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There are many factors to consider when determining your ideal weight. Each one will depend on the weight test you choose.

While stepping on a scale will instantly tell you your current weight, the numbers won’t tell if it is proportionate to your body type.

A BMI (or body mass index) test will help you determine if your current weight is within the appropriate limits to be able to say you are healthy.

How to take a Body Mass Index test

A BMI calculator can be used to calculate your body mass index. This calculator can be used in either standard or metric units depending on your preference.

You can find online BMI calculators that will instantly show you whether you are over, under, or just right for your body type. These simple formulas can be used to calculate your BMI on your own.

* Your weight in lbs or pounds. Divide your height in inches squared by the value and multiply it by 703.

* Your weight in kg or kilograms. Divide your height by square meters

The values you calculated to determine the ideal body weight for your body type can be compared with the standards. These standards are available online.

If your weight is less than 18 years, you are generally considered underweight. Your weight should be between 18.6 to 24.9 depending on your body type.

A range of values between 25-29.9 and 30 are considered overweight. Values over 30 are considered obese.

Get professional advice

Although a BMI test can be a useful indicator of your ideal body weight, it is not the only way to determine your ideal body mass.

Some people say this test doesn’t take into account your muscle mass. It shouldn’t be the sole factor in determining your weight.

This will give you an indication of your body’s weight relative to your height. You can use this information to determine your ideal body weight. It is always recommended to seek professional advice, especially if you are looking at ways to lose or gain weight.

Remember that everyone is unique and you shouldn’t use the weights of others as an indicator of your ideal weight. The other factors that determine the ideal weight are gender, age, and how much physical activity they do.

Remember that there are healthy ways to lose weight and gain weight. It is important to seek professional help to ensure you don’t compromise your quality of living by trying to control your weight.

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