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Are you trying to make your life easier to the maximum extent possible? A light climbing tree stand that is sturdy and safe is the best choice and we’ve put together this list of the best. You can discover the tiniest climbing tree stands and look them up in order of weight starting with the least (X-Stand) up to the largest (Ol’ Man – which is still quite light! )

You can check them all in the comparison guide. Then for additional information, you can read the descriptions of each product below the pages.

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For many people, the hassle of transporting a large amount of gear between and to their campsite could be a significant hassle.

 Every ounce of additional weight is significant and drains the energy of considering the thought of carrying it in the field.

 Every hunting tool has become in weight over time as technology and competition have made it necessary for manufacturers to enhance their products.

However, aside from weight which is, of course, crucial, we must also try to figure out the most effective climber for bow hunting. This will include dimensions, moving parts, and security features.

How Much Light Can They Gain?

The lightest climbing treestand that we have encountered is the X-Stand’s X-1 which weighs just 11 pounds. There is a collection of withstands that weigh about 15 pounds that appear to offer a wide range of features for the ease of carrying a tree stand. The most well-known brands like Lone WolfSummit, and Muddy are all included in the following.

It has become an important aspect when choosing a climbing treestand, too. Climbing treestands tend to weigh more than hang-ones that are slim usually with bigger platforms and seats and climbing equipment, however, they’re no longer heavy and bulky as they were in the past. Some models are just as light or even heavier than hang-on treestands.

Light Might Not Qualify It’s Comfortable

Be aware that just because the treestand isn’t meant to be light, it doesn’t mean it is the easiest to transport, neither does it mean it’s more comfortable, or robust. The list of treestands we have provided below was compiled solely on the figures. Because we’re dealing with weights, we’ve also included the maximum capacity weight for each treestand.

For some, the ideal climbing treestand is going to be the tiniest and lightest treestand. However, other elements are equally important, like security, comfort, and the size of the seat platform. The best approach to your decision-making procedure is to look at the stand’s characteristics as you can and decide accordingly.

There is a huge question of whether to go with the hang-on or climb tree stand. This is a valid question.

The way the table is made is to choose the most lightweight treestands made by all the major treestand manufacturers and place them in a row. Then you can choose your preferred option depending on the other attributes that the treestand has.

The Lightest Treestands for Climbing:

Descriptions of Climbing Tree Stands Lightweight and Lightweight

The table below offers a quick outline of the options available in the lightest climber treestands available. Below, we’ve put together brief reviews of all the treestands. These reviews will give you an overview of the specifications and features of the products offered.

The X-1 Treestand The X-1 Treestand


  • Weight: 9.6lbs
  • Platform21″ W x 31″ D
  • Seat Dimension:19″ W x 10″ D
  • Seat Height19″
  • Maximum Weight:300lbs

This tree stand is known as the world’s tiniest and lightest treestand and indeed, it tops the list for weight. It is constructed of 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum. It is designed to offer the stability needed for a sturdy platform. It is also extremely simple to move into the desired position.

Security is an essential factor and the stand features unique fleX arms to ensure that the cable is securely cinched with the trunk. The design of the arms means they don’t just hold the rear of the tree, but as well to the sides for additional stability while using the stand. The stand also comes with a four-point fully-body harness.

Although it’s light, it is incredibly proportioned with the platform offering plenty of space to stand and shoot and the seat that is proving to be among the most spacious and comfortable ones available.

Moving the stand to its place is made much easier due to the compact design of the seat and the platform can fold to one another. When the two pieces are joined using the bungee cord supplied, the stand becomes a simple and comfortable backpack. The straps for the backpack ensure that they are snug and snug to fit.

X-Stand Sit’n’ Climb Treestand


  • Weight: 10.6lbs
  • Platform21″ W x 31″ D
  • Seat Dimension:19″ W x 10″ D
  • Seat Height19″
  • Maximum Weight:300lbs

Another tree stands that is lightweight from X-Stand the Sit and’ Climb is constructed from 6061-T6 aluminum, which gives the stand plenty of durability without adding excessive weight. The aspect of the stand that stands out the most is the seat bar which is the portion of the stand which allows the hunter to rest while climbing.

