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Make the most of every practice session with the most effective target possible for your high-speed crossbow. High visibility, high density, and superior durability are only a few of the characteristics you should look for.

The target you choose to use for the crossbow will need to be able to endure bolts with high speeds. It’s up to 450 fps or more which means that they’re required to possess the ability to stop.

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There’s a broad choice of crossbow targets made specifically for higher impact bows.

Some are specifically designed to be used only for field points Some are made for field points only, while others can be used in conjunction with a set of broadheads or points. Make note of which type to ensure that you purchase the correct one.

We will explore the array of target types, including bags targets, foam block targets, or 3D targets. Every person has their own preference with regards to the size and shape they would like to shoot at.

Below is a shortlist of targets that are best suitable for crossbows, along with some important details that can be used side-by-side once over.

The next page offers an in-depth review of each one of the targets as well as details on the best way to purchase one at a reasonable price.

Liste of targets that are Suitable for High-Speed Crossbows

  • Field Logic Hurricane H21
  • Morrell Double Duty
  • Block Infinity Crossbow
  • Real Wild 3D Big Buck Archery Target
  • Morrell Yellow Jacket YJ-450 Plus
  • Rinehart 18-1 Broadhead
  • SpyderWeb ST 18XL
  • GlenDel Crossbow Buck 3D
  • BIGShot Titan 16 Broadhead

Description of High-Speed Crossbow Targets for Crossbows

After having had the opportunity to look through some of the most appropriate crossbow targets, we’ll review an in-depth review of each.

Below is a brief review of each of the targets, including characteristics and reasons why you might be interested in using it.

It can also aid you to determine the best way to give you the best value in terms of efficiency.

Field Logic Hurricane H21 Crossbow Bag Target

The most prominent feature that has been mentioned by the company about its Hurricane Target is its high visibility shooting “eyes”.

The bright orange center ensures that they’ll show exceptionally well under any circumstances.

On the front of the bag are four small targets. On the backside is a silhouette of a deer with the vitals of the animal displayed.

They are offset with the goal’s front to distribute the effect of the arrows, as well as prolong the lifespan of the bags.

The design goal is to take the impact of crossbow bolts with high speeds that can reach 525 FPS. It is recommended to stick to field points when you are you are using this design.

You can choose to simply place the target on the ground, or use rings reinforced for securing it to an easier height.

Morrell Double-Demand Field 450 FPS Point Archery Target

This is a fantastic bag to target with high-powered crossbows and compound bows. It’s a premium crossbow with 450 FPS which will give you a long life span.

The design is specifically designed intended for field points and is lightweight enough to be positioned where you want it.

The inner substance is the nucleus’s central core that’s effective in stopping arrows and preventing passing-throughs.

It is very simple to separate the arrows of the object.

Four shooting angles that connect to the target. There is the midsection of a deer, with the highlights of the vitals and six bullseyes. There are also dartboards and nine pool balls that give you a variety of shooting possibilities.

The goal is completely weatherproof and can be stored outdoors for the duration of time.

With this E-Z Tote carrying handle and the fact that it’s very light, it will be a breeze to grab it and then place it in the shade when it is not being used.

This can help extend the lifespan and at a minimum help to prevent the color from discoloration.

Block Infinity Crossbow Target

Infinity is the Infinity design is based on the notions of durability and stopping power.

In reality, it is true that In reality, the Infinity Crossbow target’s internal layering system can stop bolts with speeds of up to 520 feet per second. High energy, very high power indeed.

It is made up of a dense layered-foam inner core that is encased by an outer wall of foam that is the key to delivering incredible stopping power.

The six sides of the target can be used with various kinds of targets, making its appearance flexible.

Each of the targets has an offset range of targets to extend the life of the target.

Two different versions are available for this Infinity Crossbow Target, either the 16 which measures 16″ by 16″, or the 20 which measures 20″ by 20″.

Another advantage of this goal is that it will be able to take field points and broadheads.

REAL Wild 3D Big Buck Target

There are a few aspects of this goal that will be put at the top of your list of targets.

It is first and foremost an authentic 3D model that has been that is sized to resemble the weight of a deer that weighs 200 pounds. Additionally, the interchangeable core section can stop arrows as high as 500 FPS.

If you’re training for hunting whitetails, a good quality 3D target will add more realism to the experience and this is of premium quality.

It can be used with field tips as well as broadheads. Its design eliminates the arrows to be removed when the time comes to remove them from the goal.

The replaceable middle section offers you the opportunity to replace your target at a cost-effective price if your target begins to lose its.

Morrell Yellow Jacket YJ-450 Plus Target

Another field point is the only target that has been approved for crossbows and compound bows.

It’s a hefty bag target that has 94 layers that are capable of stopping bolts and arrows at speeds of up to 500 FPS.

The durability and strength of the target area are due to the company’s internal Frame System technology that provides it with a strong support system.

It’s a freestanding target that rests solidly on the ground and stands up to the energy and shock of any arrows aimed at it, without tipping over.

Target designs are available on four sides. Each offers a different range of targets for shooting at.

It weighs 36 pounds which is sufficient to give you an impressive target, but light enough to carry and move if needed.

Rinehart 18-1 Broadhead Target

We will now look at another of the more striking attractive targets and also being extremely sought-after and well-known designs.

The target is great for crossbow shooting. It will fit those who prefer to practice using their broadheads to better recreate the hunting environment in real life.

It’s not offering a vast variety of targets to choose from However, it does have several targets.

