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There has been a rapid and significant advancement in the technology that surrounds tree stands over the past few years.

 From the days of permanent stands that comprised of a closed platform that could be reached via a ladder to the modern tree climbing stands and hanging ones that weigh the least weight, hunters can now lift themselves to a high viewpoint in a tree.

 If you’ve purchased the hang-on tree stand there’s a final obstacle to overcome. It’s time to set the stand in position.

You must wear a full-body safety harness then secure it on the branch, and climb up and down as you go to your spot to hunt.

One alternative is to utilize an assortment of climbers for tree stands as well as saddle hunting.

Climbing sticks can be attached to the tree trunk of your selected tree, allowing you to climb up the tree with ease.

From here, you can pick up all your equipment and load it into a bag.

They should be lightweight, but robust. They should be strong enough to support your weight and stay firm in your position.

The options available are numerous. Like every other item, it is important to take to carefully weigh the pros and cons of every one.

Below is a table that lists the most well-known climbing sticks in the marketplace currently. This table will aid you in determining which are the most effective climbing sticks to use to hunt with bows depending on your particular situation.

We’ve provided fundamental specifications for each and the suggested retail price suggested by the manufacturer.

The next section is a thorough analysis of each product, as well as any additional characteristics that could aid in making a particular product stand apart from other climbing sticks.

A Comparison of the Standing Tree Stand climbing sticks

  • Hunting Beast Climbing sticks
  • Lone Wolf Climbing Sticks
  • Trophyline Mini Sticks
  • Hawk Helium Climbing Sticks
  • Hawk Traction SS Climbing Stick
  • Muddy Aerolite Climbing Stick
  • Xtreme Outdoor Products Climbing Sticks
  • Muddy Climbing Sticks from the Outfitter
  • Millennium M210 Stick Climber
  • The Big Game The Climbing Sticks for Quick Climbing
  • Shikar Climbing Stick
  • Hunting Beast Mini Stick
  • Hurricane Safety Systems Gravity Forward
  • Rivers Edge Grip Stick
  • Guide Gear Climbing Sticks
  • Stand X The 25″ Stick
  • Muddy, The Ascender

Descriptions of Climbing Tree Stands

After we’ve been able to take an informal look side-by-side at the various climbing sticks available, we’ll now have a closer look at each. Here is a brief overview of each, as well as details about the model and the features listed along with any points of strength and weakness.

Go through the specifics of every one of these climbing stick reviews below to gain a greater comprehension of the factors that makes each one different and which will best suit your requirements.

Hunting Beast Climbing Stick

Its Hunting Beast Gear climbing sticks are extremely portable sticks designed to be strong and light. They provide firm and sturdy climbing support due to the deep teeth and the Versa strap that affixes them to the tree of your choice.

Each stick is 24 inches in length and includes the aluminum step and straps that fasten it to permit it to be fixed onto the trunk of the tree. There’s a distance of 22″ in between the steps, which means that you won’t stretch out at an unnatural rate when you climb.

The steps themselves measure 9″ in length They are double-sided and angled to provide a more comfortable walking experience. They are also have a made of a groove to ensure a solid grip. The feet will smack into the bark of the tree to avoid sliding.

The sticks are sold in single pieces that allow you to build a tree-climbing ladder as long as you want for it.

Each stick weighs just 2.2 pounds making them the most lightweight tree stand climbing sticks accessible.

You can also purchase Mini Beast Climbing sticks that are twenty” in length, for the length of a step of just 18″.

Trophyline Mini Sticks Climbing Sticks

These Trophyline Mini sticks are single-step sticks developed by Novix Outdoors. They were designed to provide the hunter in the saddle with a method of effective use to reach any size suitable tree.

The steps can be reversed to accommodate any step sequence you’d like to climb in.

They measure about 17″ in length and have a 15″ step-to-step distance.

