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This guide will help you locate the most effective 4 finger bow release available to bowhunters. The following list reviews the characteristics of 11 bows that have been endorsed by bow-hunters.

The bow release can improve the accuracy and consistency of many shooters and hunters. A single point of contact of the string reduces the possibility of accidental motion at the time of release.

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There are a few releases that dominate in the marketplace, including wrist releases and hand-held releases. The handheld release that the majority of users use is the four-finger release.

Many find that the four-finger release offers the highest degree of control and comfort when you are in the draw-and-hold phases in the shooting.

Below is a table listing each of the 4 finger bows that can be looked at in this article. This list can be used to quickly compare the performance between the various brands and models on the market.

Below is the complete overview of each new release, with an in-depth analysis of features and the reasons that it might be the best choice for you.

A list of the 4 Finger Bow Releases

  • Carter Evolution+ 4
  • Stan Perfex
  • Carter Chocolate Addiction
  • Tru-Fire’s Hardcore Revolution
  • Hot Shot Vapor
  • Spot Hogg Whipper Snapper
  • Tru-Fire Edge Hand Held
  • Tru Ball Max Pro
  • Tru Ball Fang 4
  • Tru Ball Sweet Spot 2 Ultra
  • Carter Insatiable

Full Description of Four Finger Bow Releases

After having had the chance to look at different releases and gain an idea of their fundamental specific characteristics, we’ll use the time to explore deeper.

Below is a thorough overview of each model, including features that could make them a better alternative.

Carter Evolution+ Release 4

Top Four Fingers Back Tension Release

It is a resistance-activated release, which means that it will trigger when resistance increases. This happens when you draw to the back of the valley and then removed the thumb from the safety.

With a back tension release, it is not a trigger to be concerned about, and there is no need to perform any kind of rotation when you are preparing to start firing.

It is simple to secure onto strings with a D-loop.

The reason this release is an excellent choice is that it helps in teaching shooters how to correctly shoot. If archers have experienced difficulties determining the best time to make the shot and experienced a nagging leap at release or release, allowing the release to determine the best shot is an ideal option.

Stan Perfex Thumb Release

Top four-finger thumb release

There is no doubt that the Stan Perfex provides the bow hunter with a lot of flexibility when it comes to choosing the setting for the release.

The Perfect can be purchased as a three-finger release or a four-finger release that includes an extension of the finger. There is also the option of a long or short neck model that can be adjusted to change the length of the draw.

If you select the long neck model it includes a spring-loaded string keeper that allows the string to be clipped on the D-loop.

The release is also accessible with a resistance-activated mechanism if you prefer it over the thumb-activated mechanism.

The tension on the trigger is adjustable from very light to extremely heavy. It is also possible to make it no trigger movement.

For the highest degree of versatility and a sturdy reliable, high-quality, and durable handheld release, the Stan Perfex is one of the most reliable releases currently available.

Carter Chocolate Addiction Bow Release

Chocolate Addiction Chocolate Addiction is a high-quality thumb release, which is perfect for bowhunters seeking an exact, crisp hand-held release.

It’s extremely easy to hold and is ideal for bowhunters who have large hands. The grip’s design is a perfect fit for the hand, making it easy to hook onto D-loops.

It features a unique 360-degree rotating head that makes the device appealing to a large range of individuals.

The trigger lever has three slots located at the bottom of the lever. One adjusts the movement of the trigger and the remaining two are spring-loaded to regulate the tension of the trigger.

It is among the most effective thumb-release devices currently available and you’ll have to pay for it.

Recent buyers have affirmed that the cost is worthwhile because of the accuracy and comfort factor.

Tru-Fire’s Hardcore Revolution Version

Hardcore Revolution Hardcore Revolution takes the features from the popular Hardcore release and adds additional features to make it a better selection.

It features a head rotation of 360 degrees, which moves effortlessly through the 11-ball bearing. When you’ve reached the point where you feel most comfortable, you can secure it in place. The pivoting head makes it extremely easy to locate a consistent anchor point, which improves accuracy.

