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The Easton Axis is one of the best hunting arrows on the market for the hardcore bowhunter. It features N-Fused carbon nanotubes for ultimate penetration and durability, as well as a low profile design that reduces wind drift and improves long-range accuracy.

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Easton Axis arrows

The Easton Axis hunting arrow is an industry standard for ultra-thin diameter hunting arrows. Its N-Fused carbon nanotubes provide ultimate durability and penetration, and its low profile design decreases wind drift and improves long-range accuracy. The Easton Axis is one of the best hunting arrows on the market today.

The Axis line consists of four different sizes and batches. Each batch has a different configuration, but all are black with gray or green graphics. The arrows were sold nationwide at specialty stores and were priced at $154 per dozen. While this may seem excessive, it is important to remember that the quality of your arrows is essential.

The Axis series was developed to meet the exact needs of any bow hunter or archer. There are Axis arrows for short-draw archers, medium-distance hunters, and heavy-bow shooters, all of which share the same essential features. They’re also available in different spine options and are compatible with a wide range of archery bows.

Axis N-Fused CARBON arrows are a popular choice among serious bowhunters. The nanotubes help to increase strength and penetration. They also feature a low-profile design that helps reduce wind drift and improve long-range accuracy. These lightweight arrows will maximize the effectiveness of your bow and make your hunt more successful.

If you’re looking for a match-grade arrow, a 5mm AXIS arrow shaft is a good option. These high-quality match-grade arrows have a smaller diameter and are less affected by wind drift. In addition, they’re made of high-strength nanotube N-Fused carbon fibers.


Weight is a vital component of hunting arrow performance, especially for smaller bows. Axis arrows are available in three different weights for different draw lengths and bow weights. The SPT series are designed to accommodate shorter bows with lower weights, while the APX series is formulated for longer draw lengths and higher bow weights.

Axis arrows have a 5-mm diameter to reduce wind drift, a significant concern for long distance shooting. The small cross sectional diameter also improves accuracy, especially in crosswinds. These features are essential in aiming long distances with a bow. Weight axis arrows can be purchased from any archery store, including Target Sports.

Axis arrows are a favorite among serious bowhunters. Their exclusive N-Fused carbon infusion allows them to be a bit lighter than normal carbon arrows. These arrows are crafted by Easton experts using molecularly bonded carbon nanotubes. The resulting composite produces a lightweight arrow that is incredibly durable.

The Easton Axis is a midweight option that excels at hunting from standard distances. With a 450-600 grain weight, this arrow will keep its shape and deliver excellent accuracy. It also features a durable, Iron Will collar, making it a great value for the price.


For hunters who want maximum penetration and accuracy, Axis arrows have a 5-mm micro-diameter carbon shaft. This shaft features a thinner profile than most broadhead ferrules, reducing friction and surface area. The smaller diameter also increases penetration and pass-through potential.

The 260-gram Axis shaft is the stiffest Axis spine, and is available in a 34-inch stock length. It is perfect for long-draw archers, or those who are using heavy bow weights. In addition, it is also lightweight, making it a great choice for short-draw bowhunters.

Axis arrows are compatible with all Easton brass inserts. The Axis Sport carbon arrow is designed for lighter draw weights and lighter-poundage setups. It is a great value for the money, and the carbon arrow is compatible with all Axis accessories and Easton brass inserts.

Axis arrows are a popular choice among serious bowhunters. They are the first to use carbon nanotubes, which increase strength over ordinary carbon arrows. Additionally, they are quiet to draw, and have a 5mm smooth surface. These arrows also have a lower wind drift than other brands.


Axis arrows are available in various weights and sizes. The 700-gram shaft will work with any compound bow. The 260-gram shaft is stiffer than the other two and is sold in a 34-inch stock length. It is recommended for long-draw archers and those who use heavy bow weights. The 400-gram and 340-gram spines are also available.

Axis N-Fused CARBON arrows are the preferred choice of many serious bowhunters. These arrows use N-Fused carbon nanotubes to increase strength, and they feature a low-profile design to reduce wind drift. Other features include a 5mm smooth surface for a silent draw and an aluminum insert.

Easton Axis arrows are made in the USA. They are designed to perform well over standard archery hunting distances of twenty to forty yards. They are made with carbon to increase speed and durability. One of the main features of Axis arrows is their ability to penetrate regular arrows, which makes them an excellent choice for hunters with various bow styles and weights.


Hand-fletching axis arrows is a popular and effective practice for archers of all skill levels. The process is easy and quick and can be performed in a matter of minutes. Easton Archery has a video that shows how to properly fletch an arrow.

The basic idea behind fletching is to compensate for the size and weight of the broadhead with the shaft. This is achieved by making the fletching profile wider than the broadhead. Usually, a four to five-inch-wide fletching is sufficient to compensate for this difference in width. Several different types of fletching are available for axis arrows. Some archers choose to attach three fletches to the shaft symmetrically, with each end glued at about 120 degrees apart. Others prefer four fletches per arrow, with the ends angled at a 1.5-to-2.5 degree angle.

Fletching can be made from soft plastic or feathers. Fletching made of plastic is easy to glue on the shafts with a fletching tool. Feather fletching, on the other hand, is made from the feathers of a turkey pointer. These feathers have a natural curvature and will help to create the proper angle. Make sure to match the feathers with a proper clamp.

Fletching axis arrows are a great way to maximize the speed and accuracy of your archery. They are available in a variety of lengths, so you can choose the length and weight you need. Axis arrows are an excellent option for hunting at a distance of 20 to 40 yards. Their small diameter gives them excellent speed and accuracy, and they are extremely durable and resilient.

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