After the treestand has been put set, the sit bars can adjust to ensure that it could be used as a shooting rod or an armrest, or a footrest. You can also put the rail out of the way whenever you want to stand. The tree stand comes with a fast attach cable that is fixed in place using the spring-loaded and rubber-coated pin.

The platform is spacious in its size, measuring 21 inches by 31 inches. The seat is 19 inches in width and 10-inches deep. Its comfort is enhanced by the 3 inches thick cushion for the seat.

The safety that is the treestand can be guaranteed with the use of a full-body harness that is 4-points.

Timbrell Little Lite Climbing Treestand


  • Weight: 11lbs
  • Platform18″ W x 27″ D
  • The Seat Dimension: 20″ W 27″ D
  • Maximum Weight:275lbs

An important note to start with The TimberTall treestands were discontinued from the business. This model is featured in this article because they’re sold by retailers and on sites such as eBay.

This treestand was designed for the hunter trying to reduce weight wherever it is possible. The dimensions are compact as the base measures 18″ by 27″.

Weight savings are achieved through the aluminum tubing that is used for the framework of the stand. The stand uses less tubing to frame parts like the platform that has cross beams spaced two inches apart.

It utilizes a pin and fixing system that is secured with plastic cables to connect to the trunk. It is equipped with a self-leveling system that allows you to change your platform’s angle with the turn of a knob.

Lone Wolf Assault Hand Climber Combo


  • Weight: 14.7lbs
  • Platform19.5″ D x W” D
  • Seat Dimension:19″ W x 10″ D
  • Capacity for Weight:350lbs

This is the tiniest and the easiest to move from one location to another within the Lone Wolf range. It’s designed to be able to be tucked on trees that have diameters ranging between 6 and 19 inches. It is constructed from one piece of aluminum and has the same base used in the Assault Hang-On treestand.

Stand features include a padded, contoured seat, a six-point safety system for fall prevention, two safety belts for traction and a bow holder, a cam action secure system along backpack straps.

To ensure that the set-up is completely stable, the setup, to ensure that the set-up is stable, the Assault Hand Climber comes with stabilizer straps that can be tied down to secure the platform and seat to the trees.

MUDDY THE STALKER Climbing Treestand


  • Weight: 15lbs
  • Platform20″ L x 28″ D
  • Dimensions of Seat:21″ W
  • Maximum Weight:300lbs

It is a compact and lightweight treestand made of aluminum. It is designed to give a sturdy stand that is silent and simple to put up and place. It offers a variety of options for modifying the seating arrangement placed.

It is made of mesh which is 21 inches in width. The depth can be changed depending on the person who is sitting on it. The seat’s height can be altered so that you’re comfortable no matter your height. A further level of comfort when sitting is offered with the addition of padded armrests as well as the bar for the seat.

It is equipped with two hybrid climbing chains that can be fastened using spring bolt knobs as well as Cam buckle straps. The safety device that comes in this stand includes a complete safety harness for the body.

Summit Treestands OpenShot SD


  • Weight: 15lbs
  • Platform20″ W 28.75″ D
  • Dimensions of the Seat:18″ W x 12″ D
  • Max Weight Capacity300lbs

The structure of this treestand makes sure that the front of the tree is free of obstructions, giving hunters complete accessibility and visibility. The frame and the platform are made from aluminum, and they have had their surface coated in Dead Metal, Sound Deadening (SD) Technology to ensure it is silent when used.

The seat is cushioned by foam and large enough to allow you to be comfortable sitting for prolonged periods. It can fold up to allow the hunter to sit flush against the tree’s trunk, while the cushion can serve as an additional cushion when standing.

This cable-attachment system was designed to accelerate the process most efficiently. It utilizes a QuickDraw trigger locking system to secure everything securely. Its RapidClimb climber stirrups come common to the majority of Summit climbing stands and are used for OpenShot SD. OpenShot SD.