The tension of the trigger can be controlled by turning an adjustable screw. It is also possible to locate the trigger knob in one of 16 locations.

It is also equipped with a lanyard that is adjustable so you can wear it around your wrist all the time which can be easily utilized.

Hot Shot 4 Vapor Release

The Vapor bow release is a fantastic value thumb release that comes with numerous adjustment options. an easy design that can be trusted to work well.

This release was originally designed for the hunter but could prove extremely effective in the course in 3D. It’s lightweight and comfy and surprisingly quiet.

The trigger tension is adjustable. It features an auto-close hook which means there isn’t a cocking mechanism. The hook’s design makes sure that the release is not a torque source for the D-loop.

The release’s design includes an intentionally large surface for the fingers when compared to similar releases to ensure that there is less strain on the fingers.

This is a highly sought-after 4-finger release for an affordable price, which will result in lots of satisfied users.

Spot Hogg Whipper Snapper 4 Finger Release

This Whipper Snapper is a high-quality thumb release specifically designed to aid the professional shooter with the assurance of a high level of reliability.

It’s a slim concave release made to be a perfect fit in the palm for maximal comfort. It also ensures that it’s properly positioned for consistently steady shots.

The trigger is sharp and is adjustable using one screw which is used to adjust both the tension and travel of the trigger. After the trigger is adjusted, it is locked and will not change even after the repetition of use. To accommodate different hand sizes, it’s possible to change the angle of the barrel trigger using the two positions available.

This thumb release is made to be used in the D-Loop hookup and it can be used in either open jaw as well as closed jaw.

Tru-Fire Edge 4-Finger Hand Release

Another thumb release device from Tru-Fire. it comes with the user with a head that can rotate all 360 degrees, to allow the hand to remain in a comfortable position throughout the draw and release.

The release comes with a dual-hinge opening, as well as a thumb-knob that is adjustable, as is the travel of the trigger.

This release is suitable for users of all levels and is among the most cost-effective choices offered. It is a suitable bow release for those not yet familiar with bows.

The full rotation of the head and adjustability of the knob for the thumb mean that the release can be utilized by the left or right shooting hand.

The handle and head for release are constructed from CNC milled solid aluminum, and it was made to fit comfortably into the palm of your hand.

T.R.U. Ball Max Pro 4 Release

Max Pro 4 Max Pro 4 is a thumb release that utilizes jaws that are caliper that moves smoothly and quietly. The jaws’ design placed on a shorter head allows you to achieve the longest draw length. this results in a faster bow speed.

This is a sturdy release that feels solid in your hand but is extremely small. It comes with a swivel head that can rotate 360 degrees, making it much easier to load while trying to grasp the loop of string.

The trigger’s travel is adjustable with the use of an adjustment screw. There have been reports that this screw may be loose right out of the box and may need to be tightened with Loc Tite.

The finger grips are constructed with grooves that are embedded to enhance grip and guarantee that there is no risk of slippage.

Note Note: A health alert is provided in this item: ADVICE: This product could expose you to harmful chemicals, including Nickel Acetate, which is well-known in California. California as a cause of cancer, birth defects, or any other reproductive harm.

T.R.U. Ball Fang 4 Release

It is also known as the Fang release is yet another thumb release. It has an angled jaw coupled with the fully Containment System (FCS). When the release is secured to the D-Loop, you can move the FCS forward to secure it.

It is possible to alter the tension spring on the trigger from a non-sensitive spring that allows for slight contact to the heavy or medium spring if you want a more firm trigger.

The adjuster screw for travel of the trigger lets you position the trigger precisely in its desired position. Additionally, it is possible to alter the position of the thumb barrel.

The way that the release functions is that it fires upon the pull of the trigger, and after pulling the trigger again, the trigger will set in readiness for the subsequent shot.

