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Quick decisions are crucial when hunting. These high-stress moments can be stressful enough, but it becomes even more stressful and important when you add the boost of adrenaline that you feel. Shot placement is a problem that can be especially difficult for beginners.

It is crucial to make the right decision, especially when you are faced with a full draw. To win the trophy, you must be familiar with all the possible shots and ensure you follow through with the correct one. It’s just a matter of seconds.

From a tree stand equipped with a bow, where do you aim?

The traditional way to shoot at an animal when it is standing wide side is the traditional Aim. The point for bowhunters is just behind the front shoulder, and about a third of the distance from the brisket. This is the sweet spot. You will be able to pierce the heart with your quick kill if you reach that spot.

When is it appropriate to bow hunt?

Before drawing, wait until the deer has lost its vision. Bow. Drawing back, as we said earlier, is a lot more movement than drawing forward. Before you start drawing, wait until he looks away, puts his head down, or walks behind a tree.

Why should I shoot high from a treestand

Shooting Starting at A Tree Stand

This is because you need to remember your high school geometry is what you should be doingShootingThis is the right triangle’s hypotenuse. Can add up to 40% to how far your arrow must travel. The arrow must travel a greater distance than the length of the arrow, as stated previously. Is The more natural forces can control flight, the better.

Which is the ideal height for a tree stand

17-20 feet

The majority of bowhunters hang. Treestands The highest point is approximately 17-20 feet. This is a general rule and may not apply to all situations. Cover your movements and outline with cover. You should hang your clothes higher if you have less cover. Treestand Within reason.

What time should you be there before the sun rises?

It takes about 20-30 minutes. Before shooting light.

Bowhunters aim to make fast and clean kills when they make their shot. Broadhead the chest cavity with a broadhead is the best way to achieve that. The following lines will show you the shot challenges you can expect as a hunter.


Straight-on shots should be avoided. This will result in a low probability of penetration which means that you have very little chance of hitting the deer. Even if you hunt a larger animal, the chance of you hitting something from this angle is very low. It’s best to not even consider this option.

But don’t be discouraged! You will be able to shoot the deer more efficiently if it starts moving. Hunting is a game that requires patience. Wait until the deer turns to your side. If the animal is moving towards you, it will get another angle, the straight-down, which you should also avoid.


Let’s get to the point. This shot is very tempting. The deer is directly in front of your face and you are practically on top of it. It can be very tempting to let go of the arrow. Although it looks great, it is not the best shot. It’s better to wait.

This angle is more dangerous than any other. However, you will not be able to save the deer. The shot is usually a single lung hit. Although it may cause damage to that organ, the deer will still survive. It will be to follow it using a low blood trail. This isn’t very exciting.

You may wonder, “Why not just shoot straight down?” This isn’t recommended because the spine of the deer measures only 2 inches in width. There is a good chance that you will miss the spine or hit bones or muscles in the worst-case scenario. However, this won’t necessarily kill the deer.

As we said, patience is the best thing. The doe will eventually leave the stand if you are patient. You’ll be able to hit it quickly if the doe remains calm during this time.

What if the deer don’t seem to be able to wait? What if the deer seems a little scared and is ready to sprint right now? There is a way to save yourself. Simply aim for the liver and diaphragm. This is possible only if you are confident that you have enough experience.

A broadhead running through the liver will result in the humane killing. This requires that you have a lot of experience with the game and a good understanding of the anatomy. This shot is for those who have done their research thoroughly and are familiar with the game.

Concerning the aiming point: If you decide to take action, don’t aim too far ahead. This will result in a single lung hit. As we have already said, this is not something you want to do. Look for a spot in the middle distance between your front leg and your rear ham. You may be able to score a kill if you aim for the yellow dot.


It is a well-known fact that patience is key to hunting. This is especially true when it comes down to the shot. As the deer moves along the stand, a quartering one will quickly become a broadside. If you are unable to wait, you may try this option. However, it must pass a strict test before it can be considered ethical.

This shot requires you to determine if the angle is too sharp. If you don’t have experience with this type of shot, you should not even attempt to follow it. If the angle is not too sharp, this is an ethical shot.

Consider your abilities. Because of the angle, margin errors are almost non-existent. If you’re not certain that you can hit the target by less than one inch, do not shoot. If the distance exceeds 15 yards, almost all bowhunters should pass this test.

The aiming point is the nearest leg to the front. Your chances of hitting the vital organs will increase by aiming above the elbow joint. If you aren’t sure that you will hit the liver or lungs, don’t shoot.

The broadside

We have finally found one that you can do. It is considered an ethical shot. While you will need to adjust the height of your treestand, it is possible to have a go. You will need to make adjustments because there is a big difference between target practice and a live deer.

It is difficult to explain every angle at every stand height. However, there are things you can do when it comes time to aim. Imagine the path that the arrow will follow through the deer. The arrow should pass through the middle of the body. Visualize the exit point.

Quartering away

You can take this shot and it is one you should make as soon as possible. It is easy to look too far ahead. You can only hope for an exit hole that is on the side of your front leg. This will give you an aiming point to get there. Keep the exit hole in your mind so that the entry point compensates for the body angle.

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