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Ready to become an outdoorsman or huntress but don’t quite know what gun you need?

There are a few types of hunting guns you might consider for various hunting activities. Whether you’re hunting a small game or a large game, there’s an appropriate gun for you to use.

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With the right information, you can make the right decision when choosing a hunting gun. Here’s a quick guide on the different types of hunting guns and how to choose the right hunting weapon.


Rifles are a popular choice for hunting. With so many types of rifles available, it is important to have an understanding of the various kinds available. A rifle is typically made of a barrel, a trigger, and a buttstock.

Semi-automatic rifles are popular because they allow the user to fire multiple rounds with the same trigger pull. This type of rifle has the ability to fire rapidly, which is great for hunting large game.

Bolt-action rifles are another popular type of gun used for hunting. This type of rifle keeps better accuracy because it has a single action, which locks the barrel in place and keeps the chamber closed until the shooter takes a shot.

Lever-action rifles are also popular and provide an advantage since they allow the shooter to operate the firearm quickly with a lever recoil. 


Shotguns can range in size and load, making them ideal for both small and large games. For example, small games can be hunted with smaller shotguns, while large games require larger and heavier shotguns.

Shotguns also use slugs, which are large spherical projectiles; these are most suitable for hunting larger games at longer distances. Gauges range from .410 caliber to 12 gauge and sometimes 20 gauge, with the most popular being the 12 gauge for versatility in hunting. 


Muzzleloaders are some of the oldest types of hunting guns. This type of gun is loaded by directly placing a powder, ball, and wad into the barrel. Muzzleloaders are still used today, though they have come a long way since the early days of gunpowder.

Despite the fact that some modern firearms are more reliable and enjoyable to use, some hunters prefer muzzleloaders because of the character and challenge they provide.

Pistol Brass

Pistol brass is often referred to as “cowboy guns” due to its association with the Wild West. These guns are designed to fire lead or jacketed bullets and are common among competitors in cowboy action shooting, as well as on the trap, skeet, or hunting field.

While pistol brass is the primary style of hunting gun, there are plenty of other choices available for those looking for a hunt-specific weapon. Learn more about pistol brass here.

Air Guns

Air guns are the main type of hunting guns that are used by novice and experienced hunters alike. These guns come in different shapes and sizes and use compressed air to fire a projectile.

Air guns come in either a break-action or a bolt-action design and are powered by either a pneumatic, CO2, or spring-piston system. Air guns are preferred by some hunters as they are cheaper and require less maintenance than other types of guns. 

Choose Hunting Guns

No matter what type of game you’re hunting, there’s a gun fit specifically to your needs. Now that you’re familiar with the various types of hunting guns, you can make the right decision when selecting one.

Be sure to check the regulations in your area before you hunt with any particular firearm, and remember to hunt responsibly.

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