Thu. Jun 8th, 2023

There’s nothing like the thrill of the hunt. After hours of careful planning, your prey is finally in front of you. Everything hinges on this moment, but without the right hunting gear, you can kiss your prey goodbye.

Yes, hunting tools play an essential role in cornering your prey. From set-up to execution, these tools will make or break your hunting season.

It can be tricky to decide which items to take on a hunt. To help you out, we’ve created a list of 10 hunting tools you should never be without. 

1. Hunting Boots

It’s almost impossible to hunt well when you have blisters on your feet. A good pair of comfortable, scent-free boots is the first step, excuse the pun, towards a successful hunting trip.

2. Scent Killer

A lot of hard work goes into cornering your prey, but if your target smells your scent, it’s game over. Wash your clothes and gear in scent-killer detergent and use a scent-killer spray on items that can’t be washed.  

3. Camouflage Clothing

Camouflage clothing is essential hunting gear for beginners. Blending in with the environment allows you to sneak closer to your target, and get a better shot. Buy camouflage clothing that suits your hunting environment to help you get an edge over your prey.

4. Trail Cameras

Trail cameras are one of the must-have hunting gadgets. They allow you to monitor your prey without scaring them off.

Track their movements and analyze their activity patterns so you can successfully set up an ambush. Place the cameras along trails and near food sources for the best results.

5. OTF Knife 

Few hunters will venture out into nature without their trusty OFT knives. These blades are perfect for skinning animals, cutting rope and wood, or even opening tin cans.

Click here to take a look at the basic anatomy of OFT knives.

6. Decoys

Decoys are used to coax your target into a specific area. It can take some time to learn how to use a decoy properly but, when used well, a decoy will significantly increase your chances of a successful hunt.

7. Calls

Calls can be used to lure your target towards you or to make your decoy seem more life-like. Calls are not only specific to certain types of animals, but they are also made for specific seasons. Be sure to do your research and practice your calls before setting out on your hunting trip.

8. Hunting Pack

Hunting packs are an often underestimated piece of hunting gear. A lightweight pack will help you to conserve energy, allowing you to travel further.

Well-placed compartments will ensure all your hunter tools are easily accessible. Remember, you want to keep noise levels down, so avoid Velcro and noisy zippers. 

9. Hunting Blinds

A camouflaged hide-out is an essential piece of hunting equipment. It allows you to stake out territory without being seen. Hunting blinds are often specific to your prey as well as the environment.

Portable or pop-up blinds are best for a quick hunting excursion. Elaborate blinds with built-in comfort options are available if you are planning on settling in for the day.

10. Binoculars

Binoculars will help you examine terrain from a distance, and keep an eye on your target as you creep closer. Good hunting binoculars have glare and fog-resistant lenses.

Modern hunting binoculars can even take photos. This allows you to refer back to angles, terrain, and animal behavior as you proceed with your hunt.

These Essential Hunting Tools Won’t Let You Down

Successful hunting relies largely on preparation. Make sure you stock up on these important hunting tools to guarantee you’re ready for anything.

We’d recommend creating a checklist for these items to ensure you don’t get caught in a sticky situation this hunting season!

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