Best Hunting Rifle

How to Purchase the Best Hunting Rifle

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The hunting rifles usually come in a range of varieties, shapes, sizes, materials and prices. When you are looking into the purchasing of a hunting rifle, there are a number of factors which need to be considered. Price should not be the key factor in consideration but rather the compatibility to have with the rifle. The factors to be considered include:

Level of experience

It is necessary to determine your level of experience with guns before you can actually determine the best hunting rifle for you. Basically, some rifles require a bit of experience in shooting as well as maintenance. For beginners, an easy rifle to use will be fun to shoot. Therefore, a light caliber is generally recommended. For instance, a .22 caliber is probably the best choice for easy shooting and learning the basics of firearms. In fact, the best way to be an expert on rifles is to shoot a lot. In case you intend to buy a rifle in a larger caliber later on, consider the type of operation.

Best Hunting Rifle

Best Hunting Rifle

Rifle Cartridge

You need to choose a suitable hunting rifle cartridge. The rifle cartridge is central to any hunting rifle. Keep in mind that every gun is uniquely designed to shoot only certain cartridges. Therefore, you need to determine whether you are going to be hunting very large game because you may need a rifle which you won’t easily find in a basic or usual hunting collection.

Beginners need a basic hunting setup and should consider a gun that is designed to shoot a .30-06 Springfield, .270 Winchester or .308 Winchester. It is generally recommended to choose a cartridge with enough power to take down your game just with a single shot.

Weight of the rifle

It is generally recommended to get a rifle that you can hold for a long period of time and avoid one that you cannot easily stabilize to take the shot when desired. It will be of benefit to you knowing the limits of your strength and ensure that you find a model which is suitable for you. In general, there are a number of different models to accommodate your caliber needs.

You can hold the rifle straight out in front of you for 2-5 minutes. If it quickly gets your arm weary, then the rifle is probably not suitable for you. On the other hand, if you can steadily hold the gun and find it comfortable then check the quality and purchase it.

Outdoor storage

Rifles are usually stored in a dry place where there is little to no moisture or dirt that can come in contact with them. Therefore, if the rifle that you plan to buy requires special maintenance or else it jams or parts break, it is not a very effective one to beat the wilderness conditions. It is advisable to pick a rifle which can be kept in normal conditions and that requires minimal maintenance.

You also need to keep in mind that with any rifle you buy there will be pros and cons. As a matter of fact, you may have to sacrifice the weight of the gun for the proper caliber to get the job effectively done. A clip may be sacrificed to lose bullets on a rifle that has a higher precision rating. You can also decide and buy a blot action rifle and a spare bolt mechanism over a self-loading rifle.

Price and your Budget

Rifles typically come in larger calibers, usually more or less .30 (7.62 mm). Most hunting rifle manufacturers often offer rifles in this range. The used rifles are easy to come by for your budget. In case you decide to buy a used rifle, ensure that the paper-work is set in order and take the rifle to a gunsmith to confirm whether it is in good condition before using it. You also need to think ahead and budget properly for your optics so that you don’t get stuck with a rifle you cannot use.


Finding the ultimate hunting rifle is basically a matter of personal preferences. Buy a rifle which you like and one that is legal for your hunting locality, one you’re certain will get the job perfectly done every time you hunt.


Hunting With Airgun

Whenever the topic of hunting with Airguns comes up, many people look astounded as if that is an unrealistic thing to consider. Given the ease of access to guns in the country, many people wonder why someone may consider hunting with an air gun. However, what many people fail to realize is that not only is hunting for small game exciting but it is also safer than using normal guns. Pellet guns, air rifles, and other air guns are in many times overlooked as viable tools to pursue sport hunting. For many years, air guns have been successfully used to control pests. Thus, if someone has the same skills, then it is possible to use air guns for small game hunting.

I personally, love squirrel hunting, and I have come to realize that air guns can be perfect substitutes for firearms. With improvements in technology, the air guns have become very powerful and thus they are capable of delivering pellets with enough velocity and power to kill small game. In fact, with a powerful air gun, accuracy, and proximity, an air gun will also comfortably take down big game such as the white-tailed deer.

However, before you decide whether you are using the air gun to take down small or big game it is important to know that the effectiveness of this kind of hunting depends on the accuracy (of shooter and gun) and the guns power.

The reliability with which one-inch targets can be delivered determines the accuracy. Thus, depending on the kind of gun, its precision, and the shooters abilities, it can be very easy to hunt with air guns as long as the gun can deliver a target-pellet to take down game. On the other hand, the power of the gun also determines how efficient and effective a hunter will be while using the air gun. The muzzle power of the gun, determines the speed and force with which the pellets hit the target. This, force determines whether the game will be taken down immediately, after a short run, or will ultimately be lost.

In order to be effective it is important to know the types of air gun calibers being used. Commonly, there are the .177, .20, .22, and .25. All of these calibers are equally effective in hunting game, but the power and accuracy factors must be met before any of them can yield positive results. Many game hunters use the .177 and the .22 for birds and small game respectively. However, I kind of find it comfortable using either caliber for my hunting expeditions.

What I take to be of importance is the kind of air gun that will be used. In addition, whether the gun will have an extra scope can also greatly increase the accuracy of making a kill. A gun with a scope is preferable to me because not only does it help me to increase accuracy, but it also helps me in identifying game that is camouflaging in the distance.

