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best bow for women

There are so many choices when it comes to choosing the best bow for women. You can read our buying guide to learn more about Recurve bows, Lightweight bows, Single-cam bows, and Compound bows. If you’re a beginner, read this article to learn more about these different types. This article also explains how to choose the best bow for women based on your preferences and budget. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of each type of bow.

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Compound bows

While women are not a majority in the archery community, there are a significant number of female archers. According to the ATA, there are almost five million women archers in the United States. While women only make up about one-fourth of the entire archery community, manufacturers haven’t forgotten their female counterparts. Compound bows for women are more complex and have more advanced features. There are several factors to consider when choosing a compound bow for women.

A good compound bow will offer a 70 to 85% let-off when drawn to full draw. This lets you relax and concentrate on your target. If you have a hard-drawing bow, it can be very difficult to hold the string in the correct way. Compound bows are generally easier to hold than traditional bows, and can give a female archer better control. These bows can also be used for hunting purposes.

Recurve bows

While buying a recurve bow for yourself, make sure that you know your draw length. This is the measurement from the tip of one fingertip to the next, measured with arms outstretched. Divide this measurement by 2.5 to find the proper length. Purchasing the wrong sized bow can be detrimental to your accuracy and may even cause injury. To determine the right draw length, ask an archery shop or shooting range employee to help you with the process.

There are many recurve bows available for women. If you are new to archery and recurve bows, the Barnett Lil Sioux Jr. Pink Beginner’s Recurve is the perfect choice. The recurve is designed to be lightweight, adjustable, and powerful, so that the female archer can start learning with confidence and precision. A few other top brands to consider include Hoyt, PSE Archery, Samick Sports, and Martin.

Single-cam bows

Women should consider purchasing a single-cam bow. They tend to be more accurate and quiet than a dual cam bow. While they are a little slower than dual-cam bows, they can be adjusted to shoot a variety of arrow speeds and have fewer tuning problems. The drawback is that these bows are not as easy to use as a dual-cam bow, and are therefore less suitable for women who are new to the sport.

When single-cam bows first hit the market, they were difficult to tune, with the nock taking a scenic route from the full draw to the braced position. With more research, the level nock travel has become more consistent, meaning less nock waver and better accuracy. In addition, the women-specific bow design makes them more comfortable to shoot. And, if you want to learn more about the single-cam bows, this article will provide you with some information about them.

Lightweight bows

The lightest bows for women are the best choices for female bowhunters. They are usually made of carbon materials that won’t expand or contract in cold weather. Most lightweight bows feature an adjustable draw weight, string suppressor, and an axel to axle distance of 28 inches. Women can choose from a variety of draw weights, so it’s important to consider the amount of draw weight you’ll need to shoot a larger game.

Compound bows are another option for women. A compound bow can shoot 320fps, which is sufficient to take down almost any size game. Women should note that a compound bow will be a bit heavier than a lightweight bow, but that might be an advantage. Compound bows will also require a quiver to store arrows, which is a potential issue for the lighter women. And they’ll probably need to replace it more than a traditional bow, too, since they tend to fall out of the quiver after a few weeks.

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