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Hunting is typically an enjoyable activity with friends and two parties make the perfect hunt which is easy to plan when you’re a stalker and spot hunter.

In treestands, pairing up isn’t easy unless you have a two-person ladder stand.

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The ladder treestand for two people is larger and heavier than the stand for one person clearly, however, getting into position with the assistance of a hunting companion is much easier.

Similar rules are applicable when you use the ladder, such as the necessity to wear a safety harness always.

In the arena, the organization is crucial.

Two hunters with guns near each other with ropes and tethers that hinder their progress can cause chaos If you’re not prepared for such collaboration.

We’ve compiled an assortment of double-person stands from the majority of the most renowned manufacturers to showcase the various options offered, the various sizes that you can pick from, and the variety of prices.

Comparative List for Two Person ladder treestands

  • Guide Gear 2-Man
  • Sniper Striker
  • Summit Steel
  • Big Game Spector XT
  • Muddy Nexus
  • Millennium L220
  • Denali Big Hawk Denali
  • Stand Jayhawk X
  • Rivers Edge Lockdown
  • Trophy Big Easy

The description for Two Person ladder treestands

The table above provides an outline of the options offered by the top twin person ladder treestands available in the market.

Each of these short ladder stand reviews will give you additional details about the stand that isn’t readily apparent in the overview list, including unique and unique features.

It will also assist you to determine the best way to give the best value in terms of efficiency.

Guide Gear 16.5′ 2-Man Ladder Tree Stand

Specifications of the Product

  • Stand Height 16.5″ from shooting rail
  • Platform Dimensions 38″ 12″
  • Seat Dimension 38″ W 12″ D
  • Stand Weight: 76 pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 500 pounds

This Guide Gear ladder stand provides just enough space that two hunters can sit, or it could be used for a hunter on their own who would like a bit more space for their equipment.

This is a ladder stand that lifts the hunter 16.5 feet away from the floor.

The size of the seat is 38 inches in width as well as 12 inches in depth. It’s a cushion that feels soft when dry, but it is most likely to become damp when wet.

The platform is only for putting your feet on when sitting. There is no flip-up seating function to give extra space.

The shooting rail is padded and flips to the side to allow bow hunters ample space to move around and take their shots.

Sniper Striker 2-Person Ladderstand

Product Specifications

  • Stand High: 17′ to shoot rail
  • Platform Size 55″ 12″
  • Size of the Seat 38″ W 14″ D
  • Stand Weight: 74 pounds
  • Capacity for Weight: 500 pounds

This two-person ladder set the hunters up in a way that they are apart thanks to a bent seat.

This allows for a greater perspective of the area and reduces the chance of being in the way of your companion when you are in the booth.

The seat is 38″ wide, while the platform beneath measures 55″ and extends beyond the limits to the seats. The seat’s height on the platform is fifteen” and it has a cushioned backrest and cushion in a bench-style configuration.

The stand is fitted with fasteners as well as an adjustable support bar that can give stability to the process of installation.

Two safety harnesses are included along with the stand.

There are seven 2-person ladder stands within the Sniper collection that comes in various sizes and heights. Other models to think about are The Instinct, Twin Peaks, Double Down, Alpha, Commodore, and Rascal.

Summit Steel Two Person Ladder Stand

Product Specifications

  • Stand Height: 17′ up to shooting rail
  • Platform Dimensions: 36.5″ x 12″
  • Seat Dimensions 36″ W * 12.5″ D
  • Stand Weight: 70lbs
  • The capacity of Weight: 500 lbs

Summit Two Person ladder stand is a straightforward model that can do the job to raise a couple hunters to the top of the tree by using a sturdy frame to support them.

The stand has an ergonomic bench seat that makes use of the ubiquitous mesh to offer comfort and support. However, the seat is only twelve” deep and does not have a backrest aside from the padded bar on its shooting bench.

Furthermore, although the stand comes with a footrest and platform, however, the platform is only big enough to be used for sitting.

Shooting rails are cushioned and can flip to allow bow hunters to utilize and allows access to the stand.