Also, they are lightweight, easy to set up, and provide the ability to reach heights that exceed 20 feet, especially if you install assistance in between the sticks.

It utilizes the central tube, which is a single piece. the brackets pivot to adjust to any unusual tree shapes. It is equipped fitted with a belt cinch, and the sticks can be placed to any diameter of the tree from 4 to 22″.

They are packaged in four sticks. The total weight of the package is 5.8lbs and each stick is 1.4lbs.

The weight limit for the sticks is 350lbs. This will cover most hunters comfortably.

Lone Wolf 4 Piece Climbing Sticks

The climbing sticks come in made up of four sticks each one measuring 32″ in the height. They can be used in conjunction to get an elevation that will take you as high as 20 feet high up the tree. Each stick has 3 steps, each of which is 15 inches from the other, a distance that should give you the ability to climb comfortably.

They can also be affixed to the tree’s trunk that has dimensions of between 4 to 22 inches. They are secured using the Versa-Button strap, which can hold each stick in position. The sticks can support a maximum weight of 350 pounds.

These sticks for climbing are designed to be compact and easy to put together when not being used, so it’s quite simple to carry them around without any hassle. They are made to be used along with Lone Wolf hang-on tree stand models, including the assault or The Alpha.

Hawk Helium Climbing Sticks

They are Helium climbing sticks are made to be the lightest and most compact climbing sticks available.

The steps have been designed in a manner that is especially safe because of the dual step design that allows you to sit comfortably at every step instead of the design with alternating steps of different brands.

The steps are also constructed with traction-grabbing ridges to ensure your feet will not slip off.

The Helium sticks are made from aluminum of the highest quality and their low weight is because of the cutouts that run down their length. Each 30-inch stick weighs just 2.9 pounds.

Stealth features are integrated into features like the Versa button Silent Strap design and suction cups for silent locking which secure them for transportation.

The tree’s stability comes from the TreeDigger’s teeth that firmly bite into the bark. They can hold a weight of 300lbs.

They are extremely durable and sturdy climbing sticks that are available in sets of 3 but it is possible to purchase additional single sticks in case you need them.

Hawk Traction SS Climbing Sticks

As the name implies they provide your feet with the greatest amount of grip due to the teeth with raised edges that are present every step. The teeth are firmly attached to your boots to ensure that your feet are secure whether you descend or ascend.

The sticks are available in three packs. Each stick is 32 inches long and when you attach them to the trunk of the tree, they can be used for climbing up to 20 feet above the ground.

The treads are 11.25 inches, which gives plenty of space for your feet as well as the oval tube provides you a firm grip as you climb. Each stick weighs 4.6 pounds and can be put together for more convenient transport.

If safety and function are your top priorities, these non-slip steps are a great option to reach your stand.

Muddy Aerolite Climbing sticks

Aerolite climbing sticks are available in three sizes. Aerolite climbing sticks are sold in a set of three sticks. Each stick measures 32 inches tall. When they’re put together with an 18-inch space between each stick you’ll be able to climb steps that measure 12.5 feet high.

The three sticks are aluminum climbing sticks that can be connected to trees using the Silent Cam buckle strap. Each stick weighs 3lbs, giving the all-in weight of 9.3 pounds, which means they are the lightest climb stick available today.

The design was developed to allow it to be neatly packed to be compatible with the design of the Muddy fixed-position stands.

Aerolite is suitable for trees with a diameter of at least 9 inches and a maximum weight capacity that is 350 pounds.

Xtreme Outdoor Products Climbing Sticks

The climbing sticks made by XOP are well-designed to keep the comfort of the hunting enthusiast in mind. They are packaged in a set of four sticks that measure 34 inches long. It is possible to place them to climb heights that exceed 20 feet.

The sticks have been made with a slight curve in the steps, which will increase the grip of your feet. The steps are fixed flat against the heated steel stick and are easily removed and locked in place once the stick is hung in the trees.

