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When looking for the lightest hang-on treestand, you should consider more than its weight into account. Safety is a crucial element in many hunting incidents involving treestands. The tree stands that are hung on aren’t heavy, but it is important to consider their strength to figure out the degree of security you can feel within these structures.

 The journey to and from the camping site or your vehicle equipped with your camping gear is a huge hassle.

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 A treestand suspended on the front, the effect could be a more severe burden.

With modern hang-on treestands produced in ever greater numbers, the focus on weight reduction has never been more prominent.

One of the main advantages of hanging-on tree stands is the portability as well as the ease of setting up.

One of the most important aspects is the capacity of the stand.

In the end, if it’s just a task of placing the stand on your shoulders and carrying it up to the next tree, you are likely to feel much more comfortable about moving your hunting spot.

For many, it’s this capability that tips the scales to favor hang-on stands in comparison to climbing ones.

Factors to Consider When Selecting the Right Hang On Tree Stand

 Naturally, crucial elements like the hanging system, size, and comfort of your seat as well as the space you can have on the platform are likely to play an important part in choosing the right treestand. pick.

Another important piece of information that will be crucial to a lot of people is the cost.

A low-cost hang-on tree stand doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a subpar product.

Some of the most well-known and well-known stands are among the most affordable available.

Below is a listing of the tiniest treestands that hang on from the top manufacturers in the field. It is important to know that they are listed by weight in order so that the lightest hanging tree stand is at the highest.

In this listing, we can observe it is the Millennium M7 Microlite is the lightest treestand with the smallest weight.

For additional information on the cost of each stand as well as reviews left by customers, select the brand/model.

Lightweight hang-on tree stands to be used:

  • Millennium M7 Microlite
  • XOP Vanish Evolution
  • Hawk Helium Ultra Lite
  • Lone Wolf Assault II
  • Millennium Treestands M100U
  • XOP Air Raid Evolution
  • Hawk Helium XL
  • Hawk Helium Pro
  • Millennium Treestands M60U Ultralite
  • Lone Wolf Alpha 2
  • Rivers Edge Big Foot Lite Foot
  • Hawk Combat
  • Summit Dual Axis
  • The Boss is Muddy The Boss
  • Millennium Treestands M25

It is crucial to keep in mind that weight isn’t the final factor when choosing the hang-on treestand. It is important to feel comfortable in your seat high above the ground and be confident of the stability the stand offers.

Here are all the treestands with hang-on which were compared in a brief manner above with an explanation of the distinct characteristics of each.

Millennium M7 Microlite Hang-On Treestand

The lightest Millennium Stand-on Tree Stand

It is the lightest of Millennium hang-on treestands, and in actual fact, this is also the lightest stand we have in our study.

The frame and Platform are made of aluminum.

It comes with the SilentHunt design, which has coated with a powder coat to ensure it remains at a minimum.

ComfortMax is a seat that provides comfort. ComfortMax Seat is a sling-type seat that offers comfort and ease of use with no weight gain.

The platform is located on the lower side, measuring 26″ deep and 20.5″ broad.

It can carry 300lbs.

The XOP Treestand for the Vanish Evolution

Lightest XOP Hanging-On Tree Stand

Vanish Evolution Vanish Evolution uses a newly created foot platform designed to decrease weight and increase the portability of the stand.

It is made of 100% cast aluminum construction that provides great strength with the same time weighing less.

Its seat cushions are well covered and are 11″ 14″. It can be adjusted in a dual motion to give you enough space to stand.

There are steel heat-treated quick strap button attachments and heavy-duty UV-treated polyester straps for attachment that are designed to last for a long time.

The stand’s design allows it to connect the climbing sticks of the company, creating a complete mobile hunting device.

It is accompanied by it a TMA-approved fall arrest 6-point system.

The weight rating for the stand is 350 pounds.

Hawk Helium Ultra Lite Treestand

Lightest and smallest Hawk Stand-On-Tree Stand

The latest entry of the Helium range by Hawk weighs just 11 pounds which is a pound less than that of the Helium XL.

The stand is made of a light frame made of aluminum and an adjustable memory foam seat that can give you extra comfort while you sit for long periods.

It’s quiet, easy to put together, and is quick to hang. It’s also light and is a great addition to the Helium climbing sticks to make it easy for transportation to the tree you want to climb.

