activities reusable ammunition that has been around for quite some time.

When hunting wild turkeys, a person should do their best to remain quiet. Untamed turkeys tend to be spooked by sound but do respond to bird cell phone calls with astounding simplicity. Turkeys do not have as good a sense of smell that other pets or animals possess, so staying downwind is a nonfactor in hunting this kind of game. Use the call to lure them in and simply yank back and release then.

The hardest part of bow hunting for wild turkeys is working the bow itself. Though new bows offer the latest advances in technology, they still are powered by the early design of disadvantage and release. They are simply much quieter to make use of than guns and you don’t have to find the bullet in the carcass. Because of this factor, while eating their catch, hunters don’t have to be aware of spent rounds.

Although it will test a hunter’s correctness with a bow, wild turkeys can make a great reward because they are doing grow to be very large family pets. Remember that proper concealment may lead a hunter to bagging that big reward turkey also. Turkeys rely heavily on sight and still have heads that can rotate 180 degrees to get movement and colors. Camouflage will be required when hunting these pets.

Bow trying to find wild turkeys can be considered a fun way to break from the normal gun and ammunition style of hunting. Remember that though turkeys are not the most elusive animals. They react more to eyesight and sound than they are doing smell. A hunter must get good at his bow, camouflage, and bird calls to appeal to a prize turkey close enough to kill with their arrows.

How exactly to Bow Hunt Outdoors Turkeys

If you are an archer or bow hunter, you will need to try hunting wild turkeys. Untamed turkeys shall challenge all your hunting skills. With regards to wild turkeys, there is no such thing as a simple hunt. You may get lucky, however the hunt will demand skill. Since you are a genuine sportsperson, you shall crave the task.

Hunting to Brag About

Bagging a wild turkey with a bow will make a magnificent trophy to brag to all of your other activities hunter friends. Hunting wild turkeys will be challenging, annoying and just downright fun. It really is fast becoming one of the country’s fastest growing sports. With this thought, go ahead and take the task.

Turkey Hunting Equipment

If you’re considering hunting untamed turkeys with a bow really, you will need some equipment beyond a bow and arrow. You can go out hunting with just your bow and arrows, however winning the lottery might be easier.

Generally, the gear needed are:

Bow and arrows prepared with bowheads
Turkey calls
Generally, this is all the gear you need for an effective wild turkey hunt.

Prior to the Hunting Trip
First, obtain the licenses and permits required for hunting a turkey. Be sure you are bow hunting during turkey season. Some carrying on says may have different times for bow hunters.
Learn turkey phone calls and the way to utilize them properly.
Practice shooting a turkey practice parrot, spine shots would be the best so learn how to hit the turkey’s back.
You need to learn how to track a wild turkey when it’s been wounded. You can find DVD’S and other information on the net or your local shoe shop.
A couple of things you must know prior to going turkey hunting
Turkeys have a 270 degree of vision
Turkeys have excellent hearing
Right before season venture out and familiarize yourself with your place,
Learn the pathways that the turkeys travel.
Learn where the turkeys roost during the night.
Turkeys are the most lively and vocal early in the first morning hours, and at night past due. When it comes time to hunt, you want to know where everything is when you are stumbling through the woods before dawn to access your hunting spot.
If you do these things, you shall have a wearing potential for bagging your turkey with a bow. Knowledge is power and the more you understand about turkeys, the better chance you should have at bagging one.


How to Handbag a Turkey with Portable Bow Hunting Blinds

Turkeys are extremely alert animals. That is why it is so difficult to bag them. If you wish to tote a turkey the next time, be sure to get the right bow hunting shades. These are so important because using the wrong blinds shall get you blind sided.

Picture using nylon bow hunting window blinds with things like Velcro window closures etc. That is the wrong thing to do because the nylon material is so noisy, the turkey shall be long gone before you get a chance to photograph.

So what’s a good bow hunting blind? Choose bow hunting blinds that can “camouflage your activity” when pulling your bow. Use a lightweight bow hunting blind manufactured from lightweight cloth once and for all results. This type of hunting blinds can easily and quickly be set up where ever you want them. And they’re noiseless.

Many hunters don’t even understand that they are making noises when moving around. The portable bow hunting window blinds have a great deal of opportunities and can conceal movements. Portable window blinds allow hunters to obtain a feel for how turkeys behave, so they can become acquainted with turkey’s natural motions.

You should create larger bow hunting window blinds in areas where in fact the turkeys strut, supply, and roost. These greater window blinds should be setup a week or two before season. And it should be camouflaged with vegetation local to the certain area.

If you set up your hunting window blinds only a few days in advance, it might be okay still. Turkeys normally will not notice it although it is way better to be more prepared and set it much earlier. But where does one set up these blinds? It is smart to established them up near large bales of hay or near the center of the field, since turkeys like to be in such areas.

To save money, you can build your own lightweight actually, turkey hunting blinds. You can get a lot of habits online but it will require some time to do it yourself, of course. Building your own lightweight blinds will be inexpensive and extremely effective too relatively.

Just be sure to build one with at least 8 taking pictures ports. You should use a fabric like lightweight cotton, but to be sure just, check that it makes as little sound as possible when you rub it alongside one another or shake it. Note that it is similarly important that your Bow hunting blind is really as quiet as is feasible.

Lastly, try to make yourself more comfortable by using seats cushions. After you place your blind in the right place just , it will be much simpler to remain still. That way, you won’t scare the game away from your blind.

It may take hours for a turkey to come your way finally. You don’t want to throw this rare chance away by causing noises that will scare the turkey away!