Another feature that was upgraded for the most recent model of the sticks has been that it extends between your bracket and the tree which has been increased by one inch. This makes climbing simpler than previously.

The sticks are equipped with easy-adjust straps to secure them to the tree. The weight capacity is 350 pounds. They’ve also been designed to be secured when it’s time to move the sticks from one location to another.

Muddy Climbing sticks from The Outfitter

The Outfitter climbers are made of steel construction pieces that measure 32 inches long. They can be purchased individually or in three packs. When put together in a 3-pack, they give an overall length that is 12.5 feet.

The sticks can be used well on straight or crooked trunks of trees and come with broad steps to facilitate climbing and going down. The sticks are equipped fitted with 1-1″ Cam buckle straps that connect to the tree, and the fastening system is designed to work quietly.

Each segment is sold for $24.99 The pack of three is priced at less than $75.00 but it’s possible to increase the size of the package to 4 sticks should you require more height, and still cost less than $100.

The sticks can transport up to 300 pounds and will be able to attach to any tree that has dimensions greater than nine inches.

Millennium M210 Stick Climber

Millennium has developed a line of top-quality treestands that hang on, and it is a good reason that the tree sticks designed to go together are of the same quality.

The M210 comprises five sections that weigh less and are easy to join. They are simple to carry, which means they’re portable and have been designed to work in conjunction with the M100 Lock-On treestand. M100 Treestand with Lock-On.

These are fairly light tree climbing sticks, considering that they offer 20 feet of solid steps. In terms of those steps, these have an anti-slip coating to provide security. They are made of steel and are coated with a powder coating. The topmost step has a double step for added security measures.

Additional security features include additional safety features like a “V” foot ground stabilizer that ensures the sticks are held fixed at the base with cam buckles, straps, and cam buckles to ensure that the sticks remain in place and won’t shift. If you’re looking to climb above the 20-foot length permits you can purchase additional sections of four feet.

The Big Game A Quick-Stick Climbing Stick

The Quick-Stick climbing platform is constructed of steel that has been welded and is particularly durable. It is an extended ladder once it is on the ground and, unlike other ladders, it can be assembled in a single length with the bottom in constant contact with the ground all the time.

This climbing system is made up of five sticks, and each one weighs around 4 pounds. When you put the sticks on the tree, you’ll create an alternating step pattern. The steps are 10.5 inches in width.

After the sections are put together, the Quick-Stick provides you with a climbing system that can extend up to the length of 20 feet. The sticks are fixed to the tree by five straps that measure one inch in diameter.

The system has a rated weight that is 300 pounds.

Shikar Climbing Sticks

Shikar climbing sticks made by Out On A Limb Manufacturing are extremely light and compact sticks that are stacked in a compact, easy-to-transport bundle.

They are exceptionally well-constructed and the design allows a lot of flexibility to accommodate various body shapes and sizes.

The standard step-to-step size is 17 however, the Shikar is available in a range of sizes to accommodate smaller or larger framed hunters. You can also purchase it in sizes of 12″ 14″ 20″ and 22″.

They’re available in double or single-step designs. With the 90-degree turning stand-offs, they can be adapted to any kind of tree trunk shape: straight or curly.

There is also the optional Scout platform, which can replace the top step, providing an area to stand while searching from the saddle.

It is very easy to carry, extremely light in weight, and an extremely effective method of climbing These sticks will be worth each penny.

Hunting Beast Mini Beast Sticks from Gear

They are the smaller versions of the first Beast Sticks. Their primary function – aside from offering a way of climbing trees – is to offer hunters an option that is light and lightweight to improve mobility.

Mini Beast Sticks are 20″ in length and 18″ between the steps. The stick weighs 2 pounds when you add its strap (1.7 lbs with the strap).

The double steps measure 9.3″ in width and feature fixed-step steps that slope upwards, providing more stability and increasing security, and aiding in climbing.

