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Junxing Recurve Bow Review

Junxing Recurve Bow Review

This is a classic designed recurve bow that is made for left- and right-hand use. The bow has fiberglass bow limbs and is laminated with maple. The string is made of nylon and the handle is 54” long. The riser is strong and is 15” long. The product is about […]

Turkey Bow Hunting

Wild turkeys are not the smartest or the speediest animals definitely. This is why these are so popular for bow hunting. They are simply easy to monitor and aren’t very wise, so bow hunting makes this more difficult than knocking them off with rifle. Bow hunting is one popular form […]

Best Hunting Backpacks

Hunting Backpacks – 5 Tips on How to Choose a Pack For Successful Hunts Even if you contain the best hunting gear, the perfect rifle or the latest bow technology, a negative hunting backpack can change a wish wilderness excursion into a tragedy. Just ask anyone who’s spent three days […]