Thu. Sep 21st, 2023
Best Broadheads for Elk

When hunting elk, it is essential to select the best broadheads with maximum penetration. Doing so will enable you to bring down a large buck in no time.

Ideally, the broadhead should be able to penetrate both legs and high-riding scapula of an elk, as well as its ribcage bone structure to hit the heart-lung area accurately for an instant kill.

1. Shock Collar Blade Retention

When hunting Elk, there are a variety of mechanical broadheads to choose from, each offering its advantages. Some models can clear the foot stirrup of a crossbow to trigger blade deployment while others offer better flight patterns and penetration power than fixed-blade broadheads do.

Many bowhunters appreciate the way a mechanical broadhead moves as it traverses the air. This helps keep the arrow on a straight path and reduces edge drag.

However, mechanical broadheads do have some drawbacks that make them less than ideal for elk hunting. For instance, some states and localities may have laws prohibiting their use during elk season.

Another disadvantage of bow arrows is their difficulty in tuning out. They act like rudders as they fly through the air, throwing off target if not in tune with your bow.

Due to this, it’s essential to select a broadhead that fits your bow properly. For instance, if you use a compound bow, opt for a fixed-blade broadhead with an appropriate ferrule length matched to the length of your arrow shaft.

Additionally, you should take into account the cutting diameter of a broadhead when choosing one. A larger cutting diameter can increase its total cutting area and deliver more damage to your target.

Finally, you should take into account the weight of the broadhead when making your choice. A heavier head offers greater penetration power which may prove advantageous when taking down an elk with ease.

Rage Broadheads recently unveiled Shock Collar Blade Retention, an accessory for their mechanical broadhead to prevent blade deployment due to accidental contact with branches, twigs, or weeds. This product slips on the back of the Rage broadhead and over the O-ring for extra blade-retention security.

2. G5 Outdoors Deadmeat

For elk hunters seeking a head that will cut an expansive wound channel and penetrate thick hide, bone, and muscle with ease, G5 Outdoors’ Deadmeat broadhead is worth considering. This expandable mechanical broadhead can be used on bows of all sizes and speeds due to its SnapLock design that keeps blades locked to their ferrule for convenient usage.

This broadhead utilizes a proven design with innovative collar technology for deadly results. It utilizes three heavy-duty 100% stainless steel blades with a 1-1/2″ cutting diameter for short and heavy blood trails. It is barb-less, secured in place by G5’s Snaplock ball and socket collar until impact – providing devastating knockdown power with pinpoint accuracy.

This broadhead was engineered to penetrate thick hide and bone for an easily discernible blood trail, making it the ideal choice for hunting in areas where tracking is a concern. Compatible with a range of bows from compound to traditional, this broadhead has been 100% spin-tested and certified safe for use.

When selecting the appropriate broadhead for an elk hunt, you should take into account the animal you are targeting, push force, and ease of follow-up. You can do this by considering factors like penetration rate, blood trail size, and edge retention.

As a general guideline, select a broadhead that provides maximum push force with your chosen arrow weight and draw length. This will improve penetration and enable you to shoot heavier arrows that accelerate and deflect better.

If you plan to use your arrows for extended periods, make sure you have a variety of broadheads on hand. Doing this will save you from having to purchase an arrow each hunt – saving money in the process!

G5 offers this mechanical broadhead, ideal for elk hunters seeking an expandable blade that can cut a large wound channel and penetrate thick hide, bone, muscle, and fat. Featuring SnapLock technology which keeps the broadhead blades locked to their ferrule for versatile usage with bows of all speeds and draw lengths, this broadhead works great.

3. G5 Outdoors Deadeye

When it comes to broadheads for elk, accuracy is paramount. They must penetrate through thick hide and bone without breaking, making them drop dead reliable in tough circumstances. Furthermore, these broadheads must fly consistently and accurately in variable conditions like steep uphills and downhills, long ranges, and windy mountain days.

Archery hunters typically take accuracy for granted when hunting big game species like elk. Elk have thick hides, strong shoulder muscles, and bone that can break or bend a standard blade broadhead, plus their arrow’s speed and energy transfer are less than that of a deer bow – making accuracy all the more crucial.

That is why we’ve compiled this short list of the best broadheads for elk hunting [Fixed & Mechanical]. This selection offers both fixed and mechanical designs, so you can find one that suits your hunting style and setup perfectly.

When selecting a broadhead, cutting diameter is the primary factor to consider. As a general guideline, larger diameters are better for deer hunting while smaller ones work best on elk. Furthermore, smaller broadheads allow them to penetrate thick hide and bone without bending or breaking – an invaluable advantage when targeting an elk.

Another aspect that makes or breaks a good broadhead is tolerance. One that has an excellent tolerance for concentricity (their ability to stay straight when spinning) will fly straighter and be more accurate; you can test this by weighing them and spinning them.

Hunters who frequently switch their point weight should exercise extreme caution when selecting a broadhead. A heavy broadhead could fly crookedly and miss the target, while one that’s too light will cause it to swivel and scare away an animal.

For an optimal combination of strength and accuracy, we suggest the G5 Outdoors Deadeye Fixed Broadhead. This fixed broadhead features 3 stainless steel heavy-duty blades for a 1-1/2″ cutting diameter to easily penetrate thick hide or bone. Plus, it comes equipped with G5’s snaplock ball and socket collar for secure retention until impact. With such strength and accuracy in one package, this broadhead makes an ideal choice for any elk hunter seeking an effectively fixed broadhead.

4. Grim Reaper Whitetail Extreme

This broadhead, handmade in the USA, utilizes a super-swung back blade design with a hypodermic tip and titanium ferrule for maximum devastation. It comes packaged in two per package and weighs 100 grains.

This two-blade broadhead boasts a cutting diameter of two inches and is designed to take down the game quickly. This can be especially advantageous when hunting in western America where many animals tend to run off after being shot. With its penetrative power, you’re guaranteed a successful kill every time it penetrates an animal’s skin or shattering bone.

Hunters who want a lethal broadhead that can quickly and efficiently dispatch an elk are sure to appreciate this option. Its two-blade design is durable, quiet, and user-friendly – the ideal combination for hunting success!

A quality broadhead can make or break a hunt, so make sure you select one that can penetrate the big game’s hide. Furthermore, using the correct broadhead will leave behind an impressive blood trail which will enable you to track the animal even after it has died.

When selecting a broadhead for an elk hunt, weight is another important factor to consider. The heavier the broadhead, the greater the chance it will penetrate through the hide and leave behind an impressive blood trail for post-shot tracking purposes.

If you’re looking to save money and still get the job done, lighter-weight broadheads might be worth considering. These typically feature high-strength materials like stainless steel or aircraft-grade aluminum that can withstand a lot of stress.

Arrows also boast tight tolerances, meaning they won’t move during flight. This helps guarantee an arrow will fly straight and true.

These broadheads feature a blade retention system, meaning the blades will deploy properly when they impact an object. Furthermore, their slip cam design allows the blades to fall into an optimal position for penetration and cutting diameter.

This broadhead always has its wing blades deployed, making them less likely to dull over time. Furthermore, their sharpened tip helps penetrate bone and tissue with ease.