Sun. Jun 4th, 2023

A deer hunter usually dreams of hunting the biggest buck in the forest. However, it is quite challenging to fulfill this desire and it requires plenty of practice as well as experience on the part of the hunter. As compared to any other game, deer are very hard to target and it is mainly because of their agility and speed. Fortunately, there is no need to be disheartened and here we will provide you with 7 awesome deer hunting tips that will help you hunt like a pro.

Be aware of the land

In all probabilities, this one is the most significant thing to be aware of and it depends a lot on your common sense. It is advisable to make adequate research on the hunting grounds, look at maps as well as photos and also observe how the other hunters have fared in that area. You may take the help of any search engine on the web to locate the hunting grounds and aerial photographs can also help you significantly. However, nothing is better than being in the area personally.

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Set up trail cameras

At present, trail cameras are used by hunters on a wide scale and you ought to install several of them around the hunting areas. These cameras will provide you with vital info such as the recent movements of the herd, its size, and so on.

Hunt close to the water

It is quite natural for the climate to become quite warm during the daytime and deer consume as much water as human beings to quench their thirst. Make it a point to set up at least 4 to 5 cameras close to a stream or a pond where the animals can be expected for drinking water.

Know their sleeping places

It is the natural propensity of the deer to enjoy a nice slumber close to the areas where plenty of food is available. It is vital to hunt meticulously in those areas so that you don’t scare them away.

Cover your scents

These animals are endowed with the capacity of getting the human scent from a long distance and it is imperative to mask your scent by washing your garments using special hunting detergent or by using baking soda as a substitute. You may also rub pine needles on your clothes to hide the smell.

Feeding the animals

Although deer won’t usually shy away from any type of food, the majority of the hunters like to layout pears, apples, packaged foodstuffs and also grains. Deer cane gel, as well as peanut butter, is also used occasionally for enticing the creatures.

Preparing yourself is vital

We all know that practice makes a man perfect. The same applies to hunt deer and practicing shooting during the off-season will certainly prove to be useful. Also, you need to be self-assured since a lack of confidence will not do you any good.

Apart from all the above-mentioned tips, you may also consider hinge cutting trees to make some open space where you would like the deer to move around while you are hunting. For this, it is recommended to go for the best-sized chainsaw to take hunting that will aid you in accomplishing your job flawlessly.