It measures 16″ by 10″ and can be fully adjusted.

Included in the box are the ratchet strap pull-tight strap, a complete body safety harness, an O-lineman’s climbing strap, and two backpack straps.

It can be used to be able to carry up to 300 pounds.

Lone Wolf Assault II Hang-On Treestand

The Lightest Wolf hang-On-tree Stand

The stand is a single part cast aluminum base measuring 26″ by 19.5″ along with a cushioned seat measuring 14″ by 12″.

The stand can be attached to any tree with dimensions in between the 4 to 22-inch range and can hold the weight of 350 lbs.

For extra security, the stand is equipped with a TMA-certified 6-point fall Arrest System.

One of the positive aspects of this stand, as remarked by customers is its total silence during use. Also, the ease with which it can hang, and its sturdy construction which ensure that you can be assured of its performance within the tree.

The disadvantages which have been highlighted are that the seat isn’t very comfortable, especially in the event of there for long periods of duration.

Millennium Treestands M100U

The most comfortable tree stand to hang on

The original M100 is now undergoing an overhaul which has resulted in a stand that is 20 percent lighter.

It weighs just 11.5lbs but it has the same strength and comfort.

The stand comes with a brand new made seat, which has fully seated and back with the ComfortMAX sling-style. It’s the mesh material as well as the full-back and ample seat space that makes this stand among the most comfortable treestands to hang on accessible.

The seat is 20″ wide and 17″ deep.

The frame and platform are made from aluminum and the platform is 20″ wide by 38″ deep.

The stand is designed to be able to carry 300 pounds.

Hawk Helium XL Hang-On Treestand

The Helium XL is advertised by the manufacturer as the most powerful and lightweight hang-on stand. It is made of aluminum and weighs 12 pounds but the platform is at 24″x30″.

The weight is also equipped with safety features, such as the cables that are heavy-duty to ensure it stays in its place.

The seat is a soft foam that keeps you comfortable while lifting weights for long periods. It’s 16 inches wide by 12 inches, and it sits 20 inches higher than the platform.

The stand has a maximum weight of 300 pounds.

XOP Air Raid Evolution Hang-On Treestand

This treestand that is hung on by Xtreme Outdoor Products has been made to be more durable and light than the other treestands on the market.

It utilizes a patented cast aluminum I-beam which helps to reduce the sound and also provides it with long-lasting durability.

It is constructed so that the seating platform is level due to an adjustable six-point bracket that permits the platform to be angled when it is hung on a tree not vertical. It’s easy to set up because of the fast strap made of heat-treated steel buttons.

The longevity and security of the stand are increased thanks to the addition of Heavy Duty UV-treated full polyester straps for attachment.

The backpack straps aid in carrying an industry-standard fall protection system in the form of a complete body harness.

The stand is 30″ 21″ and is rated to a maximum weight that is 350 pounds.

Hawk Helium Pro Treestand

The Helium Pro is the same lightweight as its Helium Series of Stands, but it also has features that push you to the next level of user comfort and convenience.

The seat comes with a cushion made of memory foam which provides the highest level of comfort that is possible during long periods.

The platform is 24″ by 30″ offering ample standing space when it’s time to shoot.

The stand includes the cam buckle tree strap and a full-body harness that has the lineman’s climbing strap as well as two backpack straps that help you carry it.

It can have up to six adjustments that allow the platform to accommodate trees with trunks that aren’t precisely vertical. Noise is controlled by Teflon-coated washers at the points of moving components.

There’s some doubt that the stand might not always align properly with the tree due to no bottom strap available. It is possible to fix this by connecting your own strap onto the stand however it’s something you should be conscious of.

The weight capacity of the stand is 300 pounds.

Millennium Treestands M60U Ultralight

It’s another feature of the Millennium Treestands range and it is yet another proof that you can build an extremely lightweight stand and still have amenities.

This is the comfort MAX sling chair and measures 20″ 16″.

It is 21 inches high over the platform, which measures 24″ wide by 33″ deep. The seat can fold up the moment you’re ready to take your shot.

It is equipped with a complete body harness, as well as backpack straps.

The stand is designed to support a maximum weight of 300lbs.

Lone Wolf Alpha 2 Hang-On Treestand

It is a very quiet treestand with an enormous one-piece platform that is 30″ by 19.5″.

