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Did you know most Americans don’t understand how their vehicles work? If you’re a new vehicle shopper and need some advice on car ownership, we can help.

We will help you avoid some typical car-owning myths. You’ll learn some basics about the automotive industry.

Would you like to get a crash course on what to avoid when shopping for cars? Keep reading.

You Won’t Get the Best Deal at the End of the Month

You might have heard of the myth that you’ll get the best deal at the end of the month. Car sellers need to hit a predetermined quota that’s set by the automaker each month.

This is why a lot of people believe they can get an excellent deal at the end of the month. But popular cars will get sold throughout the month, and the dealer might hit their quota early.

Also, if you try and get a deal, you might get forced to compromise on your favorite vehicle color.

You Don’t Need to Spend on Expensive Gas

A common myth you might hear at a car dealership is that you should fill your tank with premium gas.

Most owners believe premium gas will give their car a boost of power or improve the gas mileage. Yet, these claims aren’t always valid.

High-octane gas is necessary if you own a vehicle with high-compression engines. Do you hope to buy a regular vehicle? You won’t need to use premium gas.

When Should You Change Your Oil?

When to change your oil will depend on your vehicle. Sometimes, you’ll need to change it every 3000 miles.

Modern vehicles have become engineered to last further between the oil changes. 20 years ago, vehicles needed frequent oil changes.

Now there are better driving conditions and synthetic oil. Cars will go a lot further between the oil changes. If you get your vehicle’s oil changed every 3000 miles, you could end up wasting money.

Make sure to check the vehicle’s manual and see the oil change interval recommendation. Do this before you take it to the mechanic.

Cold Weather and Warming up Your Vehicle

Many people believe that you need to warm up the vehicle’s engine in cold weather. The engine’s oil needs to get warmed up, along with the moving parts.

Yet, it’s not necessary to warm your machine before you drive. The modern vehicle will run better on a cold day. You can save on gas.

You Don’t Need Fuel Additives

In gas stations and mechanic stores, you will find fuel system additives.

These products will claim to make your engine run a lot better and have improved mileage. They might also claim that it will remove grime or harmful deposits from your gas lines and fuel tank.

Many people don’t understand that gas contains cleansers and detergents already.

Gas removes the sediments and deposits. When you add more performance boosters to your gas tank, you aren’t improving what the gas is already doing.

You should save your money and invest it elsewhere.

You Can Use Some Ethanol

At most gas stations, you will be able to fill your vehicle with 100 percent gas or with a blend of 10 percent ethanol. Some people believe you shouldn’t choose the latter. However, 100 percent gas will cost a lot more.

Pure gasoline is only 10 percent more efficient than E10 gasoline, but it costs more.

Bigger Vehicles Aren’t Always Safer

Most people will feel safe if they drive in a larger vehicle. But bigger vehicles aren’t always safer. Big vehicles tend to do poorly in safety ratings.

Protection against collisions isn’t the only thing that will make a vehicle safe. You also need to consider maneuverability.

A coupe might score a lot higher than a mid-size or large SUV. Large SUVs and minivans will have a bigger base and are less stable.

Cleaning Your Vehicle

There are myths around what happens to a vehicle’s paint job after cleaning.

Some car owners mistakenly believe that a car wash will ruin the paint. If you choose the wrong kind of car wash and use them way too often, you could mess up the paint job.

Stay away from vehicle car washes that use massive brushes. This could damage your paint.

Glass Coating Actually Works

A lot of people believe that glass coating on vehicle windows doesn’t work. The glass coating, when applied correctly, will prevent grime and dust from sticking.

Also, you’ll have an easier time washing the windows. Make sure you find a quality product that will give you a lasting and superior result.

What About the Vehicle’s Color?

You may end up needing to sell your vehicle down the road. You should consider the color of the vehicle when shopping around.

The condition and mileage will affect the value. Surprisingly, the color of your vehicle will also affect buyers’ interest. Classic colors like gray, blue, and white remain super popular.

You might have a challenge reselling your orange or purple vehicle.

Don’t Mix and Match Tires 

You should work with a reputable mechanic who can provide advice on the different types of tires. You shouldn’t choose tires from different manufacturers. 

For example, if you would like to go off-roading, you’ll need a certain set of tires. The folks at provide helpful insight into choosing the best truck tires or alloy wheels.

Car Ownership Myths to Avoid

We hope this guide on common car ownership myths was helpful. Think about the vehicle that will suit your current needs. 

Do you want to learn more about off-roading and hunting? We have a wide variety of hunting resources on the blog for you to check out.

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