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It is the Bergara B14 HMR (Hunting and Match Rifle) is a long-range precision rifle that is designed for hunters of all kinds. It comes with a mini-chassis built into the stock for the rifle adjustable bedding as well as precision.

Like the name implies, as the name suggests, the Hunting and Match rifle is designed to provide an arsenal to shooters competing and hunters. They are extremely effective in both situations.

The rifle is equipped with QD flush cup slings, as well as swivel mounts. This makes it a straightforward task to attach a bipod, especially one that is directly attached to the sling bolt. If not, it is a Sling stud/picatinny adapter The system can be put in place.

 This rifle comes in the following calibers: 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5 PRC, .308 Win, .450 Bushmaster, .300 Win Mag, and 300 PRC.

Below is a list of bipods that hunters recommend using together with Bergara B14 HMR. Bergara B14 HMR.

Bipods listed that are suitable to be used with Bergara B14 HMR. Bergara B14 HMR

  • Atlas BT46-LW17 PSR
  • Long-Range Accuracy Lite Tactical
  • Harris HBRMS
  • Accu Tac SR-5 G2
  • Magpul Sling Stud QD
  • Blackhawk Sportster Pivot & Traverse

Attaching The Bipod on your Bergara B14 HMR

If you’re looking for an easy-to-install Picatinny rail that can be mounted to your bipod, here are a couple of options that should accomplish the task.

 The Seekins SRS Picatinny rail will take the sling’s swivels off, or for an additional $25, the Atlas Bipods 4in Flush Cup 1913 Rail.

Description of Bipods recommended to B14 Rifle Bergara B14 Rifle

After having an opportunity to look through the most frequently recommended bipods for using the Bergara B14 rifle we will examine an in-depth review of each.

Each of these bipod reviews is designed to provide additional details about the bipod which is not readily available in the list of features including unique features. They will also assist you to determine the features that will give you the most benefit in terms of efficiency.

Atlas BT46-LW17 PSR Bipod

The best bipod to use with the Bergara B14 HMR

They are still considered to be among the most reliable and effective bipod makers Atlas Bipods are well constructed, lightweight, and flexible enough to meet all shooters’ needs.

The BT46LW17 isn’t one of them and is made from tough T6061 aluminum, with high-quality stainless steel fasteners and springs. The height range is between 4.75″ from 9.0″ for legs. They can be adjusted to any one of five positions that have a spacing of 3/4″ apart. They can be adjusted by hand, with the outer leg slipping on the inside leg.

It is possible to position the legs in any of four different configurations. They can be completely back, 90 degrees directly down at 45 degrees forward, or completely forward. The two angles allow you to load your bipod when you set up for shooting.

The bipod is also able to provide as much as 15° of pan or canton on either end of the central area. Pan and cant lock after you’re comfortable with the angle by turning the knob that’s knurled and simple to operate.

The bipod can be attached with its Picatinny Rail Mount. It is easy to do using the ADM-170 lever mount.

This bipod can stand up to the recoil of the most powerful weapons that are in common use and will meet military specifications.

Long-Range Accuracy Tactical Lite Bipod

The most expensive high-end Bipod to use with the Bergara B14 HMR

The ability to stand up to more than 14,000 ft/lbs of energy generated by a massive caliber rifle was one of the reasons that drove the creation of the Long Range Accuracy bipods.

This particular bipod has an extremely robust design designed to be used with calibers of .300 or greater.

The bipod is not just light but it also gives unparalleled stability. It’s the perfect complement to a gun designed to shoot with precision.

The bipod comes with an adjustable cant that gives 10 degrees of motion on either side.

The leg positions can be adjusted at three angles. The leg length can be adjustable between 6.6 10-inches. It is possible to make leg adjustments using just one hand.

It can be connected to any firearm that has a Picatinny rail mount. You can purchase an attachment that can be quickly detachable.

Harris HBRMS Bipod

The Best Deer Hunting Bipod for The Bergara B14 HMR

A rifle with high performance demands an extremely powerful bipod for a reasonable cost. This Harris HBRMS bipod fits the requirements perfectly.

