Month: June 2021

What is the composition of compound bows?

You probably know a lot about archery today if you are familiar with contemporary archery. In archery, the biggest change over the past thousand years is that bows no longer come from the most powerful trees. Today, the most popular materials for arrows are aluminum and carbon fiber. If you […]

Can you dry fire a compound bow?

It’s an unanswerable question, particularly for the layperson not well-informed. Is it possible to dry-fire a compound bow? Yes, indeed. But, should you? No. It’s not worth it. It is better to not do it. Dry firing a compound arch could cause irreparable damage. It is a dangerous practice that […]

Krav Maga, the Modern Approach to Self Defence

Krav Mag a Self Defence system that originated in Israel. It is the official tactical combat system of the Israeli Army. The name roughly translates to ‘Close Combat’ all Israeli Army Recruits including Women, receive basic training in Krav Maga.Krav Maga emphasis the use of the body’s instinctive reactions, the […]