Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

best hog feeder lights

If you’re looking for hog feeder lights, there are several factors to consider. Some hog feeder lights are made to frighten off a raccoon, while others are made with safety and security in mind. Choosing the best hog feeder lights depends on your personal preferences and the conditions of your property. There are many different brands and types of hog feeder lights on the market, so it’s important to consider these factors.

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Exterminator III

Exterminator III is a great hog feeder light because of its ability to light three different feeders at one time. It has an adjustable beam so you can set it for any distance. It is one of the brightest lights on the market. Its adjustable beam can be focused for a perfect distance that will ensure your pigs stay inside the feeders during the night. In addition, the Exterminator III can be set to work in any shaded area.

The Exterminator III hog feeder light is one of the most popular types of lights on the market. This type of light can light up over three thousand square feet for bow and rifle hunters. It is made from ABS and aluminum so it will not rust. This type of light is designed to work all night and provides ample light for up to 300 yards away from the feeder. There is no need to worry about spooking your hogs with the bright light coming from the feeder when it is dark outside.

Lil’ Squealer

If you’re tired of changing your batteries every few hours, you can try out the Lil’ Squealer hog feeding light. This compact light comes with three different settings. You can set it to turn on dimly at dusk, brighten as hogs approach, and turn on full brightness when a pig approaches. And since it’s solar-powered, you won’t have to worry about buying a bulky battery for it.

Unlike conventional lights, Lil’ Squealer hog feeding light emits a bright green light that enables pigs to spot you. This lighted light can illuminate an area of forty feet. It’s motion-activated, so when someone approaches your feeder, the light turns on and stays on for about 30 seconds. And unlike conventional lights, it’s compatible with most competing feeders and can be mounted on any surface.


A hog feeder is an indispensable accessory for night pig hunting, and the Moultrie Hog Light is the perfect night-time option. With its adjustable brightness and high-powered LED lights, it provides illumination for up to 30 feet around the game. With its ten-hour battery life, it will provide ample illumination for night-time hog hunting. To use the Feeder Hog Light, simply hang it above the feeder and adjust the brightness to your desired level.

The Feeder Hog Light from Moultrie comes with a four-way switch, which allows you to adjust the light’s intensity and duration. This unique feature helps keep pigs from running away when the light starts blazing. Its non-scare light will begin slowly and gradually increase in brightness until it reaches a maximum intensity. It is also compatible with most other feeders from Moultrie, as well as other brands.

ASF Boar Light

If you’re a serious hog hunter, you’ll want an ASF Boar Light for your t-post. With its motion sensor activation and continuous-use solar panel, the Boar Light is a versatile and effective hunting aid. With no bulky battery, the ASF Boar Light is easy to mount on a t-post. It’s available in several different colors to better suit your hunting style.

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Kill Extreme

The Kill Extreme hog feeder lights are an innovative product that is sure to catch a pig’s attention. They are easy to install, waterproof, and feature twenty-four green LEDs that provide enough light to deter pigs. Unlike some other lights, these don’t turn on at full speed and gradually increase in brightness. A photocell and auxiliary power cord can also be installed to make the lights self-powered for days.

The brightest pig feeder lights are capable of lighting a 30 to 40 foot radius. They are bright enough to deter pigs, but not so bright that they scare them away. Most hog feeder lights provide light that is adequate for shooting, but some are able to produce up to 60 feet of light. It is important to know how much light your pig feeder lights provide so that you can shoot effectively without scaring them.