The other features comprise a four-point fall arrest harness system, a safety strap as well as camo backpack straps the utility strap, and a standing umbilical cord.

Stand X The Apache Treestand


  • Weight: 15.5lbs
  • Platform20″ Wx27″ D
  • Dimensions of Seat:21″ W x 16″ D
  • Max Weight Capacity300lbs

It is a similar lightweight tree stand made by X-Stand that was designed to enhance the comfort of seating as is possible. The seat is comprised of a cushioned cushion that is 2 inches thick. It is supported by nylon nets. It can be pushed back and away if you require feet platforms. It also comes with two inches of the thick backrest to further enhance your relaxation.

The stand is made of aluminum, which gives it a sturdy frame. The climbing cables are an angular design that is are encased in aluminum extrusions. They are also coated to provide additional protection.

Additional highlights of the stand are an accessory pouch for gear and backpack straps that make it easier to transport into the place. Included is a 4- points full-body safety harness.

The X-Stand X-Scape Treestand


  • Weight: 15.5lbs
  • Platform20″ D x W” D
  • The Seat Dimension:21″ W x 16″ D
  • Maximum Weight:300lbs

This is constructed of lightweight aluminum like all the tree stands that climb in the X-Stand collection is. The seat is constructed of a mesh sling which is intended to be pulled away in the instances when you’re required to stand.

The cables used to connect the stand to the tree are a 3- part design made up of extremely robust cables that go through aluminum extrusions. They have been coated with an extra layer of rubber for security.

The stand also comes with an armrest with padding and a seat bar which offers seating comfort and an increased sense of security and stability. It is easier to climb thanks to the addition of flexible rubber foot straps that are located at the top of the stand.

The stand comes with a four-point full-body safety harness that must be worn every time you climb on the top of the tree.

Summit Viper Elite SD Climbing Treestand


  • Weight: 17lbs
  • Platform19.5″ W 28.75″ D
  • The Seat Dimension:18″ W x 12″ D
  • Maximum Weight:250lbs

Viper Elite Viper Elite is an updated version of the original Viper and features a unique design and appearance, as well as being just 3lbs lighter.

This is a front-closed stand with a circular tubular design to give a sturdy appearance that helps you feel safer. The frame and the platform are constructed of round tube aluminum and have been covered in Dead Metal, Sound Deadening (SD) Technology, which helps keep the sound level low when it is in use.

This seat features a light mesh sling style which has been proven to be comfortable to sit in for long durations. The addition of the solid bar’s retention perimeter allows it to be climbed easier and also provides the security you need when moving from a sitting position to a standing position.

This cable-attachment system was designed to accelerate the process most efficiently. It utilizes the QuickDraw Trigger-Lock system to secure everything to the ground with ease. Its RapidClimb climber stirrups come included in the majority of Summit climbing stands and are available with OpenShot SD. OpenShot SD.

The other features comprise a four-point fall arrest harness system, a safety strap as well as camo backpack straps a utility strap, and a standing umbilical cord.

Treewalker ProMag Treestand SL Treestand


  • Weight: 17lbs
  • Platform20″ L x 35″ D
  • The Seat Dimension:22″ W x 25″ D
  • Maximum Weight:350lbs

It is the lightest treestand within the Treewalker range. Its SL is a reference to Super Light and at only 17 pounds, it is a good choice. It’s a bowhunting stand that is open making it much easier to make your shot.

If you take a look you can see it has been reduced as much as is possible, however, it is still a sturdy frame that is spacious. The platform is 35 inches wide, giving plenty of space to stand up and shoot.

It is made of mesh it is set inside an iron frame. The main benefit that hunters have noticed is that the stand holds the tree in place and gives an extremely sturdy perch.

The drawback of the stand has been discovered to be the sound that it generates when you set it up. The cables are enclosed in an extremely hard plastic which doesn’t offer the quietness you’d like however once set up, it’s an extremely effective climbing platform.

