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With an ever-increasing variety of innovative products in the market for broadheads, it could be easy to overlook one that is thought to be one of the best and most efficient for taking down large game animals. Single bevel broadheads have an easy design, no moving parts, and are extremely durable. To add to that they can be devastating when they touch flesh or bone.

 The broadhead with a single bevel can be used to penetrate the ground and creates huge wound channels. Also, they’re available at an affordable cost.

 They generally feature a narrow and long appearance, however, it is possible to discover models that are small and broad from end to end.

It is possible to consider them to be somewhat old-fashioned. A broadhead with a single bevel will generally weigh more that the vast majority of fixed-blade models made in today’s market.

But when it comes down to hunting large game, the extra weight along with the ability to rotate means that hunters frequently experience passes through shots using one broadhead with a single bevel.

They are also great alternatives as broadheads that are suitable for bows with low poundage.

Below is a list of the most well popular and well-regarded single bevel broadheads available on the market currently. We’ve grouped them in a list of comparisons so that you can compare the specifications in comparison to the other models.

Below is a section with more details about each. We have also included informative information on why single bevel broadheads are efficient.

Comparison single Bevel Broadheads

Model / Make







Definitions of Single Bevel Broadheads

A large number of hunters consider one of the broadheads we have examined on this page as the top. There are many more single bevel broadheads on the market but we’ve not had time to study them.

For the moment, below is a detailed overview of each model along with a brief review of their different attributes.

Additionally, you will have an opportunity to go to the websites of the manufacturers. The websites provide additional information about the business and the wide range of products each makes.

DirtNap Single Bevel Widehead

The single bevel broadhead made by DirtNap is a right-sided bevel, which is extremely robust and sharp. The ferrule is made of 7075 aluminum, which is aircraft-grade.

It was made for straight flight and solid and penetrating deep and continue to fly when it strikes flesh. They are one of the most durable and should be one of the top single-blade broadheads that are available.

It is advertised to be a 100-grain head but has a 25 grain Modular Weight System (MWS) that gives the possibility of making it the 125-grain head. Blades are made of Teflon-covered stainless steel that is .051″ in thickness. The cutting surface measures 1.84 inches and consists of the primary blade, as well as the small bleeding blade.

DirtNap single bevel broadheads are available in packs of 3. DirtNap one bevel broadheads are available in 3 packs. They are also available in red or black.

Steel Force Traditional Broadheads

The model was introduced in the name of Steel Force to resurrect its single broadhead with a bevel. The blades are constructed of extremely sharp stainless steel and are durable thanks to the addition of 7075 aircraft-grade ferrules made of aluminum.

There’s a great assortment of different sizes and weights to pick from, so you can find an option to suit any hunting situation.

They can be found in a variety of left or right-hand grinds.

The cutting diameter of each one is 1 ” and the length is 2-3/16″ the 3″. The weight of the broadheads begins at 125 and goes up with the addition of choices of 145, 225, and 300 grains.

We have shown our 125-grain version on this page.

They’re available in 3 packs and are available for purchase at $34.00 per package for the 125 and the 145 grain that comes with the .065″ one-time grind blade of titanium. It.

Tuffhead Broadheads

The Tuffhead broadheads were designed to be used when pursuing the most difficult game, with the assumption that bone is likely to be affected. The standard single bevel broadhead is described by Tuffhead as “The The Heavyweight of Broadheads” and is described as the only thing you’ll ever require.

The details of the Tuffhead create a fascinating reading. The Tuffhead is constructed from laminated high carbon stainless steel of knife quality which has been tempered to 52R and after that, it has been cryogenically treated and then tempered to ensure that sharp edges are retained.

It features a 3 to 1 length-to-width ratio to ensure a great arrow flight. It features an incredibly sharp 25-degree cut edge with a single bevel.

In terms of dimensions, the Tuffhead measures 3-3/16 inches in length by 1-1/16 inches in width at its broadest point. It is an angle of 30 degrees Tanto cut-on-contact point.

