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Due to the development of micro and small diameter arrows, as well as micro diameter arrows, there is a need for quivers that can be used to properly hold them.

 The bow quivers initially designed to hold conventional diameter arrows fail to perform their task properly. The space on the quiver is too large and the arrows of smaller dimensions just fall out.

There are, however, many bow quivers on the market that have addressed this issue and can be used to secure even the tiniest of bow shafts.

A list of micro Diameter Arrows

Below are some of the quivers that are commonly recommended that bowhunters have used successfully to carry their micro-dimension bows out on the field. We’ve provided the manufacturer’s suggested price as a reference to what you can anticipate paying for each model.

  • TightSpot 5-Arrow
  • TightSpot Rise
  • Treelimb Premium
  • Trophy Ridge Light Lock 2 Piece
  • Apex Gear Reactor
  • New Dawn Vortxx STX

The Quivers’ Description

We’ve been able to take an in-depth look side-by-side at the different quivers that can hold small dimensions arrows, we’ll have a closer review of each model. Here is a brief overview of each quiver which provides the key characteristics.

Learn the ins and outs of each product to gain more information about what makes each one.

TightSpot 7-Arrow Quiver

It is undisputed in the minds of the most serious bowhunters the TightSpot quivers are among the top bows you can buy. You will have to pay a little more for them, but they’re worth it due to their high-end quality and efficiency. We’ve identified three models that can be used with arrows of micron diameter and the first can be the seven-Arrow version.

Seven-arrow TightSpot quiver is a light quiver, weighing only 10 ounces. It’s small and is 18″ from the hood to the gripper.

The reason the quiver can be used to hold micro-sized arrows boils down to the ArrowWedge adjustment system, which can be adjusted to whatever size you want. A smaller arrow is simply the fact that you turn the wedge 90 degrees to gain the extra gripping power you require.

One of the best features that the quiver has is its unique RightSpot adjustment system that permits the bow to slide close to the bow so that its presence doesn’t interfere with the bow’s accuracy.

TightSpot Five-Arrow Quiver

With all the features and sturdy design of the model with 7 arrows, the model with five arrows is an easier, smaller version.

The main thing to keep an eye on when you use that quiver will be the method that which the arrows are held with the help of the gripper. After they are placed inside the quiver, they will not move until you take the arrows out to take your shot.

The ArrowWedge lets you make each arrow slot tighter so that the proper amount of pressure is placed on your arrow, no regardless of how big or small it is.

The quiver’s weight is just 9.9 oz. The dimensions are similar to the 7-arrow model, with the full size of 19 3/4 inches ” with a hood-to-gripper measuring 18″.

TightSpot Rise Quiver

The majority of the features you will find on various TightSpot quivers are also available with the Rise. The main difference is it being that Rise is designed to appeal to the hunter of the treestand.

The Rise has a loop on the hood that permits it to be placed in the tree for easy use. It is also 4 inches less than traditional quivers, making it smaller and more maneuverable. This means that the hood will the gripper size 14-3/4″ while it weighs 11. 1 oz.

Another characteristic of this particular model’s design is the additional gripper, which is situated up toward the hood that is attached to the carbon rods to ensure that the arrows can be secured to the rods even more effectively. The arrows’ tips are protected by the hood, but they won’t scuff the hood so that the blades are sharp.

The quiver comes with the capacity to hold 7, 3, or 5 arrows.

5-Arrow Treelimb Premium Quiver

The quiver that has 5 arrows (a 3-arrow variant is additionally available) is ideal for housing arrows of micro diameter due to an arrow gripper with thumb tabs that are constructed with tiny enough slots that can grip smaller arrow shafts.

The quiver is made up of a frame which is a one-piece construction constructed from machined aluminum. Noise suppression is thorough throughout its length and includes the mount, which is blocked by a silencer made of rubber.

The arrow gripper is designed to securely keep the shaft in place and the hood is equipped with an arrowhead capture system which can be used with fixed or mechanical broadheads.

It can be swiftly and easily removed from the bow due to the quick-release mount system with tension locks. And once it is mounted, it rests on top of the bow and then tightens to ensure a tight fit.

The quiver comes in a range of camo designs. It also includes mounting posts.

Trophy Ridge Lite Lock 2 Piece Quiver

Its Lite Lock quiver is a two-piece quiver that is light with the capacity of holding up to five arrows.

It also has a wide range of applications due because the gap between the gripper and the hood can be set to any length you want.

The gripper provides a secure grip on the shafts Bow hunters report having not had any issues with the arrows moving.

For a bonus, The hood of the Lite Lock also features a built-in LED flashlight which illuminates the arrows when you are in a dim lighting situation.

Apex Gear Reactor Quiver

The double gripper ensures that regardless of how thin the shafts of arrows are, they will remain securely anchored inside the Apex Gear Reactor quiver. It is noted that the Apex gear literature mentions that the Easton G, X, and H series micro-shaft hunting bows as suitable for the quiver.

