Thu. Jun 8th, 2023

A planner board system is essential for an enthusiastic fisher, helping him reach out to places in the water where an ordinary fishing rod cannot reach easily. Thus, it is a necessary equipment for a fisherman, mainly in the trolling system of fishing. While the fishing line can cover only a limited space in the water, planner boards can go down deep into the water and extend up to more than 150 feet away from a boat. Moreover, the fishermen can control the line’s length between the boards and baits by reeling the bar according to their requirements.

How to fit the planner boards on a fishing boat

A fisherman needs a board, fishing rod, release clips, and a fishing tackle line for fixing the planner board system on a boat. He should also keep a board, mast, reel, and cable for installing planner boards on both sides of the ship.

These boards need to be balanced by installing a short-sized mast on the deck of the boat. If the deck is not strong enough to carry this extra burden, it is best to install a backup board to strengthen the deck structure. This board is fitted by putting in screws through the drilled holes made on the deck’s prior marked spots.

Then the mast is tightly fitted with screws on the base plate of this board. The movement of this mast indicates the direction to which the boat is needed to be steered. However, care must be taken to keep the mast fixed to its spot by preventing too much swaying in the wind that can cause uprooting of this structure from the deck.

The mast helps control the functions of planner boards and the fishing line fitted on the boat. So the fisherman needs to install the fishing line on this board system to start fishing in the river water even during the high tides. When he releases the line up to the required length, the reel should be locked to prevent further lengthening of the line. If fishers want to deploy multiple fishing lines at a time, they need to install more than one board on their boats.

Benefits of installing planner boards on fishing boat decks

If multiple fishing lines are used in a boat, there are high chances of all these lines getting mangled by twisting with each other. The planner boards prevent such a situation by keeping all lines away from one another by spreading these lines in different directions from a boat’s sides.

This board alerts the fisherman immediately when a fish has swallowed the bait attached to the end of the fishing line. The board will be tilted back due to the fish’s weight caught in the line, from which its presence can be known. However, the current versions of these boards have swifter and crisper styles of indications for fulfilling the main aim of fishing.

The fishing lines can be sent to any depth within the water with planner boards’ help to help fishers reach levels where lots of fishes are available. Thus, it is possible to catch many fishes from river water due to the efficiency of these well-installed boards. Fishers need not worry about fishing in water with high currents when they have successfully installed these boards on their boats.

The fishing style with the use of planner boards is fast gaining popularity among passionate fishers. The advantages of this system justify the expense and the effort of installing it on a fishing boat.