Thu. Sep 21st, 2023

Best Ammo For 300 PRC

Best ammo for 300 prc

There are many options for ammo in the 300 PRC, and we’ve compiled some of them here for your convenience. These rounds are 3.7 inches long and fit easily in AICS-pattern detachable-box magazines. We also looked at Hornady’s ELD-M and Hendershot’s “Extreme” custom ammo. Read on to learn more.

Handloading ammo

Handloading ammo for 300 PRC rifles requires certain knowledge. First, you should know that this caliber is long, with a head height that is much longer than its overall length. This makes it too big to shoot from a standard-length action rifle. Luckily, Hornady’s cartridge gurus have devised three successful new cartridges for the 300 PRC.

Although a 300 PRC cartridge does not have the same level of popularity as other.30 caliber cartridges, it is an increasingly popular choice among hunters. Since this cartridge is a rarity, it is much less likely to be flooded by panic-buying. However, this does not mean that handloaders cannot create a full-range of custom hunting loads for the 300 PRC cartridge.

As for ammo composition, you can start by researching different components used by 300 PRC rifles. A good resource for this is the 300 PRC rifle thread. The data collected here is valuable for the handloader, and it can help you decide which ammunition to purchase. If you are unsure of which parts to purchase, you can always visit the 300 PRC rifle thread on

One of the benefits of the 300 PRC from is that it is similar to the 6.5 Creedmoor, making it ideal for hunting. Because the 6.5mm bullet is relatively large, it offers a good ballistic coefficient. The 300 PRC is a great choice for those who love the feeling of precision and accuracy. Because of the low recoil, 300 PRC is also a good option for those who want a lighter, shorter action rifle.

Hornady’s ELD-M

Hornady’s ELD-MR300 PRC ammo features a new design for the case that utilizes a common magnum speed rifle powder, making for consistent velocity and increased barrel life. The case is also designed to accept Hornady’s proprietary Heat Shield tip, which creates the perfect meplat. These features ensure the best accuracy and performance for this.300 Win magnum cartridge.

The 300 PRC Match is loaded with a 208 grain Hornady ELD-M bullet. It uses Hornady brass and new Bertram cases. It is priced per fifty rounds. In terms of accuracy, it is comparable to most 300 LR ammo and 300 LR. Among Hornady’s line, this reloading ammo is ideal for sniper work. It is capable of reaching long ranges and hitting hard and flat.

The 300 PRC cartridge was officially introduced by Hornady in late-2018 and received SAAMI approval in August 2018. Generally, the factory load of this cartridge will use a 212 or 225gr bullet with a muzzle velocity of 2,810fps. The bullets used in this ammo have long aerodynamic bodies to keep their velocity at a constant level. While the 300 PRC isn’t fully ballistic, it does have a higher BC than common.308 bullets.

Hendershot’s “Extreme” custom ammo

There are numerous advantages to handloading 300 PRC ammunition. Not only do these bullets shoot faster than factory loads, but they have a flatter trajectory that reduces wind drift. In comparison to factory loads, 300 PRC bullets have a 1.6-inch drop at 500 yards. Additionally, these bullets retain more energy and have better terminal performance. As a result, they are an excellent choice for large game.

The main advantage of Hendershot’s Extreme custom ammunition for 300 PRC is that it’s easier to shoot. This is due in part to the fact that the 300 PRC cartridge has a longer head height than a standard.30 caliber cartridge. The.300 PRC is also too long for a standard-length action rifle. This means that a rifle designed for this cartridge should have a longer barrel.

In addition to its superior accuracy, 300 PRC ammunition is designed for use with heavy, high-BC bullets. These bullets are particularly useful for precision long-range shooting. This ammo is available in several different weights, including 115 grains. Hendershot’s Extreme 300 PRC ammunition is also suitable for handloading and can be found online. While Hendershot’s Extreme ammo for 300 PRC is not yet widely available, it is still a highly recommended choice.