They’re sturdy and built out of 6061 aluminum and the Delrin Beast button as well as bolts of Grade 8.

They stack neatly for ease of carrying, and they lock onto the tree securely without making any sound. For saddle and tree stand hunters, these climbing sticks are a step above.

Hurricane Safety Systems Gravity Forward Climbing Sticks

The climbing sticks are constructed to not join flush with the trunk of the tree. They are 20-foot climbers that are gravity-forward and give bow hunters something a bit different.

The Gravity Forward name implies that the system is set at a specific angle to the tree to make it simpler to climb up and down the tree stand.

The entire layout is designed to make climbing and descending as simple as is possible. There is a distance of the treads cut to 11 inches, and the tread width has been raised to 12 inches.

This is a four-stick system, with the bottom set securely to the surface. The four brackets come in different lengths and will automatically show you the proper angle to be put in place. After it has been set in position, it provides the 20-foot ladder.

The steps are channeled to give you extra grip on your feet to make you less likely to mistakes.

When you attach the stick to the tree at an angle, your center of gravity will be moved up, making climbing more comfortable. Also, it makes it more comfortable hanging the tree stand.

Some people may face an issue with this system of climbing is the weight, which is quite heavy around 35 pounds. However, one thing is certain, it’s sturdy and makes climbing and going down a lot easier.

Rivers Edge Grip Stick

Grip Stick Grip Stick is sold as a single climbing stick, but it can also be combined by purchasing multiple sections. They can be used independently from the other ones, so when you’re looking to climb to a maximum height that is 20ft, then you’ll purchase four Grip Sticks or less in case you don’t require more in height.

The steps are constructed as double steps each step measuring 11 inches wide. They feature a Tractionite permanent non-slip surface to ensure that your foot is safe.

Each piece on Grip Stick is fixed to the tree using the help of a quiet RamHorn attachment system that allows the straps to be secured easily, quickly, effectively, and quietly. It is suitable for use on trees with a diameter between 8 to 20 inches. It has a maximum capacity of 300 pounds.

Guide Gear 20′ Climbing Sticks

Guide Gear climbing sticks are available in two sizes. Guide Gear climbing sticks are offered in packs of either 20 or 25 feet long. In this instance, we’re considering the 20-foot length version that is made up of five four-foot sections.

They are made with steel and, in comparison with other items, they are heavy. They are extremely sturdy and durable, and, when put on the tree, they can provide a sturdy climbing frame.

They are made to be fixed to the bottom by putting the bottom one in the soil. The remaining sticks are placed on top of each other and are anchored to the tree with the nylon belt that comes with it.

These climbing sticks are far less expensive than any other brand. Many of the customers have stated that they feel they got a great product for the money.

The people who scored lower are complaining about the fact that the quality of the material does not meet the standard expected.

It was made to be able to hold up to 300 pounds.

X-Stand The 25′ Stick

It is a climbing stick made of steel. It is available in five sections. Each section gives you an elevation of 20 feet. The additional 5 feet for the top handle that’s been designed to let you stay in place as you descend to your stand.

They are broad, at 15 inches in length. They are angled to are away from the tree to give you more space for your feet.

They also have serrated edges to prevent an accumulation of debris and mud and also give you a better grip when climbing.

The spacing between steps is 14 inches between each step. It’s situated far enough from the tree that it will let your boots have access to plenty of room.

The maximum capacity for the weight of the entire box is 300 pounds.

Muddy the Climbing Ascender Sticks

The Ascender is a climbing system that is made up of five sections that allow you to climb up to 20 feet in height by leaving an 18-inch space between every section. It is constructed of steel tubing and attached to the trunk of the tree using the cam-buckle strap that comes with it.

As compared to other climbing tools available it is among the heavier options, as each piece weighs 6.6 pounds. This gives you a total weight of 33 pounds for the entire bag and can be quite substantial if you are carrying it along with the hang-on stand, on a slope or rough terrain.

