Thu. Jun 8th, 2023

You’ve probably seen police dogs out there in the world, accompanying law enforcement. But what actually are police dogs? And how do they contribute to the police force?

Let’s go through everything you need to know about police dogs.

What are Police Dogs?

Police dogs are dogs trained to help police officers in certain tasks in their investigations. Usually, dogs are specifically trained to help in one type of task. One of the most common types of police dogs are dogs that are trained to sniff out drugs.

But, this isn’t the only way police dogs can contribute to different investigations and operations. Dogs are also often used in search and rescue operations. Dogs can be used to help subdue suspects or criminals during apprehension situations. Dogs are used to help detect bombs and other explosives.

How Are Police Dogs Trained?

The training process for police dogs is very intense. First of all, only certain breeds are suited for becoming police dogs. Check out more info on the best dog breeds for police dogs.

Police dogs begin the training process by going through regular obedience training. They need to be able to obey any command that their handler gives them, no matter what. 

Next, potential police dogs will enter endurance and agility training. Being a police dog requires quick reflexes when faced with dangerous situations. And, police dogs need to have strong endurance, since they may be spending long days on the job. Police dogs have to be able to ignore distractions, which can be especially tough in big, bustling cities with people all around. So, they need to be trained to focus on the task assigned to them. 

Once they’ve completed these basics, it’s time for police dogs to be trained for their specialized tasks. The type of training will differ based on the task the dog is best suited for.

Benefits of Police Dogs

There are a lot of police dog benefits to consider. Dogs have stronger senses of smell than humans, so they’re particularly well suited to tasks where you may have to sniff something out. Using police dogs can help keep human police officers safer, so that fewer people are in danger.

While police dogs can be expensive to train and take care of, they tend to be extremely useful and make up for the cost fairly quickly, particularly when compared to other forms of police intervention. And, police dogs are much less likely to cause a public relations issue for a police department than the average human police officer.

Now You Know About Police Dogs

Police dogs can be a tool for many different types of law enforcement. That’s why they’re used by so many police departments across the United States!

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