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The latest collection of Bowtech bows has been the focus of the continued development of compound bow technology.

The latest model comes with The Deadlock Cam System, a cam system that lets shooters adjust the bow without having to place it into the bow press.

The latest bow that is the most popular is the Solution. The Solution SS is a performance bow. Solution the SS, and the shorter draw version, and that is the Solution SD join it.

An ultralight bow for hunting is hitting the scene in the form of Carbon Zion along with the Jack of all trades Amplify.

The complete range of compound bows is listed here, with a complete explanation of the bow’s capabilities and specifications.

Bowtech Archery Compound Bows

Bowtech Solution

Flagship Compound Bow

Its Bowtech Solution is the headline act of compound bows, which promises “speed but without kick”.

A quiet shot with performance and comfort is the aim of this bow. It delivers thanks to features like its Deadlock Cam System and Orbit Dampener.

Deadlock Cam System Deadlock Cam System makes it possible to swiftly and efficiently adjust the bow using simple slide adjustments that allow the cams to move towards the left and right axles by turning the screw.

Smooth draw performance is one of the main features of the Solution. And, with a top speed of 342 fps, this is an extremely precise bow.

The bow comes in a variety of finishes like Black, Olive, Kryptek Altitude Kuiu Verde Optifade Subalpine, Flat Dark Earth, Smoke Grey, or Mossy Oak Break-Up Country.

Bowtech Solution SS

Super-Smooth Bow

The word “Super Smooth” means smooth. this Bowtech Solution SS lives up to its promise by delivering a draw that’s as smooth as butter.

The bow utilizes a Deadlock Cam System to provide flexibility and convenience in adjustment, as well as lots of speed.

The forgiving seven” brace height and the light bow weight mounted on a narrow 30″ axle-to-axle length makes for an unstoppable bow for hunting.

Sturdiness through the riser structure is ensured with the latest Deadlock Pocket which locks all components tightly.

Bows are available with Black, Flat Dark Earth, OD Green, Smoke Grey, Mossy Oak Break-Up Country, Realtree Edge, Kryptek Altitude, Optifade Subalpine as well as Kuiu Verde.

Bowtech Solution SD

Short Draw Hunting Bow

Short draw options that are built into the Solution platform give blind hunters and tree stand a highly-manufacturable option.

The bow is just thirty” between axles, and provides the draw length of 23.5″ up to 28.5″.

The new features are integrated, including Deadlock Cam System, Deadlock Cam System, Deadlock Pockets Deadlock Cable Containment, and Orbital Dampener.

The Clutch Performance Grip provides the shooter with a flexible and comfortable grip that decreases the amount of torque.

Bows are available with Black, Flat Dark Earth, OD Green, Smoke Grey, Mossy Oak Break-Up Country, Realtree Edge, Kryptek Altitude, Optifade Subalpine as well as Kuiu Verde.

Bowtech Eva Shockey Gen 2

Ladies Hunting Bow

The bow is putting in an aggressive bid to be the best female hunting bow. Created by women for women and is now available in the shape of its Eva Shockey Gen 2.

It is equipped with the most modern technology and has been designed to fit the dimensions that are most suitable for the frame of female archers.

The bow features the latest Deadlock Cam technology and the riser is light and strong, weighing just 3.9 pounds.

Its draw length ranges from 23.5 up to 28.5 inches, however, the height of the brace, 7 inches ensures the most stable release to ensure better accuracy.

Control of the torque of the Cable Guard and consistent performance comes from the introduction of the brand new Deadlock Cable Containment function.

The Orbit Dampener is strategically placed. The dampener lets you place vibration dampening wherever required based on the addition of additional accessories.

The bow can be purchased in two finishes: Black, Flat Dark Earth, Smoke Grey, or Mossy Oak Break-Up Country.

Bowtech Carbon Zion

Ultra-Lightweight Hunting Bow

Carbon Zion Carbon Zion weighs in as the lightest bow available in the platform class of carbon risers. It is a carbon bow with aerospace-inspired strength.

This bow runs on Synchronized Binary Cams which have powered several top-quality bows for many decades.

Additionally, it comes with Powershift technology that allows you to customize the drawing cycle to fit your shooting styles based on whether speed or speed is your primary goal.

The bow is easy to draw, and extremely quiet due to the inclusion in the Orbital Dampener, which can be placed where it is most needed.

The bow comes in two finishes: Black, Flat Dark Earth, OD Green, Smoke Grey Realtree Edge, Kryptek Altitude, or Mossy Oak Break-Up Country.