The weight that is heavier means, however, that it’s an extremely sturdy stand. It features angled steps to provide a greater grip for the feet. They are 11 inches wide and extend the trees by eight inches, providing the user with a comfortable climbing experience that’s easy to install and utilize.

The Ascender can have the capacity to support a maximum weight of 300 pounds. It can be used to attach to trees that have trunks of at minimum 9 inches in diameter.

What We Are Saying…

An assortment of climb poles is an environmentally friendly choice for climbing up the tree stands

Uses for Climbing Sticks

Low Environmental Impact

One of the great benefits of climbing sticks is the fact that they minimally impact the surroundings. For certain people, this is an important aspect and is a great reason to choose them over other systems for climbing. Being secured to the trees by straps guarantees that the trees will not be damaged and can easily be taken off after use without leaving any evidence that they were there.

Simple to carry

In truth, the alternative to this kind of climbing equipment is a ladder, and we’ll admit it you’re not carrying the ladder through thick undergrowth, or up and down hills until you reach your treestand.

The technology that makes climbing sticks is continually improving and, as a result, they’re becoming lighter and come with innovative storage options built-in.

It is also simpler to move the equipment into place in your hunting gear. The ability to design an easy-to-climb system is an enormous advantage to your arsenal of hunting gear.

In essence, the most efficient way to transport climbers is to keep them placed in a tidy pile and then attach them to the pack in the back so that they are far enough away.


Climbing sticks are a reliable option that offers hunters an easy-to-install method that uses equipment with very few or no moving components. It means that there is less risk that it will fail.

As technology has advanced, we have witnessed more creative ways to make sure that the base is strong and safe. We’ve also seen some significant improvements in the way that sticks are attached to trees.

Simple Installation

Since there are virtually no moving parts in many climbing poles, the procedure of putting them up usually is a matter of correctly attaching the nylon straps and then pulling them tight over the trees.

You can practice using these sticks at a low altitude to ensure that you’ve set them correctly. This will help you feel confident to set them up higher up in the tree.

There are many different climbers for identical tree stands. They can be heavy or light and short or long inexpensive or costly. There are numerous factors to think about before purchasing one.

What are the things to consider when purchasing a Tree Stand for Climbing sticks?

Some basic aspects can affect the type of climbing stick you purchase. Although they all do the same thing (i.e. climb an overhanging tree to your treestand) they all possess their distinct characteristics.


The most important aspect of your climbing stick selection is the level of safety they offer. If you’re climbing from the ground, there is always the possibility of falling which could result in a catastrophic accident. Safety precautions, both small and large, should play an into your decision.

Find climbing sticks that it is further from the tree’s base as opposed to in the middle. The experience of climbing from an angle is more comfortable than hanging on to the vertical rungs. For example, the Hurricane Safety Systems Gravity Forward Climbing sticks are a great illustration of this.

Take into consideration the distance between steps with care. You’ll feel more relaxed when the steps are close. The farther apart they are, the more difficult it will be able to climb.

Have a look at the weight rating of your sticks. It is important to consider your weight and that of any equipment you’ll carry.


Weight is always an important aspect for hunters who are already loaded with lots of equipment. Chuck an assortment of climbing sticks in your gear and it will increase significantly. A decent set of climbing sticks could weigh about 10 pounds, which is quite impressive, and if they can be packed up in a way that they are compatible with the tree stand you have, you won’t even notice they’re in the room.

Climbing height capability

Most hunters want to be at least 20 feet in their tree stands, therefore the climbing sticks you purchase will be able to achieve that. Based on the distance the sections are the majority of 3-piece sets that can give you 20 feet of height.


However light the sticks are or regardless of how high they’ll bring you, you’ll need to feel secure as you climb. This boils down to how solid the sticks are, as well as how secure they are on the trees.