Summit Mini Viper SD Climbing Treestand


  • Weight: 18lbs
  • Platform20″ W 24.75″ D
  • Dimensions of the Seat:18″ W x 12″ D
  • Max Weight Capacity300lbs

Summit is taking all the characteristics of the well-known Viper treestand and streamlining it into a smaller version called the Mini Viper. It weighs just 18 pounds making it among the lightest stand of the Summit range. The company claims that this model is best suited for hunters who are smaller in size.

The technological options incorporate Dead Metal sound-deadening technology for the most important parts of the stand’s platform which may be susceptible to making unwelcome noise. This Quickdraw Cable Retention System is an easy-to-use cable attachment that is fastened quickly and quietly and secures in the position. The solidity of the stand is strengthened by SummitLokt Enhancement. This means premium extruded aluminum is used to secure the stand and is later welded to decrease stress on the key points.

As with all Summit Treestands, the use of RapidClimb Climbing Stirrups is made to ensure that it is safe and secure when you connect your boot to the platform and then climb.

Comfort features include a padded, adjustable seat that can be raised or reduced. The bar in the front can be useful for climbing, and also serves as a gun rest after you’re in position. Its design is that when it’s folded for transport, it will be able to comfortably rest against your body.

BuckShot CentralShot SwiftLoc Treestand


  • Weight: 19lbs
  • Platform19″ D x W” D
  • Seat Dimension:21.5″ W x 10″ D
  • Max Weight Capacity300lbs

This 21.5″ tall version that is wide is also the tiniest climbing treestand within the Buckshot range, which weighs only 19lbs. It can be utilized on trees that have a diameter that is between eight” up to 19″.

It is the SwiftLoc CenterShot is made of high-quality 6061 aluminum tubing and is based on the company’s exclusive SwiftLoc Cable Technology that enables one of the most efficient and secure connections of cable on tree stands. These cables measure 7×7 Gal. steel cables utilized in the aerospace industry.

The stand can’t be adjusted after it is attached to the tree. Therefore, it must be positioned at an angle that will compensate for the taper of the tree as it climbs.

It is important to keep in mind that the stand is not equipped with a complete security harness for the body provided with it. You shouldn’t ever make use of a treestand with no safety harness, which is why you need to purchase one on your own.

Ol Man Alumalite Treestand


  • Weight: 21lbs
  • Platform18″ Wide x 32″ D
  • The Seat Dimension:21″ W x 15″ D
  • Maximum Weight:300lbs

It is Alumlite CTS treestand is a modern model of climbing stand that incorporates features from older models and has also made a couple of improvements. The primary one is the use of oval tubing to give it more strength without making it heavier. The second is an enhancement to the cable system that makes installing the stand even more simple. The platform is stronger by using solid crossbars that can be positioned on, and the platform itself is bigger than before.

The stand is equipped with the patent-pending ComforTech seating system. It is which is a mesh sling system that offers the user comfort while reducing weight and bulk. It also features pivoting spreader arms as well as an entire cable system to ensure that the stand is secured.

Be careful in setting up the climbing stand, with certain people noting that the teeth aren’t sufficiently sharp to effectively bite into trees made of hardwood. The stand has been reported to have fallen due to the stand sliding this.

While we sift through the various treestand makers the listing will expand to incorporate lightweight climbers.

One thing is certain there are distinct distinctions in the designs of different brands.

In certain cases, the focus is clearly on the objective of reducing weight. In other instances, there is an explicit effort to make the seating as comfortable as it can be.

There are Alternatives

The variety of light climbing tree stands discussed previously are a great alternative to more permanent alternatives such as tower stands and ladders.

Both stands are suitable for hunters who have the experience of hunting in a field they return to each year or are hunting on private property.

Be sure to keep safety foremost in your thoughts when purchasing a tree stand. It is important to feel safe and comfortable as you climb and sit in it.

For some, the idea of climbing the tree’s light climb is an intimidating one. It is preferential to choose a more robust option.

There are a variety of much heavier and longer-lasting options readily available. Although they are more difficult to maneuver in position, they will give hunters more safety.

If you believe you need a larger and more robust treestand for climbing, it is the best choice.

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