It is constructed with “self-healing” foam which provides it with an extremely long lifespan. The additional sides mean it’ll require many arrows before it starts to decline.

No matter if you’re using expandable broadheads fixed heads, fixed heads, or Field points. The goal will be able to take the arrows and will allow their removal.

It’s light and can be moved easily from place to place with much effort.

SpyderWeb ST18XL Crossbow Target

A very powerful crossbow target The SpyderWeb ST will stop super-fast bows with incredible effectiveness.

The cover of the target clearly states “No Speed Limit” and it is the target you will receive with an average archer’s penetration that is 6-8 inches.

The facing of the target is made out of a novel weave Spylar material. As long as it’s left upright you can leave the target facing outside without worrying about weather-related harm.

The main selling point of SpyderWeb is the fact that it will surrender the arrows whenever you decide to pull them out. It is little or no effort needed, regardless of how hard they are hit.

It’s among the more expensive targets in the block style, however, its durability and performance indicate it’s well worth the cost.

GlenDel Crossbow Buck 3D Target

This is a huge 3D archery target, with large insert shooting surfaces to give hunters the most realistic hunting experience feasible.

The height of the object will be 56″ and the width at the shoulders is impressive at 34″. The insert is 11″ 11″ x 11″ 11″ x 11″.

There is a great density in its internal structures created by fusing the layers onto the wall of the target. This allows the target to have longevity and also provides impressive stopping power.

It’s its stopping force that makes it the perfect crossbow for high-speed.

The target can be utilized using bow field points or broadheads. If the insert is worn out, it can be replaced with the new one.

BIGShot Titan 16 Broadhead Target

A little more effort is involved in the design of the BIGShot Titan 16 target in regards to features such as the shape and shooting faces available.

The target is a unidirectional design so that when it is placed flat on the ground, the face is parallel to the direction of the shooter. This makes it more likely that the arrows will hit head-on.

It’s a block-style target that is densely packed which makes use of Elasto-Flex foam to provide it with the stopping power that is ideal for crossbows.

The compact size and lightweight weight (11.5 pounds) make it very portable, and its form-fitting shape will easily store.

There are five targets to shoot at, offering a broad area to allow for a longer life span for your target.

In addition, the fact that field points and broadheads can be utilized adds to their versatility as well as effectiveness.

Target Density in Crossbows When Thinking About Crossbows

High-powered crossbows are high-speed bolts striking targets with tremendous force.

The primary requirement for a crossbow is a high density.

The greater the FPS (feet per second) that is associated with a goal denser it is.

If you do not purchase a durable target for crossbow training could result in immediate destruction of your target, and the possibility that bolts will begin to go straight through.

It’s not just an extremely dangerous situation, but it also can turn out to be costly too.

Bolt Ease Retrieval

The target density can also have an effect on the ease of being able to remove the bolt away from the area.

A lot of arrows to shoot involves pulling a lot of arrows away from targets.

A target that grips tightly to the arrow could end your practice session.

Who wants to spend a lot of energy and spend a lot of time-fighting to pull archers from the object?

Certain target manufacturers claim that their targets facilitate easy removal of arrows but it’s not always sure that this is the situation.

For ease of use, it could be best to have an ounce of Scorpion Venom Arrow Release Fluid available to grease the arrow.

If you don’t, take into consideration the additional pulling power that a useful tool like this Double D’s Magnum Grip Arrow Puller can provide. It’s said to take out any bolt or arrow shot from any crossbow or compound bow and can be used in all weather conditions.

It will certainly speed up the task of removing bolts from a block of foam without the hassle of puffing and puffing.

Crossbow Target Maintenance

The more you work with your target, the more it wears out.

It’s inevitable.

The bolts are shot at the eye-watering speed at a hunk of foam encased in plastic, and it’s likely to break into pieces.

You can slow this process down by taking care of your goal.

The target should be rotated regularly so that you provide a small amount of used side will aid. This will ensure that the destruction to the target is spread across a greater area, thus and will extend its lifespan.

Another option to slow down the declination of the goal is to shield it from the weather.

The targets that are advertised as weatherproof are likely to be affected by rain and sun. Continuous direct sunlight can ruin the cover, and eventually, moisture will be able to get inside, causing damage to the foam.

Bringing your object inside after every use can help prolong the life of your target.

Do You Have The Ability To Make use of a crossbow target with The Compound Bow?

Absolutely, you can make use of the targets that are rated as crossbow speed bolts and an arrow compound.

The arrows hit the target with a lower speed than when fired from archery, however, all it means is they’ll be less damaging to targets. This means that you will have a target that lasts longer.

The potential downside to this is that it might become more challenging to get rid of the bows from the targets.

Due to the denseness of a crossbow target that is designated, the longer arrow shafts could become more tightly embedded into the target.

A solution could be to make use of the fluid for releasing arrows, as well as an arrow puller.

In conclusion

The range of high-speed crossbow targets is extensive. However, regardless of the price or the effectiveness they have at stopping the bolt, or how tightly packed they are, when you purchase them, they’re unlikely to last forever.

To save a few dollars of cash, or to make a target that matches your needs you can also consider the option of making a DIY broadhead. This kind of target can be tailored to your specific needs.

Safety must also be of the highest priority. That’s why it makes sense to invest in a kind of backstop for your target to safeguard your arrows as well as to avoid dangerous wandering shooting arrows. Backstops made of hay bales are a great alternative.

When you practice using broadheads or field tips your shooting ability is likely to improve if regularly practice.

The archery targets that are designed to withstand fast crossbows will contribute to your progress.

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