Thu. Jun 8th, 2023
Crosman Elkhorn Jr. Compound Bow Review

Crosman Elkhorn Jr. Compound Bow Review

For kids, a play bow and arrow set is exciting and can lead to joyful and satisfying adventures with their friends. However, an authentic archery set is even more glorious for a kid who is interested in mastering the pursuit of archery.

These sets are the real McCoy, and they are usually composed of a sturdy material that can endure the brunt of the sport and weather conditions. Beginners in the sport will benefit highly from a compound bow.

Due to the availability of products in the market these days, choosing one can be a challenge in itself. Make your choices easier by reading reviews about the different bow and arrow sets.

In this review, we are going to talk about the Crosman Elkhorn Jr. Compound Bow. Do read the rest of the review for more information about the product.


  • Comes with 33-inch axle to axle
  • Can provide a good feel for beginner archers
  • Has a 26-inch max draw
  • Has 8-inch brace height
  • Has 1 lb. and 12 oz. mass weight
  • Comes with integrated design for excellent hand location for right-handed archers
  • Includes 65 percent let-off cam and wheel design for better shooting capabilities


The Crosman Elkhorn Jr. compound bow is expressly made for kids who want to master the workings of a bow and arrow. As suggested by many enthusiasts and experts, the compound bow is the best bow for beginners.

This is because the bow is sturdy enough and is quite versatile. It bears the same design as the bows used by adults but is light enough for young archers’ use.

The whole package comes with sights, an armed guard, two youth arrows finger tab, a 2-piece quiver and arrow rest.

Now if your kid is interested to pursue and learn this sport, you should go for a quality package that has everything he needs. The model is a bow and arrow set that is composed of sturdy compound materials and has a sight window that is bigger than the usual so users can add extra scopes and sights.

It has a sleek, modern design and is compact enough for longer training sessions. The bow is made up of durable material too so one can use it for an extended period, which is a plus since using a bow and arrow can be a challenging pursuit to master.

The bow’s arms have been made with strong compound material and it includes a preset center shot riser that is made up of a sizable and comfortable gap meant for observing. Archers can buy it with a 33-inch axle that is specifically made for beginners.

The bow’s body is composed of an ultra-lightweight material known as a composite fiber that promotes a more comfortable use for younger enthusiasts.

The model features a brace of 8 inches which makes for better precision. It has an expanded level of precision due to its brace height—archers will acquire a good rate of balance by using this bow.

Shooters can also accomplish targets that are located within 20 yards thus this is one high-performance bow model.

The bow has a maximum drawing length of 26 inches and has a minimum draw weight of 17 lbs. with the max coming at 21 lbs. This is suggested for kids ages 12 years and over.

It has a general weight of 1 lb. and 12 oz. Users can extensively manage the bow since they can position their hands effortlessly in the proper locations.

Another excellent reason why compound bows are popular with many archers is that it can be used in whatever weather condition. Due to the sturdy composite material the bow is made of, it will not easily succumb to wear and tear unlike wooden models, which are prone to enlarging and becoming brittle.

Compound bows are unaffected by the weather and you can use them come rain or shine. Its lightweight yet strong materials ensure that the life of the bow is on the lengthy side and would not entail too much maintenance compared to their wooden counterparts.

The package comes with a reasonable price and the items it was included with gave excellent value for money. It is a completely equipped package that makes it a convenient bundle for beginner archers.

The whole unit is easy to assemble as well. The package has just about everything one needs to set up. Users can begin using the bow after assembly.

The strings which support the wheel cam system are not prone to corrosion since it is designed for use in all kinds of weather. Another great thing about the product is that it is backed by a 90-day full warranty.


The Crosman Elkhorn Jr. Compound Bow displayed some setbacks though. For one, the bow is meant only for right-handed users. The draw length and the draw weight of the bow cannot be modified as well.

It can only be used by young hunters with a draw length that goes up to 26 inches. Hence, this is not ideal for teenagers and adults who have larger draw lengths. It has a low draw weight too so it is not recommended for hunting.

Assembly is easy though provided you are given help by an experienced user. It does not come with an assembly guide. However, you can learn how to set it up from a seasoned archer.


The Crosman Elkhorn Jr. Compound Bow is a great alternative for more expensive models. It is recommended for kids between the ages of 9-13 years.

Due to its lower draw length, it is not an ideal bow for teens and adults. Experts often recommend that archers make use of a bow that will suit their drawing length, otherwise, their shots will be affected.

This particular product is an excellent starter bow should your kid acquires an interest in archery. It is not meant for hunting pursuit, but it’s a good way for the kid to learn the rudiments of archery, he can improve his handling and shooting by using a compound bow like this model before venturing to advanced bows used for hunting.

The bow is made with quality materials, is easy to use and provides great value for your money due to the inclusion of the required items for the setup.