Author: Bow Hunterz

The Best Alaska Fishing Charters – Kenai Peninsula

Working in the tourism industry myself, I have found that most tourists planning their Alaska dream vacation can become overwhelmed with the thousands of options Alaska has to offer- especially when it comes to the fishing world! So I’ve gathered some simple tools to help this process move along. Finding […]

The Canadian Rocky Mountains and Beyond

Millions of years ago, dinosaurs roamed Eastern Alberta in an area known as the Canadian Badlands near Drumheller, where the prairie gives way to the canyons. Along the 29-mile drive is Horseshoe Canyon, a u-shaped canyon carved by glaciers that show the eroded layers of sandstone, mud, coal, and clay. […]

5 Fishing Tips and Tricks For Beginners

If you love camping, hiking, and the outdoors, you’ll enjoy fishing, too. There are many lakes and water bodies near most campsites, and it’s an excellent activity to try with your friends and family (the kids will especially enjoy this!). If you want to try your hand at catching fish, […]

How to Reel In the Red Snapper Fish Like a Pro

Are you looking to catch a prize-winning red snapper? Red snappers are some of the best trophy fish because of their beautiful color, size, and eatability. But red snapper fishing is also not the easiest sport in the world, which makes the prize all the greater! In this article, we […]

The Different Types of Rifles Explained

Ever since the rifle first came into being hundreds of years ago, it’s been a¬†respected and beloved piece of weaponry. Before the invention of the rifle, the only guns that could fire projectiles were muskets and cannons, which were impractical in most situations and also difficult to use.¬† Rifles are […]