Big Game Spector XT Ladderstand

Product Specifications

  • Stand Height: 17′ up to shooting rail
  • Platform Size 44″ 29″
  • Seat Dimensions 41″ W 18″ D
  • Stand Weight: 85lbs
  • The capacity of Weight: 500 lbs

The two-person Spector XT ladder treestand features the comfortable, flip-back Flektek seats with a comfy back. an adjustable shooting rail with padded flip-back.

The platform has a large size, measuring 44″ wide by 29″ deep. It is large enough for two people to work.

The stand stands 17 feet in height and can be affixed to any tree that has a minimal diameter of nine”.

The ladder portion of the stand consists of three single rail sections. They also have an adjustable support bar that can be adjusted to make sure that the stand is secured to prevent needless movement.

In addition to some 1″ straps with ratchets as well as some 1-” stabilizer straps. It comes with two four-point harnesses for a full body.

In addition to The Spector, XT Big Game is also available, with its Guardian XLT and the Big Buddy two-person ladder stand.

A Nexus Muddy Double Ladderstand

Specifications for the Product

  • Stand Length 20′ to shooting rail
  • Platform Dimensions 42″ 34″
  • Size of the Seat 39″ W 17″ D
  • Stand Weight: 116lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 500 pounds

The Nexus is among the 6 double ladder stands that are part of the Muddy range. It has plenty of seating space as well as a nice large platform.

The solidity of the ladder comes from steel, DXT as well as RS Tubing. The ladder is a four-piece single rail structure that bolts together with a tight seal to block any vibration or noise.

The seats are made of Flex-Tek mesh, making them comfy and waterproof. They flip back like the shooting rail and that footrest.

It is a hefty stand that weighs the hefty 116 pounds. This weight increase is because it’s a 20-foot stand instead of either 17 or 18 feet.

Other double ladder stands offered by Muddy provide a variety of different heights and various options for space for the people who are occupying them. Other models include The Big Buddy, Nexus XTL, Partner, Rebel 2.5, and the Stronghold 2.5 XTL.

Millennium L220 18 Foot Double Ladder

Product Specifications

  • Stand Height 18′ from shooting rail
  • Platform Dimensions 40″ 32″
  • Seat Size 40″ W 17″ D
  • The Weight of the Stand: 103 pounds
  • Capacity for Weight: 500 pounds

The steel structure of this 18-foot double ladder provides an extremely sturdy platform that allows two hunters to be seated for long periods.

The ComfortMax seats conform to the body’s contours to ensure that they’re comfy for extended periods of sitting. They also fold to the side so that you can make the most use of the platform.

The platform is 40″ by 32″ which is plenty of space and the footrest can fold inwards to make it easier access to the ladder.

The shooting rail can be adjusted and has armrests padded on the sides for extra ease of use.

The maximum reach of the stand can be set at 18′, the stand can be set to be lower by simply removing an extension ladder.

It’s secured to the tree with the stabilizing strap supplied and its SafeLink system that includes the 35′ rope that has the Prusik tie and carabiner.

It is accompanied by a pair of safety harnesses for the entire body.

Millennium also makes an affordable, smaller double ladder treestand called the L205 Double Ladder Stand.

Hawk Big Denali 2-Man Ladderstand

Product Specifications

  • Stand Height 18′ from shooting rail
  • Platform Size 51″ 17″
  • Seat Dimensions 24″ W” x 24″ D
  • Standing Weight: 108 pounds
  • Max Weight: 500 pounds

Big Denali Big Denali is a luxuriously spacious two-seat ladder stand with extra-wide, comfortable Zero Pressure MeshComfort seating for hunters and hunters.

Not only are they wider in size at 24″ but they come with an extremely backrest that is contoured to a 23″ backrest as well.

The stand is constructed with heavy-duty Oval Tubing offering excellent strength and ergonomic grip making it more secure to climb.

The shooting rail is padded and is easily raised and out of the way to accommodate bow hunters who require more shooting space.

Additionally, the footrest that kicks out flips up so that it is easier to climb to the platform.