Note Health warning is provided in this item: Warning: This product could expose you to harmful chemicals, including Nickel Acetate, which is well-known in California. California as a cause of cancer, birth defects, or any other reproductive harm.

T.R.U. Ball Sweet Spot II Ultra 4 Release

This release is handheld that was designed with multiple firing positions that allow for the same distance with each shot.

It’s a strong thumb release that has been CNC-machined and made by hand in the USA.

Spring-loaded heads make loading quick and simple, and hooking directly onto the D Loop.

You can regulate the speed of travel by deciding when you let the thumb lever go. Move the thumb lever forward as you pull your bow, and then let it go when you’re ready for back tension.

It is simple to alter the sensitivity by using only one screw.

This is a four-finger bow release made to provide the shooter an easy but very useful aid. The bow release is offered at the most affordable cost as well.

Carter Insatiable

It is the Insatiable release that is among the founders of the Carter thumb release line. It’s a straightforward release that is straightforward in both design and function and makes it loved by pros who demand their equipment to perform every time.

The body of the release is constructed out of CNC milled 6061 aluminum. The internal components are constructed from 1018 steel cold-rolled.

It’s different than other releases with 4 fingers due to the arched handle that is designed to place the elbow in a more natural position, so the shooter can have greater control. It is equipped with the latest Interchangeable tension System (ITS) that allows the springs to be replaced with minimal effort.

It is made of smooth, edged edges to let the pressure of holding be evenly distributed across the fingers.

Tips for Shooting A Five Finger Thumb Release While Hunting

Here are some suggestions that can be helpful to ensure you are using the four-finger thumb release correctly:

Make sure to hold the thumb release securely using your fingertips into the grooves on your fingers. You will notice that your fingers are comfortably inside the handpiece while you work to connect.

As you draw the bowstring, you should place your thumb on the trigger of the release. When you have reached the point of anchor place it in a wrap around the trigger, then draw until the arrow stops.

Make sure to apply less pressure on your thumbs as is possible. Keep drawing back slowly until the arrow is launched and it will launch when the release turns naturally, just like a hinge release.

Utilize your index and middle Knuckles to determine your anchor. Place them in line with your jawline at around 45 degrees.

To find an in-depth summary of helpful tips on the strategies you ought to apply when using the thumb release, take a look at this video.

Hand Bow Release Styles

In the case of four finger releases, we have been exposed to two different kinds of handheld releases including the thumb release as well as that of the back tension release.

Thumb Releases

The preferred choice of the two is the trigger release or thumb release. As the name implies, this model allows shooters to control the timing that the trigger is released by pressing the trigger using the thumb.

It’s a very flexible way to shoot. You can adjust the trigger’s tension to be thin or even more based on the amount you want to push before using.

The disadvantage of this type of firing is that users experience a string jump when they release because they are anticipating firing.

Releasing Back Tension

This back tension lever might be a little difficult to get familiar with, but it has been demonstrated to help to improve accuracy.

This type of release operates by activating the release function by drawing back further to the bowstring. They use safety switches that are activated during the initial phases of the hold and draw sequence. After the string has been held, you can release the safety, then draw it back, and trigger the release.

Many archers have found that because they don’t know exactly when and where the release is scheduled to occur, there is little or no twitch or jump accomplished as well as their shot is much more precise.

Why Do You Need A Thumb Release?

The demand for thumb releases to bow hunt is growing over the past few years. The hunters have observed that some target shooters utilize handheld releases, however, they want to be in control of the moment when the shot fails.

A thumb button is what makes this possible.

Here are some reasons that you could benefit from changing from a trigger for your finger to an electronic thumb release.

Feels more natural at Full Draw

When you draw the bow using the thumb, your hand will turn to face you.

This puts you in a place of strength, and drawing will be more natural.

Overcome target panic

The way your thumb is wrapped around the button creates a secure lock. The button is securely held in place during the full draw, and the hand is extended backward once the bow has been drawn.

