Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023

There are a few important factors to consider when buying the best 22LR ammo for hunting. If you are planning to hunt in the woods, you may want to try one of the more popular 22LR rounds, such as the Golden Bullet. These bullets are known for their consistency and accuracy. Thunderbolts, on the other hand, lack copper plating and are dirtier. Both of these rounds are fine for training purposes, but you should avoid them if you hunt with a semi-automatic rifle.

Winchester USA

The Winchester USA 22LR ammo line is renowned for its lethality and versatility. The company’s CPHP bullets are lightweight with a copper plated hollow point that separates upon impact. The resulting multiple wound cavities increase the bullet’s lethality and provide a flat trajectory. As a result, this ammo is ideal for hunting and target shooting. You’ll find that it’s a great choice for hunters and other shooters who want to minimize noise.

Federal Champion

Whether you’re going on a hunt or just want to shoot target practice, 22LR rounds from Federal Champion can meet your needs. They’re inexpensive and relatively durable, and are the perfect choice for hunting or range practice. You can also buy them in bulk for self defense and varmint hunting, which will save you money. Listed below are some things to consider when purchasing these rounds. Buying in bulk means you’ll have more rounds on hand – and you’ll get more bang for your buck.

CCI Velocitor

The Velocitor.22LR ammunition from CCI has a cool name, but it’s also great for hunting because it’s designed with the needs of small game hunters in mind. With a muzzle velocity of 1,435 feet per second, this ammunition provides devastating wound channels and is the #1B bullet for varmint hunting. It’s also perfect for larger game, including deer and other small game, because it’s more efficient at destroying meat than other.22LR ammo.


If you are planning on using your Aguila 22LR rifle for hunting, you may be wondering what to look for. For starters, this brand has a long track record of reliability. They pride themselves on meticulous sourcing, ensuring that only the finest materials go into their production. This company also partners with Texas Armament & Technology to upgrade their modern facility, further increasing reliability and consistency. And to top it all off, the company is turning more towards military markets and orienting its product line more toward these markets.


There are several different types of Remington 22LR ammo for hunting. These ammunition are considered to be training rounds because of their low cost. They are accurate up to 150 yards but have a drastic drop off once the bullet has penetrated the target. These are excellent ammunition for plinking and target practice. Regardless of whether you’re a hunter or a target shooter, you can’t go wrong with Remington 22LR ammo.

SK Flatnose Target

The SK Flatnose Match is a newly developed rimfire match cartridge designed specifically for rifle shooting at 50 meters. Its flat bullet tip optimizes ballistic properties and improves shooting precision. This ammunition features exceptional reliability, superior results, and top-tier technologies. These benefits make it an excellent choice for hunting and competitive rimfire shooters. We’ve put together this review to help you decide if the SK Flatnose Match is right for your needs.

CCI Standard Subsonic

One of the most popular hunting rounds around, the 22LR is still considered very effective out to 200 yards. Many of the rounds in this caliber are subsonic, so a good tip is to practice shooting them to get a decent landing. There are also a number of faster moving rounds, including 17HMR and 17HM2.

Remington Hyper-Velocity Hollow Point

If you’re a hunter and are interested in buying the best ammo for your rifle, consider the Remington Hyper-Velocity HollowPoint 22LR ammo for hunting. This high-performance cartridge delivers the maximum knockdown power in a small package. The bullets in this round have a weight of thirty to 32 grains and a muzzle velocity of eleven to one hundred and fifty feet per second (FPS). These are also known as “super-X” bullets. The Super-X and Polar Biathlon are two options. These two options each have a muzzle velocity of eleven to four hundred and sixty feet per second (fps).