Thu. Jun 8th, 2023
Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow Package Review

Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow Package Review

Some people may not be comfortable with the idea of kids getting into archery, but as long as there are helpful, expert adults around to supervise and train, the sport can be as safe as football. Outdoor activities like archery and bowhunting make for excellent activities for kids since it allows them to become active and in turn, get exercise and bond with friends and family while they’re at it.

These days, parents and their children can choose among a good range of bows in the market, with a good selection on the draw and weight adjustability. Children can learn archery at a very young age. However, when it comes to hunting, there is an age limit in several states.

Therefore, before buying something for your kid, make sure that you have checked on the laws and regulations regarding age and hunting in your area.

Due to the wide selection of bows available, choosing one can be a daunting task for the parent. Reviews will help a lot when it comes to your buying decisions so make sure to read some before settling on a product.

Here is a review of Diamond Archery’s Infinite Edge Pro Bow Package.


  • Bow comes with limbs, riser, cam system, string and string stopper
  • Bows axle is 31 inches from axle to axle
  • Has 3-pin Apex compound bow sight
  • Includes peep sight
  • Includes Octane Deadlock arrow quiver
  • Comes with D-loop
  • Has Octane Hostage XL arrow rest
  • Includes printed manual
  • Comes with warranty card


Diamond Archery’s Infinite Edge feature cams have an elliptical shape and coordinated exceptionally well, thus it leads to arrows that provide a good, ship-shape breakaway. This is a compound bow that can be used by both beginner hunters and experienced users.

It includes a cable slide that is smooth and strong. It is versatile when it comes to its draw length and weight. The draw length ranges from 13-30 inches and the draw weight ranges from 5-70lbs.

It has three settings and users have to make use of a bow press to modify the settings.

The Infinite Edge is available in both left-handed and right-handed individuals. Due to the number of adjustments it provides, the bow can be employed by both kids, teens, and adults.

It is recommended that users utilize carbon and aluminum arrows on it but it can also be used with fiberglass ones. Users can also add a stabilizer in the bow—the bow’s riser has a threaded opening where one can fasten a stabilizer.

One great thing about the Infinite Edge is that it can be used not only for target practice and honing your archery and hunting skills, it is also ideal for hunting due to the strength it displays.

Because of its wider selection of settings, buying this particular model is deemed as a practical investment especially if your kid wants to hunt more as he gets older. You can also borrow this bow from your kid if you are so inclined.

The bow has the capability for speed and power. It can easily churn out arrows at a fast 310 FPS. If you are after speed and strength, you will never be wrong with this product.

It is designed beautifully as well and you will readily appreciate and take in its aesthetics. It has rotating limb pockets, superb finish and it’s great for display as well.

The Infinite Edge is one of the easiest compound bows archers can use. It does not give off any recoil and is lightweight at a mere 3.1 pounds.

It is also priced favorably so if you are on a budget, or you want a compound bow that you and the family can use or share, this one is it. It has an excellent range of features and it performs so well that its affordable price is a nice surprise. It brings good value to your money indeed.

While this bow is not aimed for hunting purposes, you can still utilize it for shooting games. 25 ft.-lbs. will allow you to target a smaller game from rabbits to wild turkeys, 25-41 ft.-lbs. will bring you medium ones from whitetail deer to antelopes, 42-65 ft.-lbs. is perfect for bigger game like wild boards and elk while 65 ft.-lbs. will bring you a bigger game like bears and buffalo.

At its highest setting, the bow will allow you to take down bigger game. However, if you want to be successful in your efforts, maximize your strategies by putting on some additional silencing accessories on the bow.


The Infinite Edge from Diamond Archery performs well when it comes to particular aspects but does not escape a few drawbacks. The bow is a tad slow, which is an effect of the item’s lightweight properties.

The bow gave off some noise as well while in use. Hence, to solve this particular issue, users can add extra noise-minimizing accessories on it.

Another drawback of the product is the inclusion of a rather weak sight. Wooden arrows or arrows that have a cheaper quality will not last on this bow so users have to make do with fiberglass and carbon/aluminum arrows which can make the whole pursuit lean more on the costly side.

Lastly, the instructions that are included in the package for modifying the weight and draw are deficient. Understanding the whole thing can be frustrating especially for beginners.

For users who cannot be bothered with the adjustments, you can ask help from a seasoned archer or bowhunter.


If you are a parent and have kids who want to get into the wonderful world of archery or bow hunting, Diamond Archery’s Infinite Edge Pro Bow Package is something you and your kid have to check out.

It is very versatile and quite an investment—due to the wider options for adjustments, it can be depended on even as your kid grows up and his skills progress to a more advanced level.

Age range and capabilities are not limited to this product as well since anyone can handle it from children, teens to adults. Recommended if you want a package that provides lots of bang for your buck.