It was designed to provide an extremely robust and sturdy quiver that fits the bow, with an elongated profile.

The exterior of the hood is coated with a TRU TOUCH soft-feel layer, and the interior is lined with the hood liner, which is made of rubber, to ensure that the broadheads are not worn down when taking them off.

The grippers are equipped with a thumb tab design that allows for simple removal without making noise. Also, the arrows are easily removed with one hand.

Another wonderful characteristic of the quiver is the ability to adjust it by tilting it in such a way you can precisely adjust the balance of the bow.

There’s plenty to appreciate with this quiver. It’s not a flimsy product and is constructed with sensible features suitable for the serious hunter.

New Dawn Vortxx 6 STX Quiver

Its Vortex 6 STX quiver from New Dawn is very unique in both its design and purpose. It is a quiver with a circular shape that holds six arrows, and it spins inside a drum to disperse the arrows.

The quiver is believed to auto-adjust, so it can handle large as well as small-sized carbon arrows. The process of rotation effectively secures the arrows to ensure that they don’t slip away until the drum rotates to show each arrow to you to use.

It is made from an aluminum frame, and an aluminum mount that is quick-disconnect, which means that it’s very simple to install and take away out of the bow.

The measures used to ensure the quiver remains silent originate from the neoprene covers to stop bumps and knocks.

This is a very well-designed quiver that is secured with a bow. The fully enclosed gripper secures the arrow, regardless of whether it’s a big or small-sized arrow.

TruGlo Loc Down Quiver

This Loc Down quiver features two grippers that ensure that the arrows are secure and assist in managing smaller-sized bows, particularly.

It’s a light quiver, weighing less than 7 pounds.

The quiver is equipped with the TRU-TOUCH soft-feel coating, which means it won’t be incessantly loud should you knock it over when you remove an arrow. The hood is also fitted with a rubber insert that provides as well as noise reduction and guards against dulling of the blades of the broadhead.

It can be connected to the bow by using the Twist-Lock mounting system, and the bracket that holds it can be adjusted both up and down to allow it to be connected to any bow.

It’s a great inexpensive, lightweight bow quiver, which will fulfill its purpose very well.

Features Hunters Search For Inside A Quiver

This page is discussing the issue that hunters across the country have faced since they began using carbon micro-diameter bows, and their arrows can disappear from a normal quiver. They are usually arrows with dimensions of about 4-5mm.

However, there are other elements of a quiver that many hunters seek out and, in certain instances, are essential.


Like many other items of equipment for hunting, weight is a significant factor.

If you’re moving throughout the day and have to carry all your equipment as you travel, every bit of weight is going to be crucial. The heavier you are, the more exhausted you will become and the more tired you become, your ability to perform tasks will be affected.

The bow quiver will be connected to your bow and adds to the bow’s weight. You definitely don’t want to begin with a heavy bow.

In addition, every extra weight you put on the bow on one side will affect the bow’s balance.

Noise Suppression

The quiver must be with noise-reducing features. It should have an exterior that blocks sounds if it gets hit. knock. The mount has to be secure so that it doesn’t rattle, and the interior of the hood needs to be protected from bumps.

The top quivers make use of noise-suppressing at any joints or parts that move.

Broadhead Protection

The quiver’s hood should be able of holding fixed blades or mechanical heads comfortably. It should be able to set the arrows up so that they don’t collide and, after they’ve been set, they will remain in place until you take them out.

The inside of the hood must also be designed in a way it has a soft surface that doesn’t scratch or harm the blades of the broadhead.


A few people like to keep their bows in their quiver, attached to their bow as they move around, but when it is time to take a shot, they would prefer to take it off. It should be an easy and quick process to take the quiver off.

A lot of quivers come with the ability to detach quickly to simplify this process and a quiver that can be detachable is certainly something that needs to be included in your list of features you want to have.

If you have concerns about the ability of your quiver to fit on your compound bow, it is best to be comfortable with the knowledge that all bows equipped with an ordinary sight can accept one-piece bow quivers. It doesn’t matter which brand or model of quiver you purchase or the type of compound bow you choose to use.

Attaching A TightSpot Quiver to Your Bow

They are TightSpot quivers are among the most expensive quivers on the market, but they are also considered to be the top and you can rest assured that they’ll give you the best value for money over the long haul.

The video below provides an easy-to-follow instruction piece that explains how to set up the TightSpot quiver.

All the quivers which are reviewed on this website have been shown to take arrows with diameters less than 4 millimeters. They not only keep the arrows in place They won’t sway or make a loud noise as they are correctly installed.

For many choosing a quiver is based on cost, but others may make their choice based on appearance and feel, or the way they hunt.

Whatever you decide to use to decide on the bow quiver to hunt with, make sure that you put it on the practice range before you head out in the field.

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