Thu. Sep 21st, 2023

best times to go deer hunting

When is the best time to go deer hunting? During the rut, early mornings and late evenings are generally the best times to go hunting. Deer are generally predictable about their feeding hours, so you can use daylight to position yourself and get into position. During midday, bucks may be chasing does, so it’s possible to take advantage of daylight to find a good location. In the evening, deer may be grazing on a nearby hill, making for a good opportunity to sneak up on a deer.

Peak deer breeding season

When to go deer hunting depends on the area you are hunting in. The northern two-thirds of the country experience the peak breeding season around November. The southern two-thirds have their own peak dates, which can vary. These dates vary slightly due to weather conditions and moon phases. Below are some tips to help you find the best time to go deer hunting. These tips will also help you make the most of your time spent hunting.

Access routes

When it comes to deer hunting, the access routes to your stand site are essential to undetected deer movement. Deer are generally not spooked by humans during legal hours, but it’s still essential to have a good approach and plan to enter and leave the property as quietly as possible. The best access routes are those that provide deer with cover from all sides, which can be achieved by creating native grass seeding or planting strategies. In addition to planning an access route, it’s important to think about the terrain’s potential for deer movement.

Food sources

There are three basic food sources that whitetail deer will eat. First, they will eat browse plants like muscadine vines. Second, they will eat woody plants like acorns. Third, they will eat fruits and nuts. Muscadine vines will attract deer to their plots, so set up your blind next to a persimmon tree. Red oak acorns are a popular food source.


When it comes to deer hunting, the wind can be your ally or your worst enemy. In order to attract the elusive beast, you need to avoid locations where the wind may carry your scent. The wind will be your friend if you can learn how to make it work in your favor. If you can, set up your stand in an area where the wind is perpendicular to the deer’s travel path. This way, small deer will easily pass through your scent and you can sneak up on the animal.

Hunting pressure

Several factors can affect when you can go deer hunting. High pressure fronts and cold weather can influence the movement of deer herds. The best time to go deer hunting is after a storm when pressure is high. Often, hunters shoot trophies after the storm has passed and pressure is low. This change in barometric pressure is a major factor in influencing the movement of whitetails.