This bipod is often mentioned in the search for opinions on which is the most effective bipod for hunting.

HBRMS HBRMS is a swivel Bipod and also comes with leg legs that are notched to help shooters with quick setup at predetermined levels.

The HBRMS includes legs that stretch between 6 and 9 inches in height. They can be deployed quickly and be adjusted to heights that are notched in 1″ increments.

The swivel feature means that this bipod can adjust to account for uneven terrain. It has an inbuilt swivel stud that can be easily connected to the Sling or stud.

The bipod weighs just 13 ounces and is very robust.

Accu Tac SR-5 G2 Bipod

There is a strong industrial quality in this Accu Tac SR-5 G2 bipod. Its strength is demonstrated in the premium aluminum aircraft used to create it.

The bipod has a broad stance, which is extremely helpful in the stability it provides.

The legs are released by pulling them manually to the position. They can be set at 90° or 45 degrees to either the front or back and can have reverse loading. The legs can be set the legs in a short time at five heights, independently of one another.

The bipod comes with a height range of 6.25 inches up to 9.75 inches. It provides the long-range shooter with the highest level of reliability to ensure accuracy and consistency.

It is mounted using a simple detach rail mount, so it is necessary to connect a sling stud with a Picatinny rail adapter is required. After installation, the mounting process is fast and secure.

Magpul Sling Stud QD Bipod

The Best value for money The Bipod is for Bergara B14 HMR

This is a sturdy and durable bipod constructed from the best materials. The materials used are Mil-Spec 6061 T-6 aluminum as well as stainless steel and polymer. This results in a significant amount of strength, while also keeping lightweight. In reality, the bipod weighs 11 pounds.

In the event of not using it,, the bipod folds underneath the barrel. Its profile is 2.3″ wide as well as 3.3″ large. Its lightweight as well as its compact profile when folded make it the perfect bipod for anyone who is going to cover lots of ground.

The legs are spring-tensioned and made to be able to be lowered by one hand. They can extend as much as 4 inches and range from 6.3″ and 10.3″. The leg that extends can slide into place and lock by pressing a button. Seven locations are half-inch distance apart from where you can put the lock. The legs finish with rubber feet that can be held to the floor without sliding.

The bipod is equipped with a knob for locking that lets it move between the 50-degree tilt as well as the pan can be rotated by 40°. This makes it a highly adjustable choice.

The capabilities included in the Magpul bipod demonstrate its excellent value for money. It’s the ideal base for the Bergara B14 series of rifles.

Blackhawk Sportster Pivot and Traverse Bipod

The Bipod with the Best Value Under $100 for The Bergara B14 HMR

This is a cheap alternative that is compatible in conjunction with the Bergara B14 setup. It is durable and constructed of high-quality materials that provide solidity and durability even with heavy recoil.

It is a reliable bipod, which provides hunters with a stable base from which to shoot. It is easily and quickly mounted to the sling studs of the rifle. It can provide a stable base.

This particular model has a height range of 6 – 9 inches, with tubular legs that are made of anodized steel. They’re spring-loaded, which means that they can be deployed quickly.

It is a Traverse-Track bipod, which means it can smoothly pan across a horizontal axis, making it ideal for tracking and acquiring targets. It also comes with the ability to pivot, which can make up for uneven terrain to provide you with the level ground for shooting.

This is a top bipod within the low-mid-price range, offering a budget-friendly choice that offers several strong attributes.

There are higher models available in sizes of 9 to 13, 13.5 until 23 inches as well as 14.5 until 29.25 inches.

This Bergara B14 rifle has been built for precision. The barrel is free-floating, as well as the mini-chassis with integrated components, and B-14 Action which is a two-lug system that allows for a smooth feed and extrication from the rifle.

It is logical to pair this rifle with top quality bipod. They’ll cost you more, but they’ll enhance the performance that the gun you’re using.

Are you looking for higher-end bipods? Take a look at our range of long-range bipods.

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