Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

Duck Commander Triple Threat Duck Call

The Duck Commander Triple Threat Duck Call is the ultimate duck call for anyone who loves to hunt and catch ducks. This duck call features a patented 3-reed design that replicates the exact sound of a mallard hen. The patented three-reed design is easy to clean, tune, and operate.

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Using patent-pending design, this duck call accurately replicates the sounds of both male and female mallards, mallard hens, and mallard ducks. Hand-assembled and tuned by waterfowl hunters, these calls are guaranteed to make your duck hunting experience much more rewarding.

The Duck Commander Triple Threat Duck Call comes with three reeds, making it easy to adjust the sound of the call. The triple reeds allow for incredible control when calling, making this a great call for beginners. Plus, the Duck Commander Triple Threat Duck Call has no sticking issues, unlike many double-reed calls.

If you plan on hunting in the early morning, this call is an excellent choice. It produces excellent cadences and is easy to use. Beginners will enjoy blowing the whistle in the blind to attract birds early in the morning. This is the perfect call for early morning wood ducks. When used correctly, a duck call can make a huge difference in the hunt, so you should consider purchasing more than one.