That sexy and curvy bow or one hell of an invention – the gun, those long arrows or much smaller and much lethal – the bullets; who wins when there is a bow vs gun. If you ask someone who is an experienced hunter, to choose between a bow or a gun, “I pretty much use both of them, so……”, would be the most probable reply and that is right. Sorry to disappoint you people, but there is no bow vs gun(I am not out of my mind), there has always and there will always be – Just One Fight, a fight in which bow and gun are on one side and the game, on the other(Don’t ask how. Read the blog post).
Bow vs Gun Hunting
There are reasons for choosing a bow over a gun or a gun over a bow, which are as follows:

Beginners at hunting usually choose the gun, because it is easy to use, provides a longer range, less stalking and provides a higher chance of actually killing the game, unlike their bow using counterparts, who will probably be spending the season, just honing their stalking skills and getting adept with the bow.

The Game
If one is hunting a much smaller game such as quail, it’s more likely to hit it using a rifle, but the experienced hunters can even use a bow(no sweat, huh), but here we are talking about the normal ones.

For the medium-sized game, both guns and bows can be used, but there is a catch.
Guns can be used over a long-range, and as bullets have the capability of breaking and shattering their way through everything, there is a lot less chance that the poor creature will see the light of another day. Whereas, if the mighty bow is chosen, one will have to look for tracks, carefully stalk the game, hide that scent, make no noise because, at the slightest hint of presence, the game will be no game for the game, then, repeat or pack up. So, choose wisely.

Big game hunting
Though a gun is most preferred when one is game for the big game, there are some, who use the bow and arrow(yeah, some insane ones). But, a sane person always uses a gun.

Don’t act surprised, you are the most important factor when it comes to choosing.

It takes a lot of practice, days of hard work, a ton of patience to master a bow and the skills required for bow hunting. But, the thrill of hunting with a bow is a world apart from that of a gun. First, it requires a lot of skills apart from just aiming and shooting, like stalking, tracking, not losing composure, being patient, waiting for the right moment, then – draw, aim and shoot. It is a lot of hard to kill using a bow, compared to a gun. If you are someone, who seeks such thrill than you are born to wield the bow.

Bow vs Gun Hunting: But, if you just like to hunt and want to skip the unnecessary(according to you) hard work, then keep calm and go for the gun.