Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

What’s the best bait for pigs? It can be anything – from sour corn to rice bran and even Kool-Aid. Here are a few ideas you can try:

Persimmons are a great bait for hogs

When selecting your persimmon tree, consider what areas of your property the pigs prefer to inhabit. For example, pigs will typically favor creek bottoms or lowland areas where they can access food and water. Also, consider where the pigs are most active, such as on foot or in boots. When selecting a tree to bait pigs with, use a timed feeder, as pigs are attracted to scents.

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After deciding on a bait location, wait until the hogs begin approaching it. Then, you can bury the feed or string corn across the ground. Another method is to dig holes around the bait, filling them half full with bait and shelled corn. If possible, place loose dirt in the holes. The hogs will have to dig and clean the holes for the bait, so they will have to dig to find it.

Sour corn

To lure a pig into a trap, you need to give the pig a treat. Sour corn attracts pigs for longer distances than plain corn. Sour corn can be used when you are starting a new baiting location. Another advantage of using soured corn is that it is cheaper than other hog baits. If you want to learn more about baiting hogs, keep reading!

The best bait for pigs is made with dried corn, cherry-flavored drink mix, and other fruits and vegetables. Acorns and pecans make an excellent addition to corn mixtures. The scent of these natural products attracts pigs to a bait mix. Besides corn, hogs also like pecans and acorns. Try mixing these ingredients together to make a bait that the pigs will love.

Rice bran

The best pig bait is one that hogs cannot resist. The best hog bait is sweet. Overripe fruit and berries are excellent choices. A variety of commonly available baits mimic the sweet taste and odor of these foods. The following tips will help you attract hogs to your feeder. Make sure to have plenty of bait available. For best results, leave it out in the open for several days. If you have a timer, you can place the feeder there for several days before hunting.

When buying rice bran, look for it in small bags or prepared. Some feed stores even sell it straight, in 50-pound bags. If you live in the Southern US, rice bran will be less expensive. Since rice bran is not scented, it will not add much scent. However, deer will still eat rice bran in bulk if you add commercial attractants or molasses to it.


When it comes to the best bait for pigs, the choice is easy – Jello or Kool-Aid! Put some in a plastic bag and place it out of sight, bury it under a pile, or sprinkle it on the ground around the area. Then, when the pigs come, they’ll find the sweet, sour treat, and be attracted to it!

You can also use a mixture of corn and sugar to attract hogs. This recipe is easy to make. All you need is a 50-pound bag of corn, four pounds of sugar, and a packet of yeast. Stir these ingredients together and allow them to ferment for at least 5 days in a warm location. The longer the bait ferments, the more potent it will be. Spread it out over the area after it has been fermented, and you’re good to go!


Although difficult to find and eat, persimmons are the best bait for hunting hogs. In addition to these fruits, you can also try to gather the waste parts of other types of fruit. Apple cores, watermelon rinds, and cantaloupe rinds can attract hogs, too. For a home-brew persimmon mix, use Jell-O powder. Persimmons are not only good hog bait, but they can also make for tasty snacks for hunting.

If you want to trap hogs, the best time to do so is during the winter. The cold weather reduces the availability of many natural foods. Most crops haven’t been planted, and the hogs have eaten up all the summer foods. Their favorite winter food is acorns, which unfortunately aren’t very good for native wildlife species. Fortunately, persimmons are abundant in the forest floor and make great bait for pigs.

Raccoon urine

To attract hogs to your trap, make sure you have a good selection of raccoon urine. This smell attracts boars, as raccoons are known to follow the scent of raccoon urine to food sources. Use old plastic barrels or post hole diggers to place the bait in. Raccoon urine is also highly attractive to pigs, so you may want to place a post hole digger nearby.

Pigs are omnivorous creatures, which means they will come to your trap if they smell food. If you mix some corn with beer, a great raccoon urine bait to attract wild pigs is likely to be successful. Mix the two ingredients and stir for a couple of days. The mixture will have a strong odor that will attract hogs and keep other animals away.