Bowtech Amplify

Basic Hunting Bow

The Amplify is a highly-adjustable and extremely flexible compound bow that can be great for beginners looking for a strong, yet affordable bow.

It has dual synced binary cams to ensure smooth drawing and the highest level of consistency from one drawing up to the subsequent.

The draw length is 21″ to 30″ and the draw weight begins at a minimum of 8lbs, and increases up to 70lbs.

The range of options is expanded with the addition of Powershift Technology to adjust the draw cycle to fit how you shoot.

The bow comes in a variety of finishes, including Black, Smoke Grey, OD Green, and Mossy Oak Breakup Country.

Bowtech Guardian

Perform Single Cam Bow

Guardian is a limited edition release that is geared towards first responders and heroes of the military. Part of the money from each bow sale goes to fund-worthy foundation causes.

It’s constructed around the Realm platform and sports the American flag on the bow’s legs. The riser is a Cerakote finish that offers incredible strength and durability.

The bow is a well-balanced and precise shooter, which releases arrows in the utmost silence.

This Overdrive Binary Cam system is the one that powers the bow. Dual Lock Pockets guarantee that there is no unintentional movement, which ensures a sturdy platform.

Bowtech Revolt

Super-Smooth Accuracy

The Revolt was first introduced in 2020, accompanied by the latest Deadlock Cam System and it will be back in 2021 for the season.

The bow remains among the smoothest drawing and most accurate hunting bows that are available.

A stunning top-end speed of 335 fps coupled with a brace height of 7 inches and packed into the compact 30″ axle-to-axle frame makes for a highly mobile shooter.

Hunters who have struggled to make bows similar to this are blown away by how effortless and smooth you can draw with the Revolt…even when it weighs 70#.

The bow can be purchased in a variety of finishes like Black, OD Green, Smoke Grey, Realtree Edge, Kryptek Altitude, Optifade Subalpine, Kuiu Verde, or Mossy Oak Break-Up Country.

Bowtech Revolt X

Longer Framed Revolt

All the characteristics and features that have earned great praise from the Revolt can be found in the more frames of the Revolt X.

The bow runs the all-around length of” between axles. It’s slightly more heavy than Revolt at 4.4 pounds.

A brace that is shorter at 6.5″ will give it the highest top speed of 350 FPS.

It is important to note that smoothness and accuracy are demonstrated along with stability which makes this bow one of the most comfortable bows for hunting the present.

The bow comes in a variety of finishes, including Black, OD Green, Smoke Grey, Realtree Edge, Kryptek Altitude, Optifade Subalpine, Kuiu Verde, or Mossy Oak Break-Up Country.

Bowtech BT Mag X

Long Draw Adult Hunting Bow

The BT-Mag-X was first introduced during the 2018 season and will make another appearance in the 2021 season.

It was created specifically to be used by long draw archers and also comes with Bowtech’s SmartBow technology that other Bowtech bows employ. It is an archery bow that can be used as an archery bow for target shooting.

It is the Overdrive Binary Cam system that powers the bow. The system can eliminate nock travel in both directions.

PowerShift Technology PowerShift Technology is present to let you quickly switch between comfort and performance with the shifting that is the FlipDisc.

Based on CPX risers, this model comes with its FLX Guard to eliminate riser torque. It comes with draw lengths that begin at 29 inches and then extend up to 34 inches. the 36-inch axle-to-axle length provides an extremely stable shooting platform.

It is offered with BlackOps, Mossy Oak Break-Up CountryTM, Kryptek Highlander, Kryptek Altitude, Target White, Target Red, Target Orange, Target Blue, and Target Purple.

Bowtech Carbon Rose

Bow For Women To Hunt Bow To Women

Since 2014, the Carbon Rose has been offering female hunters a lighter high-performance compound bow.

The bow is still able to provide an effortless and pleasant draw, making it one of the lighter bows available. It comes with a draw length that is between 22.5 and 27 inches.

The bow is equipped with Bowtech’s Bowtech Binary Cam System and the weight reduction is due to the carbon compound that is built into the Knight Riser which also provides an incredible amount of durability.

The lightweight of 3.2 pounds allows it to be carried all day an easy task as well the seven” brace height makes it more enjoyable to use.

The bow can be purchased in two different finishes, either Carbon Fiber or Mossy Oak Break-Up Country.

Find out more about the company, including different bows available in the range such as the latest release bows for crossbows traditional hunting bows as well as and expanded bows for kids on the Bowtech website.

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