The ferrule features a 23/64″ inner diameter and will take 5/16″ to 3/8″ outside diameter glue-in arrows, as well as adapters that screw on. The larger ferrule-to-arrow diameter ratio aids in increasing the penetration of arrows by reducing drag. It can also give you more strength to ensure more efficient bone splitting.

The Tuffhead single bevel broadheads can be purchased in 225 or 300 grains and the company provides an unlimited replacement guarantee against breaking, bending, and tip curling.

Badger Broadheads

The design of Badger arrowheads with a single bevel has been designed to spin simultaneously with the arrow’s flight. This creates two spinning parts, one at the front and the other behind, the result being a more precise flight across all speeds and with all bow types. They are regarded as “barbed,” which means that you should verify your local hunting regulations before using these bows.

They are constructed from high carbon steel. They are made of one piece. Solid molded design. Single bevel design indicates that when it begins to cut, it will spin through the target, increasing the chance of passing-throughs.

Concerning the technical specifications of blades are involved, they’re available in 150, 125, or 170 grains weights. they come with one” cutting widths. They are 3-4″ long. The blade’s thickness is .045″ and has been heat-treated up to 50 Rockwell.

They can be purchased as right or left wings and are sold in three packs.

Strickland Helix Broadheads

The goal in the creation of Strickland Helix broadhead single bevel is to make the ideal broadhead. The way it has been designed is to create the arrowhead using a helix effect, to make it be able to work with the fletching and force it to turn during flight. The result is more stability and accuracy. the single bevel shape makes it so that when it comes into contact with the ground, the result is devastating due to massive wound channels.

The Helix is made of stainless steel which is the equivalent of 62-thousandths of an inch. It is 72 thousandths of an inch in thickness for models that are 125-grain or heavier. The 85-grain model, 100-grain, and 225-grain models are left bevel only, but the 150-grain, 125, 175-grain and 200-grain models are available in left-bevel or right-bevel.

There’s a solid reason why broadheads are highly valued by the vast majority of big game hunters, and this is due to their being extremely efficient at what they do. They’re strong and have a significant ability to penetrate through fibers and bone, and will remain effective even after many uses.

They may be difficult to find unless going to The Strickland’s Archery website, which strongly recommends.

Ramcat Bevel Grind Broadheads Single Bevel Grind Broadheads

Its Ramcat one bevel broadheads stand out when compared with other brands and models that could be described as less “traditional”. It is a fixed blade broadhead that has an elongated cutting tip that was designed to assist in flight and precision. Its exclusive Airfoil System is designed so that accuracy of field points can be achieved.

It is constructed of only one sheet of stainless steel. it is sharpened both to the front and the rear. This causes a back cut as it strikes so that even if there’s no passage through the blades, it will continue to cut even as it reverses. This is referred to in the industry as Cutback Technology.

The head weighs 100 grams weight and is 1″ cut diameter. The blades are sturdy and are .032″ in thickness.

Grizzly The Stik Samurai Broadheads

The GrizzlyStik broadheads are following the guidelines of Dr. Ed Ashby who has put together one of the most well-known research regarding single bevel broadheads. In this case, we’re looking for this model, the Samurai Single Bevel Broadhead that can be purchased as 200-grain or as a model that is 125 grams.

The 200-grain model comes with a solid stainless steel blade 440C and measures .068″ in thickness. The ferrule is constructed of CNC aircraft-grade aluminum and it will fit on all standard threaded inserts. It’s a right-bevel-only head and is purchased in sets of 3.

A sharp, Tanto-tip tip head initially begins the cutting and begins the rotational force that is unique to single broadheads that have a bevel. The shape and size of the blades mean that they will cut and blow straight through bone and create the most unique level of cutting.

They are slightly more costly than other brands however there is a good amount of quality that has been proven to be good behind these heads, and in the long term, you will be ahead of the pack.

KuduPoint Contour Single Bevel Broadhead

They are extremely strong and long-lasting broadheads constructed of 100 percent stainless steel. The ferrule was permanently attached to the blade making it one piece that is free of any other components that might break or shift.

