Thu. Sep 21st, 2023

When it comes to hunting watches, there are plenty of options. Some are GPS enabled; others boast simplistic designs that are durable in the outdoors.

As a hunter, your watch must keep track of both your location and progress on the trail. Additionally, having an accurate compass for navigation on foot and a barometric altimeter for weather changes are both valuable tools.


GPS watches are ideal for outdoor enthusiasts who like to track their progress. Not only do they track your location, but they can also tell you how long it took you to complete a hike. Plus, GPS watches track fitness metrics like distance covered and calories burned so that you can improve your training regimen.

ABC watches do not use GPS to determine your position; rather, they rely on barometric pressure and other compass readings. While they may be less accurate than GPS, ABC watches remain reliable and offer plenty of functionality.

Aside from being an invaluable aid for hunters, a watch with weather alerts can also be extremely beneficial to anyone living in an area prone to bad weather. Many of these watches display alerts based on data gathered by their digital altimeter.

When selecting a watch, it is essential to find one that can withstand the elements and won’t get damaged in wooded areas or on water. Look for watches made with high-quality materials with an unbreakable exterior.

When purchasing a watch, one factor to consider is its battery life. Some have an impressive 18-month or longer lifespan while others only last about 18 hours. To ensure optimal performance while traveling, be sure to bring along your charger or opt for solar-powered watches that provide energy on demand.

Another essential feature to look for in a hunting watch is sunrise/sunset times. Since many states prohibit hunting before or after sunset, knowing when the sun will rise and set can help you plan your hunt accordingly.

Casio Pro Trek Biomass

The Casio Pro Trek Biomass is an eco-friendly hunting watch that boasts many of the same features as its older siblings but with an eco-friendly twist. The case, band, and rotating bezel are made from biomass plastics – a material produced with renewable resources to reduce carbon emissions and help combat global warming.

Bio-plastics, made from castor seeds and corn, have proven to be an incredibly strong and durable material – they can even withstand impact damage.

Casio has never before used this kind of plastic in an outdoor timepiece, and the company is excited about this innovative addition to its product lineup. Not only is this sustainable material expected to be more durable than other forms of plastics, but it can help promote the shift towards a circular economy.

The Pro Trek Biomass boasts several useful features, such as its digital compass and altimeter, barometer, and thermometer. The barometer will alert you when temperatures are dropping or rising by displaying the current air pressure on the screen.

You can check your direction with the compass by pressing its dedicated button on your watch. It’s simple to use and saves you from having to turn around to figure out where you are.

The Pro Trek Biomass is solar-powered and available in an array of colors like green, black, or titanium. It’s also a tough and durable piece of gear that will take some abuse if you’re searching for an adventure-ready watch. So if you’re searching for the perfect adventure watch then this model is an excellent option!

Casio PAG240T

Casio PAG240T is the perfect watch for active outdoor adventurers. It boasts plenty of features and provides solar power, making it a great option even if you’re on a tight budget.

This affordable solar-powered watch offers accurate data. It includes a countdown timer, alarms, altimeter, barometer, compass, and thermometer as well as a full calendar, backlight, and trend graphs. Perfect for any outdoor activity – including hunting and fishing!

This watch boasts an attractive design and is easy to read. It has a full digital display with what Casio refers to as duplex LCD technology, which doesn’t reduce contrast significantly even in dark conditions or at night. This second layer is especially helpful when reading the watch at night or during low-lighting conditions.

One thing that may surprise you about this watch is its titanium case material. Titanium is an incredibly tough metal, capable of withstanding a lot of abuse but easily scratched on the dial.

Titanium is more prone to picking up marks than steel, so it will show wear faster. To keep your watch looking its best for as long as possible, invest in a polishing cloth.

This watch is an excellent buy for hunters despite its price tag. It boasts many useful features and comes in various colors and styles. Water-resistant, with an altimeter and barometer, this watch can be used for a variety of activities while remaining comfortable to wear. The only drawback is its limited battery life so be mindful not to leave it unused too long.

Coros Vertex 2

Coros Vertex 2 is an advanced GPS watch packed with features and boasting an impressive battery life. Specifically designed for outdoor activities, it includes features like a heart rate sensor, temperature monitoring, and storm alert notification.

Hunters and adventurers who want to keep track of their daily exploits will find this device to be a great option. It’s tough, features a large screen, and is very affordable at the same time.

The primary advantage of the Garmin Fenix 5X is its impressive 140-hour GPS battery life, which more than doubles that of its competitor. Furthermore, it pings multiple satellites simultaneously so you can stay on track even in low light conditions without draining your device’s battery life.

Another key feature is a comprehensive selection of sports modes, such as swim, running, and cycling. You can customize these by accessing the app’s settings and altering data fields and pages accordingly.

But you must enable dual-GNSS satellite support, which may reduce your battery life from 140 hours down to 50 hours. Don’t fret though; that’s still better than many GPS watches.

This optical heart rate sensor gives a reading of your heart rate, blood oxygen level, and ECG data; however, unfortunately, you won’t be able to save that information.

Unfortunately, you won’t find Ant+ sensor support or widget glances (like on Garmin fenix 7X) in this model. Furthermore, you must use an external application to create routes and view them live.

Casio Pathfinder PAG240-1

Casio Pathfinder PAG240-1 is an ideal watch for hunters. This rugged watch boasts advanced features that will make your hunting trips even more enjoyable.

It features a triple sensor that provides information about altitude, barometric pressure, temperature, and direction readings. These are important things to keep in mind while hunting so that you don’t get lost and can understand the weather forecast before setting out on your trip.

This watch offers many useful features such as sunrise/sunset data, a countdown timer, and world time. Plus it can be used as a GPS unit to help navigate you around the woods.

Another outstanding feature is its solar power capability. This means you won’t have to worry about replacing batteries ever again!

It’s also waterproof, so you can take it outside or into the water without worry. Featuring a black resin band and a neutral digital face, this watch offers plenty of versatility.

This case is made with quality resin to protect it from shocks and scratches. It also features a plastic strap secured with a pin-securing mechanism.

This watch boasts a large display, yet it is easy to read and comprehend at a glance. Its timekeeping screen is designed with smaller sections for easier scanning, providing all pertinent information in concise chunks for effortless comprehension.

There’s also a bidirectional compass bezel to help you navigate in the dark. Additionally, this product boasts 100M water resistance, five alarms, and even a solar panel to recharge its battery.

Casio Pathfinder PAG240-1 features a sleek design for hiking, climbing, and hunting. It’s rugged enough to withstand most conditions while providing useful data during your hunting expeditions.