Author: Bow Hunterz

Primos Power Buck and Doe Call

The Primos Power Buck and Doe Call is a top-quality deer call. It is made of high-quality materials for long-lasting performance, even under tough conditions. In addition, it is tested to withstand the elements. Primos’ products have proven their reliability and durability for decades, so you can rest assured that […]

Rocky Men’s RKS0243 Knee-High Snake Boot

The Rocky Retraction Waterproof Side-Zip Snake Boot is waterproof and designed to protect its wearer from the most common snake bites found in North America. Its design also makes it comfortable to wear. This ankle-high boot is great for outdoor activities such as hiking or camping. Its Waterproof construction ensures […]

Types of Hunting Dogs

Hunting dogs are the companions of hunters and are bred to perform various tasks for them. There are several major categories of hunting dogs, including terriers, dachshunds, and gun dogs. Let’s take a look at the different breeds and their uses. Read on for information about the different types of […]

Rocky Men’s Outback Boot Review

The 5″ Outback boot from Rocky is made with premium full grain leather and is made waterproof with genuine breathable GORE-TEX. This waterproof boot is comfortable and rugged, perfect for a variety of outdoor activities. A waterproof liner and removable insole provide traction and stability in wet weather. Rocky is […]

Protect Your Foot With Apkaf Snake Gaiters

If you’re planning on engaging in outdoor activities that could result in contact with snakes, it’s a good idea to invest in some Snake Gaiters. Whether you’re hunting, fishing, or simply enjoying the outdoors, snakes can pose a hazard. Many snakes are venomous, including copperheads, cottonmouths, and more. To protect […]

Waterproof Snow Boot Gaiters

Featuring a three-layer waterproof membrane, QTECLOR Leg Gaiters are durable and water-resistant. The gaiters are designed to keep snow and mud out of your boot while hiking, snowshoeing, or just doing anything outdoors. They are also lightweight and can be easily folded into a backpack. These leg gaiters are made […]

Hikenture Leg Gaiters With Waterproof Zipper

The Hikenture Leg Gaiters with Watertight Zipper are a perfect way to keep your legs dry while hiking. These waterproof leg gaiters are made of heavy-duty waterproof materials that keep mud, snow, and other elements out of your footwear. They also keep your feet dry and clean. This is a […]