The ease of carrying climbing tools into the right place is more than just the weight they can be. They must be packed in a compact enough container to be able to be placed on your bag without worrying about them either) hinder your progress as you walk or in the event of a) suddenly falling off because they’re not properly connected. If this is the most important feature you’re looking for, you should look for climbers that are packable like these Xtreme Outdoor products Climbing Sticks.


This will always be an element in any purchase, and when it comes to climbing sticks, you need to think about the choice of purchasing a cheap model that isn’t quite as robust or a solid one that is priced just a bit more.

When we use climbing equipment, we’re working with safety equipment for me, as concerned, I’d like to pay a little more if it could provide me with an easier and more secure method of climbing trees.

More likely is that the most expensive climbing sticks will offer longer-lasting use and over time it could provide you with the most value for your money.

Which one to buy? It could be a question of light vs heavy

For some, the choice of what climbing aids to purchase will depend on the weight they’re willing to carry. It is easy to discover that the lightest options offered include the Lone Wolf and the Muddy Aerolite Climbing Sticks. It’s no surprise that they are high on the list as the highest rating alternatives.

The Light Sticks Case

It’s an easy case and one that hunters use every time they use their bow, to their optics, their daypacks as well as the clothing they wear. Each ounce saved means an energy saving for the hunter, and this will affect the shooting ability of hunters.

If hunters can count on a small collection of the climbing stick, they can expect to hunt longer and shoot with greater accuracy.

However, some hunters think that the long waiting at their stand might help offset the cost associated with carrying heavy equipment, and this is why we…

The Argument for Heavy Sticks

There is an appropriate place for the more heavy sticks, too. Certain people like the benefits like a feeling of safety while climbing, and a sense of comfort in the weight of carrying these sticks.

When you look at the functions that come with the Gravity Forward Climbing Systems, you will see that there are plenty of reasons to buy it to have the comfort of climbing.

The heavy-duty climbing sticks provide you with a strong base to work from as they are strong and, as a result, long-lasting and also provide you an increased sense of stability. This is crucial to ensure your safety when you utilize these sticks.

Using Your Climbing Sticks Safely

In the majority of cases, the process of installing as well as using climbers as well as other kinds of climbing systems is relatively simple. However, it requires climbing up and lifting oneself off the ground, and it raises security concerns.

It is essential to read the safety instructions and safety warnings included with your climbing sticks.

When you are affixing climbers to trees, you must ensure that the straps are securely secured and there isn’t excessive movement or risk of sliding. The movement can cause instability to the climbing system and could result in the straps wearing in a way that isn’t needed.

We also have an in-depth guide on how to use the tree standing sticks for climbing.

Are lightweight climbing sticks Secure?

The general trend with a lot of hunting equipment tends to be as light as they can in the understanding that there is a lot of walking over rough terrain that needs to be completed. The hunter will not only be required to transport the tree stand in place and then the climbing sticks will also need to be carried in as well.

If the safety of tree stands is an important consideration, it is important to pay attention to make sure your equipment is used is as secure as is possible. There will certainly be questions about the tiniest climbing sticks you can find and whether they’re capable of supporting your body weight safely.

With the advancement of lightweight materials and their application in the design of equipment for climbing, there need to not be any concerns about the weight of these materials based on their weight.

To illustrate for an example, Muddy Aerolite Climbing Stick is a good example. Muddy Aerolite Climbing Stick is among the lightest that is available. It is made of aluminum with the strap for attachment secured by an extremely strong buckle.

If the sticks are installed properly by the instructions for mounting and you are wearing your TMA-approved safety harness, there should be no hesitation in using them, regardless of how heavy or light they may be.


The quickest and most simple method to climb a tree to hang it and then get into your permanent or hang-on tree stand is to use climbing sticks. They’re safe to use once they are properly installed, and they are easy to move to where you want them.

Many users have appreciated the convenience and reliability offered by all of the models that have been reviewed and have observed that they will continue work year after year.

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