Air gun hunting can be a very exciting recreation activity, but it is also important that the hunter perfect the skill, because otherwise he or she will only succeed in injuring the birds or squirrels, that is if the hunter makes any contact at all.

Small Game Hunting Air Rifles

Everyone can notice that air rifles are miles away from the old BB guns that we played with as kids. There are still those designed for children out there, but air rifles are starting to take over the game hunting industry. Air guns have been developed in larger calibers (.50 and above) and are now even used for elk-sized animals. However, most air gun hunters today pick them for small game.

Types of Rifles

Depending on the way they launch a projectile, air guns can be divided into 3 categories: CO2, Pneumatic and Spring Piston.

CO2 canisters powered air rifles often come with the small 12-gram cartridge . The best advantage of CO2 guns is that they are user friendlyto use and do not require pumping. They come in all shapes and sizes with few limitations. However, CO2 powered guns have power disadvantages and are limited in that field. The CO2 in canisters reacts with outer temperature and there occur fluctuations in pressure that decrease the psi that the canister produces. The results are less potent shots that are not equally accurate as well. The cost of CO2 canisters makes these air rifles costly to shoot . So, when hunting small game, you can take several shots without having to pump the pressure for every single shot, but hunting in warm and cold weather will tamper with your shooting ability.

Pneumatic Air Rifles

Here, it is the compressed air that drives the bullet, also known as pellet, forward. The 2 types of pneumatics are pump-up and pre-charged. The pump-up varieties are most common choices for shooters in America. Air is compressed with a pumping lever which is normally can find on the forearm gun section. The power of a pump-up gun is described as moderate. They do not require any type of CO2 cartridge, but it takes time and effort to reload the gun for every single shot. The charging requires movement and produces noise that might scare off potential game.

Pre-charged pneumatic rifles are generally based on pump-up pneumatics. However, they save you the hassle of having to pump them up after each shot. They do so by having a pre-charged, highly pressurized air reservoir (up to 3,000 psi). This allows lot of shots before having the need to recharge your rifle again. Recharging is simply done using a high-pressure hand pump. This has its advantages – they are considered the most powerful rifle guns and are known for being very accurate and assembled out of high-quality parts. The downside is the price of the rifle and the pump that you probably have to invest in initially.

Spring piston air rifles are the most common air rifles.There are two kind of rifles, stout spring and air piston. The spring is retracted for each shot and once it is shot, the spring pushes the piston forward, driving a compressed air into the barrel. These rifles are consistent and accurate.


Traditionally, air rifles fired steel amunition. Pellets are safer because they do not tend to ricochet as much as steel BBs, and they are more accurate and carry more power, which is a great advantage when hunting. Technological advancements have given us several types like wad cutters andround and point nose pellets. A hollow point with polymer tip is the best hunting choice and there are always new ones being developed. For small and raccoon-sized game, consider .20, .22 and .25 calibers as a choice. Range of most air rifles is up to 30 yards.

Hunting with an air gun is usually cheaper, noise free, and can be practiced even in your own backyard. By understanding how the models operate, and by knowing you purposes, you will definitely find a model that will satisfy your hunting needs while staying within the budget limit.

How to Choose a Gun for Hunting

Guns come in different range of varieties,sizes,shapes,materials and prices. The best way to choose a hunting gun is through a process known as the backward induction which is a kind of a game theory reasoning.

The first step to choosing a hunting gun is to look at the ideal and result,then work your way backward until you reach what will be your first decision. you should then have an idea of the type and kind of hunting you would like to do before arriving to your final decision of choosing whats really best for the work. The type of bullet to be used will be depend on the type of hunting you would love to do and that decision will narrow down to what cartridges you should use too. In turn,the cartridge will limit the type of gun you opt to choose.

If you are an amateur to shooting,a light caliber would be good for you. 22 caliber is easy to come with,actually way cheaper and the best for informal shooting and learning the basics of firearms. The 22 caliber is also user friendly and easy to field trip with out and about. If you planning to buy a gun in a larger caliber the type of operation can be quite important. If you plan to use a bolt action hunting gun,choose a bolt and so on.

You also have to decide the price range of the gun you want to buy. Most hunting guns are usually around.30 (7.62mm). Second hand hunting guns are also easy to come by but be careful of the machine bought. Make sure the paper work of the hunting gun comes in handy before making any purchase and payments of the gun. Make sure the gun is also in good condition,you could take it to a gunsmith for check up and road test. An example of a good hunting gun for the budget buyers is the Mosin Nagard. The Mosin Nagard is a Russian service rifle. It also fires 7.62x54R cartridge. You can acquire this for only $100. This can also be purchased online through the internet. It’s very affordable and easy to work with too.

The distance at which you will be hunting determines the rifle you will need. If you closer than 91.4km you will need a 22 long range caliber. For greater distance you will consider getting a 22 Magnum cartridge. And if you are targeting smaller game you will need 17 or 22 caliber bullets which are a good choice. For larger games bigger bullets and cartridges which are more powerful of 24 to 45 calibers.

Whatever gun you choose,know the safety measures and relevant features of the gun. Be willing to shop around and you might the best of deals of guns sold. Good practice should also be considered every now and then. Be aware of recoils too. Lighter guns may be easy to lug around but have less recoils. Be sure to try your gun first before buying it too. And read the literature in your rifle before firing it.


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