Thu. Jun 8th, 2023
Compound Bow 50-70 From Leader Accessories – What True Archers Need!

Compound Bow 50-70 From Leader Accessories – What True Archers Need!

Experienced archers know that Leader Accessories have great products for hunting and can fulfill all wishes of an individual. Also, experienced archers have already faced the struggle when it comes to looking for the right bow. Some are too heavy, while others are too noisy.

All of the similar things can worsen their bow-hunting and can also ruin the whole experience. It is also the reason why, when it comes to the search for the perfect hunting bow, you have to take special precautions on several details.

These details are the reason why Leader Accessories have outdone themselves with their right-handed compound bow with a draw weight of 50-70 lbs. This bow is lightweight, easy-to-use and dependable. It is also precise and silent and it will be helpful to all bow-hunters. It is so well-made that the high-quality materials it is made of can withstand all types of weather – take it with you on snowy, rainy or sunny days and enjoy your bow-hunting.

Here is some information about this bow we hope you will find useful:


  • It has a draw weight of 50-70 lbs.
  • Its draw length is 25-31”
  • It weighs 4.4 lbs.
  • It is made of high-quality Aluminum
  • It provides bow travel speed of 310 fps
  • Works best with 30-inch Aluminum or Carbon arrows
  • It has a brace with a height of 7,5 inches
  • It has right-hand usability
  • The weight and length of the string can be adjusted
  • The length from axle to axle is 31,5 inches
  • It has a let-off of 75-80%
  • It has a dual eccentric cam system
  • It has split limbs


  • The bow can easily be used by beginners and archers who are with lower skill sets
  • It is mostly designed for hunting and it is very effective
  • After shooting, the arrow travels at high speed
  • The length of the string offers different possibilities because it is adjustable by using an Allen wrench
  • Good resistance is provided by the bow and you don’t have to pull too far to shoot
  • It provides an immense impact and smooth shooting
  • You can hunt larger animals with it
  • The four pins are a great sight indicator and improve the accuracy
  • There isn’t strain added on your arms
  • It doesn’t require replacement of the strings very often
  • It can be used for bow-fishing


  • The strings of the bow can loosen at the cams and you might need to reinforce them with a lock; you might also need to tighten the strings regularly
  • It can be heavy for some archers who are new to bow-hunting
  • The weight draw of the string needs to be measured using a gauge to provide 60 pounds of the energy


By having the Leader Accessories compound bow you get smooth shooting and an immense impact. It provides an excellent amount of weight and energy and you will easily hunt larger animals too! When hunting, your chances of hitting the target are high because it provides accurate shots and there are four pins on the string that gives precise sight and arrow positioning too! Even if the strings loosen up a bit, you can reinforce them with a lock, and tightening them up will be an easy job as the bow is very simple and easy to use.

Additionally, you can get a gauge to measure the draw weight at the local sports store, or you can purchase it separately and increase the greatness of your bow.

You can maintain a light draw with no strain to your arms. If you use it smartly and in the right way you can precisely hit a deer at around 30 yards, only by using the second pin.

The bow is well made and with a small investment on add-ons, you can increase the accuracy and get the quality of more expensive bows and their benefits, without overpaying or going through all that trouble.

Moreover, it has a smooth draw cycle and it doesn’t jam the string. With the well-built cams that are great in resisting tension from the string, it can transmit energy from the bow to the arrow effectively and without problems.

Last but certainly not least, this is a bow that you can rely on fully. It isn’t sensitive to heat or rain and you will face no problems if rain starts pouring when you are in the woods enjoying your bow-hunting adventure. It holds together very well and even when the strings loosen a bit, you can adjust them easily. And the strings are so good that you will only need to replace them once a year.

It is safe to say that this is a bow that only gives and rarely takes – it is greatly helpful and easy to use.


In conclusion, we can say that this bow is a beast when it comes to bowhunting.  Any teen or adult can use it; however, it requires strength because the minimum poundage is 50 lbs. If you want to give it to your son or daughter, you might want to test their strength first too.

On the other hand, you as an adult can use it easily and your hunting experience will be improved a lot! It is strong, powerful and accurate and will succeed to amaze you every day when you hunt. You can easily carry it around your hunting field and you can stay rest assured that it will not fail you in bad weather conditions.


You can even bow-fish with it if you like to attach a reel for bow-fishing and you can relax by the river with it too. It is strong enough to penetrate water accurately and as precisely as you want it too.

Finally, we can say that the Leader Accessories compound bow is amazing and with it, you can bring home different varieties of animals.

It is silent, fast, strong and accurate and it is a great companion for your bow-hunting adventures.