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best wisconsin public hunting land

Wisconsin hunters have some of the best public hunting land east of the Mississippi River. Before you head out on your next hunt, make sure you contact landowners to confirm your permission to hunt before setting foot on their property. If you do happen to run across private property, you can always contact the property manager to arrange permission for hunting. This is particularly important if you plan to harvest deer and other game. Otherwise, you might run into trouble!

Flambeau River State Forest

The Flambeau River State Forest is located in Sawyer, Price, and Rusk counties, with its headquarters in County W near the bridge over the Flambeau River. The forest is home to over 90,000 acres of public land. The forest is rich in northern hardwood trees, creating a stunning fall display. The Flambeau River is also a major life force within the state forest, providing more than 75 miles of whitewater thrills. Deer, wolves, black bear, and raccoon are all found in the forest, as well as the standard species like woodpeckers, nuthatches, and chickadees.

The Flambeau River State Forest is a popular spot for angling, as it provides unlimited opportunities for smallmouth bass, walleye, and musky fishing. You can fish for these species by using large crank baits and buck tails, while smallermouths can be caught with rapalas, jigs, and live bait. The area is also ideal for fishing in lakes, and is open to the public. To access the state park, you must have a Wisconsin State Park System vehicle admission sticker.

Rusk County

If you’re looking for an opportunity to hunt trophy whitetail deer, Rusk County, WI may be the place for you. This area has millions of acres of public land in a variety of landscapes, perfect for any outdoor sportsman or woman. Located in northwestern Wisconsin, Rusk County has four state wildlife areas and four wild rivers. You’ll find black bears, white-tailed deer, and waterfowl in these public hunting areas.

Ten Mile Creek Wildlife Area: This 410-acre property is located in the extreme southwest corner of Rusk County and has more than 200 acres of permanent water. This is easily accessible from 30th Street (County Line Road) just one mile north of Rusk County Road D. This land is comprised of rolling open grassland and hardwood forests, with some hardwoods. It also has a small patch of mixed aspen and oak trees, as well as a cool, freshwater stream. The location is close to Ladysmith, making it convenient for visitors to make the trip.


The US Army Corps of Engineers owns much of the public hunting land in Wisconsin. Its vast public lands, which span miles and reservoirs, are managed by the agency. The Corps leases some of this land to private landowners, who agree to leave some crops over the winter. Several of these lands provide excellent deer hunting opportunities. Listed below are some of the best places to find deer in Wisconsin.

The state’s more than 250 public hunting lands are open to the public, although most have no facilities at all. Wisconsin hunters can bring their pets and do not need a license, though they cannot carry alcoholic beverages or drugs. The majority of Wisconsin hunters use public lands to hunt Deer or collect antlers. They may even bring their dogs. However, if you’re in search of a trophy, you’ll need to take into consideration the type of land you’re looking for.