Thu. Jun 8th, 2023

best caliber moose hunting

Bullets that penetrate deeply are important for successful moose hunting. They need to reach all of the vital organs to cause the most harm. While some hunters swear by their personal favorites, there are several calibers that have consistently produced reliable results. While it’s important to choose the correct caliber for the conditions, the best way to decide is to consider some of the following factors. These tips will help you find the perfect bullet for your next moose hunting trip.

6.5 Creedmoor

If you’re looking for the best caliber for moose hunting, 6.5 Creedmoor should be at the top of your list. It has become one of the most popular big game cartridges for hunters and is also effective on elk and deer. Its high ballistic performance, ability to shoot long, and low recoil make it a popular choice for northern European moose hunters.

.300 Winchester Magnum

The.300 Winchester Magnum is a powerful, accurate bullet. Its performance on moose is unrivaled among other hunting calibers. Its weight, precision, and accuracy have made it a favorite among moose hunters. You can also get a custom-built 5.5-pound kifaru that’s ideal for moose hunting. The 300 WSM is also capable of taking mountain goats, Stone’s ram, or bull moose.


Although.30-06 is the most popular caliber for moose hunting, you can use other smaller calibers in some situations. If you are hunting in bear country, a rifle that can handle bears is required. Here are some other tips to ensure you have the best shot:

.375 H&H

A.375 H&H is an ideal hunting bullet for moose because it delivers a powerful, accurate kill shot. Unlike heavier bullets in smaller bores, the.375 H&H has a moderate muzzle velocity. It can easily penetrate the moose’s meat and travel only a short distance before it is blasted into the ground. Nosler produces four different.375 H&H bullet loads, each of which delivers the desired level of performance and accuracy.

.35 Remington

Many hunters have strong opinions on what rifle calibers are best for moose hunting. Considering that moose are huge animals, the energy needed to penetrate the thick shoulder bones and vitals on a broadside shot is crucial. A.35 Remington is an excellent choice, with its high bucking power, but some hunters are reluctant to shoot moose with a caliber smaller than this.