Blades are .050″ thick. Each of the heads has been precisely made, then separated, and packed into packages that have the identical 0.2-grain increment in the scale. This guarantees that all of the heads contained in each packaging are precisely proportioned to their weight.

The blade’s shape is smooth for a precise and smooth flight in the air. The blades are cut according to contact designs, and the single bevel shape means they can be used for deep penetration and also heavy bone-splitting capability.

Van Dieman Single Bevel Broadhead

They are strong broadheads made of one bit of carbon steel.

They’re razor-sharp straight from the pack and have been processed to give them the rating of a harness approximately 44 to 46 Rockwell. This is essentially enough to cause significant destruction.

The head comes in weights of 100 150, 125, and 225 grain. The 100-grain version comes with a cutting diameter of 1″ and a 1.5mm edge thickness. A 125-gram head, as well as the 150-grain head, has a bit larger cutting diameter, 1-1/8″ and the blade’s thickness is 1.5mm. The 225-grain head comes with 1-1/4″.

The single bevel is placed at a 30-degree angle to ensure an even arrow trajectory and increase the effectiveness of cutting.

Van Dieman single bevel broadheads are available in sets of three heads.

Zwickey The No Mercy Broadhead

Its No Mercy single broadhead with bevels from Zwickey is made of high-carbon steel. It has an extra-thick tip that can blast straight through bone without stopping. It’s available as either a screw-in or glue-on version.

It is important to note that when you receive them, they will not be sharpened by the factory It is your responsibility so that you can set them up according to your needs.

They can be purchased in either right or left-hand grinds so that the bevel can be adjusted with the feather setting. It is constructed with a narrow and long design with no vents to ensure that it can fly smoothly, silently, and precisely.

It is available in 3 packs and can be used with arrow shafts with a 1 1/32″ (or 23/64″ diameter.

They fly like Field Points

One of the advantages of the heads mentioned above is that they travel well. This predictable trajectory occurs because they have a higher rate of spin they produce.

Choose 250 Grain Single Bevel Broadheads for Big Game

All the broadheads mentioned on this page have one common characteristic. They offer a significant amount of perforation.

They are therefore ideal to be used when hunting large games. The big game that is robust, and has a durable hide will be unbeatable for one broadhead with a single bevel.

This means that on the next hunt for bears, whether you are after the African game or you require a broadhead for hunting elk you will gain from any head that is on this page.

We’ve established one bevel broadheads have incredible penetrative power. However, if you’re looking to take it to the next step, you might want to look at one of the heavy-hitters within the 250-250 grain range.

Here are four examples of single 250-grain broadheads with bevels that can provide a lot of stopping power to the bow and each one of them is the kind of heads you require to hunt big game.

We’ve included direct links to the manufacturers’ websites so that you can view the heads-up close.

Iron Will SB250 Buff

This Buff variant of the Iron Will single bevel comes without bleeder vanes and is ideal for hunting for big game like Cape buffalo.

Bowyer Brown Bear SS/Carbon 250

The carbon and stainless steel blade measures long, thick with sharp edges that can carry a lot of weight.

Widowmaker Single Bevel

The broadheads made of solid steel originate from Australia come with a cutting length of 32 millimeters and a cutting length of 36 millimeters. They’re Tanto installed and are strengthened to 50 to 52 Rockwell.

Cutthroat 250gr Broadhead

The specifications of the largest head of the Cutthroat range include Cutting length – 2-1/2″ The width is 1-1/8″ and an overall depth of .073″.

They Spin, Hit – and then Continue to Spin

A single bevel coupled to the fletching can assist in the flight of an arrow as the speed of the spin will increase. It can also aid in the penetration of the arrow through a slashing boring the impact, which is similar to the drill bit. If it strikes, it produces exit and entrance wounds that are bigger than the actual size that the head has. This is not the case with double-bevel broadheads that stop spinning upon the impact.

One advantage of single bevels if they touch bone, is that they be able to drill straight through the bone due to an s-shaped spine. The bone will break upon contact, and the arrow will continue to travel through the wound channel without additional drag that could slow the progress of the arrow.

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