Paintball Equipment That is Essential for Success

Paintball Equipment That is Essential for Success

Paintball has been around for decades. And yet, it’s just as popular today as it was 10 or 20 years ago.  That’s because playing paintball gives people a chance to get outside, get active, and of course, shoot paintballs at their opponents. Paintball is appropriate for older kids, teenagers, and […]

Common Problems with Diesel Trucks

Although most motor vehicles are powered by gasoline, many motor vehicles, particularly trucks, run on diesel. A diesel truck comes with its advantages. Diesel trucks have their disadvantages, just like all things. Here are some of the disadvantages of owning a diesel truck, and how you can fix them. Combustion […]

9 Facts About Horses That’ll Surprise You

9 Facts About Horses That’ll Surprise You

If it weren’t for horses, we’d all still be walking around in robes – or walking around period. Horses were instrumental in the invention of pants, and have served mankind faithfully through the ages. They’ve fought battles alongside us, helped us cultivate the land, and carried us get around for centuries. Without the […]

Five Tips to Improve Air Rifle Aiming During Hunting

Hunting requires that the shooter be alert and quick. Without this, the target will quickly escape and disappear with no chance to return. You can achieve alertness by being fit and healthy, as well as using certain techniques and tools to help you aim better when hunting. Here are some tried and true […]

What is the composition of compound bows?

You probably know a lot about archery today if you are familiar with contemporary archery. In archery, the biggest change over the past thousand years is that bows no longer come from the most powerful trees. Today, the most popular materials for arrows are aluminum and carbon fiber. If you […]

Can you dry fire a compound bow?

It’s an unanswerable question, particularly for the layperson not well-informed. Is it possible to dry-fire a compound bow? Yes, indeed. But, should you? No. It’s not worth it. It is better to not do it. Dry firing a compound arch could cause irreparable damage. It is a dangerous practice that […]