This is a top-quality ladder stand that can be attached solidly to trees using the ratcheting strap for trees and our Crossing Strap Tensioner.

Stand X Jayhawk 18 Ladder Stand

Specifications for the Product

  • Stand Height 18′ up to shooting rail
  • Platform Dimensions 42″ 34″
  • Seat Dimensions: 18.5″ W x 18″ D
  • Standing Weight: 122 pounds
  • The capacity of Weight: 500 lbs

Jayhawk is a huge 2-person ladder treestand constructed with steel and coated to muffle noise and provide a smooth grip surface.

The seats are 18.5″ and 18.5″ x” and are constructed of their Comfort-Flex mesh fabric to conform to the human body, in a manner that provides all-day ease.

Each seat is flipped down and down when it is time to stand up to take the shot. The spacious platform gives ample space and utilizes an intricate honeycomb pattern to increase durability and also the ability to grip.

The shooting rail flips off the side, which is essential for bow hunters.

The ladder is secured at the base by using two Gripping Jaws clamps that tightly secure the stand to create an extremely solid base.

Included with the stand are two 4-point full-body harnesses, which must be worn while on the ladder.

It is the Jayhawk X is one of four ladder stands for two people in the X-Stand series. The others are three stands: the Jayhawk 20′ as well as The Comrade 18′, and the Meridian 17′ stand.

The Rivers Edge Lockdown 21″ 2-Man Ladderstand

Product Specifications

  • Stand High: 21′ to shoot rail
  • Platform Dimensions 42″ 32.5″ x 32.5″
  • Seat Dimensions: 41.5″ W x 16″ D
  • Standing Weight: 129 pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 500 pounds

Lockdown 2 Man ladder stand is an impressive stand that is built with one TearTuff bench seat, giving you the possibility of using it as a two-person seat or a spacious single-person seat.

The platform is huge, giving plenty of room in which to shoot and stand. The height of 21 feet on the stand is sufficient to meet the requirements of bow shooters who want the extra height.

The stand comes with The Ultimate Shooting Rail which extends out for shots that are long and to the side for shots that are steeply angled. It adjusts the height to variations in terrain. It also flips to the side and then tucks in its own designated slot.

The stand ratchets up to the tree and this could be accomplished before you leave the ground with the Ground-Level Ratcheting technique.

The ladder section of the stand is divided into five sections, each section is 44″ in length.

It will be able to attach to trees that have an overall diameter of twelve” up to 30″. It comes with two full-body safety harnesses.

Trophy Big Easy Ladder Stand

Specifications for the Product

  • Stand Length 20′ to shooting rail
  • Platform Size 50″ 36″
  • Seat Size 50″ W” x 22″ D
  • The Stand-Up Weight n.a.
  • The capacity of Weight: 500 lbs

This Big Easy Ladder Stand stands as the biggest 2-person ladder stands on the market.

It comes with a pair of seats with a curved mesh to ensure maximum comfort for those who are sitting on the seats.

The platform is huge and utilizes hexagons for strength in the design of the mesh made of metal. There’s plenty of room to shoot off this platform especially when the seats have been turned with the feet rest has been removed from the way.

The stand utilizes its Jaw Safety System to secure it tightly in place to the trunk of the tree. Once the stand is in place, it’s solid and isn’t moving.

The truth about the vast majority of 2 person ladder treestands is that, for two fairly big men, they’re going to feel cramped.

To feel comfortable in these stands, you have to purchase one of the biggest (45″ plus seats as well as a platform) to make use of them effectively.

The other reason that many opt to use them is to take their children out for a hunt with them.

In this instance, ladder stands are ideal and offer the ideal occasion to bond during a hunt.

It’s as simple as making sure that either the security harness isn’t too small to fit the frame of a child or buy an additional one.

Unfortunately, in the modern world, you’ll also need to secure your ladder stand if intending to leave it up for the course. It’s all you have to do is ensure that the stand is secured against criminals by using a good security system for ladder stands.

Another treestand option for the mobile hunter is the flexible hanging tee stands If you’re looking for something a bit more sturdy then you may want to check out the treestands that climb.

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