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best hog hunting in georgia

There are several excellent areas for hog hunting in Georgia. Here are a few suggestions: Flint River, Big Hammock, and the Chickasawhatchee. All are relatively close to Atlanta, and provide ample opportunities to harvest a trophy hog. If you’re interested in a specific area, though, be sure to check out other places for hunting in Georgia. These locations are well-known for having a diverse wildlife population and provide excellent opportunities for hog hunting.

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The best pig hunting in Georgia can be found in the state’s northeast corner, at the Chickasawhatchee National Wildlife Refuge. There are several places for hog hunting in the area, including the Gum Log Plantation, which is loaded with deer, turkey, and hogs. The property has been trophy managed for 10 years, and the lodge was built in 2001 for family use and to entertain clients of Cary’s concrete business. But, it has only recently been open to guided hunts. These hunters built this place with hunters in mind, and the result is true Georgia hog hunting.

In addition to state lands, hunters can hunt feral pigs on private property in Georgia. Public land owners do not require hunting licenses, and there are no limits on the number of pigs that can be shot on their property. In addition, the hunters must get written permission from the landowner before hunting. This way, the hunter is guaranteed of getting a good kill.

Flint River

The Flint River Wildlife Management Area is 2,300 acres of prime deer habitat. Hunters can enjoy two archery hunts for public access, a youth and handicapped open hunt, and firearms hunting on the GDNR’s quota system. This is one of the most popular hunts in the state, and there are plenty of opportunities to get your hands on a hog. Here are some tips for spotting a hog and making the most of your time on the Flint River.

Those who prefer to hunt in a remote setting can enjoy the scenic drive from Mitchell County Landing to the Rocky Bend Flint River Retreat. The journey through limestone bluffs provides a lesson in limestone. The limestone formations, found in this area, present themselves as lush, fern-draped bluffs. The trail follows the riverside roots of sycamore trees.

Big Hammock

Located on the northeast bank of the Altamaha River in Tattnall County, Georgia, the Big Hammock Wildlife Management Area encompasses 6,177 acres of bottomland hardwood forests with many sloughs and oxbow lakes. This wildlife management area supports the conservation of wildlife in Georgia, and allows hunters to enjoy the beauty of the land while enjoying their favorite sport. To hunt on these lands, visitors must purchase a Georgia Outdoor Recreational Pass, which can cost anywhere from $3.50 for a three-day pass to $20 for a year’s pass.

In Georgia, a special opportunity turkey season is now available at several public hunting areas. This special season is for individuals 16 years old and younger, or those with physical disabilities. In addition to big hog hunting, Georgia’s other quota dog-feral-hog hunts are open to anyone who wants to take advantage of this new opportunity. The new seasons at Beaverdam Wildlife Management Area, Big Hammock Wildlife Management Area, Cohutta Wildlife Management Area, Cooper’s Creek Wildlife Management and Warwoman Wildlife Monitoring Areas offer a variety of different hunts, including dog-feral hog hunting.

Okefenokee Refuge

The Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge is a 402,000-acre national wildlife refuge that is located in Charlton, Clinch, and Ware counties in Georgia. It also spans the Florida panhandle and is administered from Folkston, Georgia. To go hog hunting in Georgia, check out these tips. Whether you’re a first-time hunter or an experienced hunter, you’re sure to find a hog at Okefenokee.

White-tailed deer are also abundant in the Okefenokee. The animals are found throughout the refuge and are known to forage on berry-producing plants. The best time to hunt them is early or late in the day. While you can’t kill them by chance, the wildlife will come close if you visit early or late in the day. You’ll need a hunting license to hunt in the park.


If you are looking for an incredible hog hunt, then Cohutta Wildlife Management Area is the place for you. This park is home to 96,503 acres of land that offers a variety of different types of hog hunting opportunities. Its terrain is ideal for hunting, and you can use a variety of weapons to take down your prize. Using a muzzleloader or an archery set-up will help you get the job done. Another great place to hunt hogs is Pine Log Wildlife Management Area just outside of Cartersville.

You don’t need a license to hunt hogs in Georgia. This state is home to feral hogs, which are abundant in southern Georgia’s river bottoms. If you have the confidence to take a shot at one of these hogs, you should try going behind their ear. The meat is far more flavorful than ordinary pig meat and tastes similar to domestic meat. Properly cooked, wild hog meat is perfectly safe to eat.

Pine Log

If you’re looking for the best hog hunting in Georgia, consider visiting one of the state’s many public lands. This state has relatively few hunting restrictions, and the hog population is plentiful. If you’ve never been hog hunting before, Georgia is the perfect place to start. Listed below are a few areas where you can go hog hunting in Georgia. You can also try night hunting. There are many hog hunting options in the state, including the Cohutta WMA and the Big Hammock WMA.

Boar hunting is not for the faint of heart. In Middle Georgia, this activity is regarded as an extreme sport. These animals possess razor-sharp tusks, and are highly elusive. Because they are so elusive, a hunter must use extreme caution when approaching the hogs. Even the dogs used in hunting will likely be attacked by a wild hog. If you do get a shot, you could be in for a rough ride.