The padded, contoured seat measures 14″ 12″ and is comfortable, but not overly soft.

The stand is also equipped with a holder for bows. It is suitable for any tree that is between 4 and 22 inches.

A 6-point Fall Arrest System is also provided to satisfy safety requirements.

The stand is designed to support up to 350 pounds.

Rivers Edge Big Foot Lite Foot Treestand

Big Foot Lite is a Big Foot Lite Foot stand is a sturdy tree stand that weighs only 14.5 pounds, yet it provides the security of a stable and sturdy platform.

The aluminum case is 28″ and 21.5″ and is adorned with a honeycomb design that provides great toughness.

The seat is cushioned for the comfort of hunters and can be raised to allow you the option of shooting standing or sitting down.

The stand smacks into the tree by the action of a lever, keeping it securely in place, eliminating the need for an additional strap.

All through the stand is no risk of contact between metal and metal and the parts are of a single piece construction, which is a good thing as it makes sure there is no noise.

It comes complete with a complete body safety harness.

Straps aren’t included with the stand and must be bought separately.

The Hawk Combat Treestand

Combat hang-on treestand Combat Hang-On Treestand is a sturdy stand that offers a similar platform compared to Helium stands but is stronger and more sturdy.

The size of the platform is 21″ by 27″ and is connected at all contact points to create a solid, single-piece design that will not make excessive noise.

The seat has 4 layers of cushioning to provide more comfort. It can be adjusted to various settings to allow for a personalized angle.

A solid grip on the tree comes from Tree Digger Teeth, which is paired with the Ratchet Strap.

Every movable part has Teflon washers to prevent unwelcome creaks or squeaks.

The stand is designed to support up to 300 pounds.

The Summit Treestand with Dual-Axis

This Dual Axis treestand gives us the chance to see a seat design that has a little extra. It definitely stands out in its appearance.

The patent-pending seat serves two purposes (hence the name). When it’s down, it offers comfort for a long period of sitting thanks to its nylon mesh fabric.

If flipped upwards when in a standing position, it offers a comfortable seat while the hunter is waiting to shoot.

The stand’s design uses a Summit DeadMetal sound dampening system that reduces the amount of noise. The stand also features two posts to disperse the platform cables.

The platform is big with a size of 34″ in x 24″ giving plenty of space to stand on.

Quick-attach straps allow you to attach the stand to the tree a simple and simple job. Additionally, the adjustable backpack straps aid in making moving the stand easier and more comfortable.

The weight rating for the stand is 300 pounds.

Muddy outdoor The Boss treestand

This is among the longest-running and most popular stands from Muddy. Muddy range. It is made to provide the user with comfort and stability, ensuring you’re secure and safe when you are in the position.

It is a fixed position with an area of 24 inches across and 30 inches long.

There is also a flip-back footrest that gives you an additional level of comfort.

The seat is a Flextek flip-up seat that gives extra space when taking the shot.

The stand comes with a 2-inch web strap made of nylon and a slide buckle. The straps will ensure that there is no contact between metal and metal to keep it as quiet as it can be.

The weight capacity of the stand is 300 pounds.

Millennium Treestands M25 Loc-On Treestand

This is a sturdy and durable tree stand that is constructed of steel with a powder coat finish.

It can be affixed to a tree using the chain, and it is supported by the platform’s stop.

The seat is a MAX Sling with a contoured design measuring 20″ 16″.

The platform offers a spacious space that measures 33″ by 24″.

It folds into a flat unit, making it easier to transport from one place to another.

It can carry as many as 300lbs.

Are you able to hang on or lock on a tree stand?

There is a chance that while searching for these stands, they are called by a name different from “hang-on stand” and that’s “lock-on tree stand”. This is a reference to the idea that the tree stand can be fixed to the tree using a locking mechanism, such as the strap or chain.

Safety is paramount in these kinds of treestands, and the term lock-on can give you the confidence that once it is securely connected to the tree, it won’t slip or move.

The terms can likely be interchanged.

To safely climb up to your treestand, you have a couple of choices available treestand climbing sticks, or climbing steps that could be climbers with straps and screws-in climb steps.

We’ve looked at several of the well-known treestands that are available, and looked at how to safely utilize these sticks.

We also have instructions for finding the most lightweight climbing stand available. in stock.

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