The button will be activated naturally as the hand moves.

This is a replacement for the need for a conscious trigger pull which is needed with a trigger on the finger.

It is easier to create the surprising shot

The benefit of back tension types of release is that it doesn’t allow you to control the shot. This is important for shooters who’ve experienced anxiety when shooting targets.

The proper use of the thumb release can bring excitement.

Makes use of a larger muscle group, which helps improve the consistency of shot execution

This muscle that manages the thumb is more than the muscles group that controls the finger.

This increases power and, in turn, greater precision.

Are you able to hold the draw for longer?

Because the hand’s anchor is the palm’s back resting on your jaw, you’re in a natural, sturdy, and stable position.

From this position, you can keep the draw for an extended time without losing momentum.

Attaches to the D-loop.

Once you’ve secured your release onto the D-Loop you’re able to keep it in place while you move about and become comfortable.

It’s a simple process to take the release and prepared to draw.

Three Fingers or Four Fingers Release?

Shooters who prefer hand-held triggers have a range of sizes for the handle they could prefer using with the most commonly used being a 3-finger or 4-finger release.

There isn’t any “best” kind of bow release. However, it is possible to argue that there’s a bow release that best suits your personal preferences.

It’s all about the type that feels comfortable in the hand, and what type of hand might provide better control.

Here are a few of the main reasons in support of why shooters choose either a 3-finger or 4 fingers bow release.

Three Finger Release

4 Finger Release

They believe they can get better back tension after shooting

– Allows more pulling pressure

– You can shoot using less torque

The ability to hold the pinky helps make it easier to draw it and then release

– You’ll be able to get more consistency and reliability.

It provides a solid base and is an excellent start for shooters who are not used to using a handgun

It is strongly recommended to test a variety of handheld devices before making a decision.

It’s normal to see people start out with a 4-finger release, and later, as they advance, reduced to a three-finger release and finally two-finger releases.

The trigger mechanism can be an element in your selection with a thumb trigger as well as hinges that use back tension as alternatives.

A four-finger release coupled with a hinge-style release may be more suitable over the thumb trigger.

Does a Release Aid Need to Be Used To Use A Compound Bow?

It is possible to shoot the compound bow without release aids as well, and many shoot it.

Certain compound bows are designed to be shooters for fingers. In general, they are more extended axle-to-axle bows.

What makes the release useful is the precision in the shooting. Shooting with fingers could result in bias to the right or left, especially when you’re not experienced.

In addition, the weight of draw on an archery compound is heavy. Repetitive draw and release cycles can soon be uncomfortable on the tips of your fingers. A release aid will let you shoot longer and in greater comfort.

How Does A Bow Release Be Designed?

If you choose to use the release using wrist straps, you must use the strap to wrap around the wrist to ensure that it’s snug, but not too tight. The release should be placed on the bottom of the upwardly turned palm.

Once it’s at ease and you’ve done some shooting then mark the strap to ensure that it will be set exactly the same way each time that you shoot. This way, it will release in the exact position of each shooting.

Handheld releases come in various forms. The Insatiable Plus from Carter, for instance, features a curved handle made to be ergonomically positioned to the hand.

Other bow releases offer straight handles for those who have to align themselves with their bows at full draw.

Another problem with fitting comes from the length of your draw. If you initially measured your draw length by drawing the bow using your fingers The addition of bow release may change this a bit.

When you’ve taken control of the bow release, it is required to reduce your bow’s draw duration. This is due to the introduction that hooks for release or the caliper will limit your ability to draw your string to a greater distance.

If you’re using a trigger release then you must configure it so you place the trigger on the second knuckle of the index finger.

This will let you connect the trigger to provide a smooth pull, which will allow you to use the tension on your back. A smooth and even pull means that you’ll avoid developing problems such as trigger panic.

This is a more detailed explanation of why it’s essential to achieve this location and how you can adjust your release length for an ideal fit.

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