Thu. Jun 8th, 2023

best recurve bow for hunting deer

The most important thing to remember about recurve bows is that they are not designed for long-range hunting. Deer, on the other hand, can be fairly short-ranged. This makes bowhunting a challenging endeavor. If you want to make the most of your time bowhunting, you should consider buying a recurve bow that is designed for this purpose. You can choose between Bear Approach HC and Samick Sage. Both bows have excellent reviews online.

Bear Approach HC

For a recurve bow, the Bear Approach HC is a fantastic option. Its design is based on the idea of fighting shock, vibration, and noise. The bow features two Rock Stop string suppressors to reduce string oscillation, while the Sonic Knots and limb mounts reduce noise and increase speed. The Approach limbs are fully adjustable, reaching past-parallel positions at full draw. These features, combined with the Bear Approach HC’s light weight, make this bow a superb choice for hunting deer.

The Bear Approach HC is part of the legendary Series by Bear Archery. Its hybrid cam system provides a smooth draw cycle and superior accuracy. It also comes with two-piece side panels for added comfort and protection. This recurve bow is ideal for hunting deer in the fall and is perfect for beginners, as well as experienced hunters who want to use an expensive bow without breaking the bank.

As for the draw weight, a Bear Approach HC recurve bow is ideal for deer hunting. A draw weight of 40 pounds or more is recommended for hunting deer in most states. The Bear Approach HC is one of the lightest recurve bows on the market, so it’s easy to shoot deer with this bow. It is also much easier to use, especially for first-time hunters.

Samick Sage

The Samick Sage recurve bow is a great choice for hunters who want a strong, accurate recurve bow. This recurve bow is easily assembled thanks to its takedown design. The limbs are removable and secured with large, knurled thumb bolts. There are draw weights from 25 to 60 pounds available for the Samick Sage. You can adjust the arrows to achieve the desired draw weight.

The Sage recurve bow is extremely versatile, and the bow comes with a number of accessories that allow you to customize the bow to fit your exact needs. The bow features an arrow rest that helps stabilize the arrow before releasing it, and an aforementioned recurve sight that locks your target into position. Especially for beginners, these features make it easier to hit the target. The bow also features a stringer so that you can replace the string when necessary.

The Samick Sage is the perfect choice for a beginner, as it is powerful and versatile enough for expert hunters. This bow also has multiple accessory attachment locations, making it easy for beginners to upgrade to a more complex model. Its price range makes it the perfect back-up bow for those who hunt big game. You can also purchase a Samick Sage as a gift for a loved one.

The Samick Sage recurve bow features a reinforced limb tip. It also accepts FastFlight strings. The Samick Sage is one of the best recurve bows on the market, and it’s the best option for beginners. You can purchase it for under $10 and begin practicing archery. But make sure you’re able to string it yourself – it will improve your shooting speed and consistency.


If you are thinking about buying a recurve bow for hunting deer, you can go for an OEELINE model. This 62-inch model has a draw length of about 28 inches and weighs around 50 pounds. The name of this bow brand is already associated with quality, but there are some things that you need to consider before you buy it. First, it is a good idea to buy a bow that is comfortable to hold. Secondly, you have to choose a draw weight that will work well with your hand. It should also be easy to carry around.

Another important consideration when buying a recurve bow is the material used to build it. A high-quality material will improve its overall performance and last longer, but the stiffness of the material will have a greater impact on its durability. You can find great bows made of steel and some wood, but it’s important to judge each bow based on its individual characteristics. Make sure the string is strong enough to withstand the stress of hunting.

An OEELINE recurve bow will give you a great range of options for hunting deer. They offer a variety of styles, including the Airobow One Piece Recurve Bow. The Bows will fit both right-handed and left-handed people. These recurve bows also have adjustable draw weights. The draw weight can be adjusted up to 60 pounds.

When hunting deer with a recurve bow, the angle of shot is critical. A frontal shot will result in a wounded deer while a rear shot will end up with an animal that has died. When shooting from an elevated stand, you should aim at the chest-lung area of the animal. An arrow shot through this area will hit the leg bone and shoulder blade, preventing the arrow from penetrating the heart and lungs.


Whether you’re trying to find the perfect recurve bow for deer hunting or you’re more interested in shooting target practice, there are a number of things you should consider. Depending on your budget, you may want a bow that can be used for both target shooting and hunting. Fortunately, Cabela’s has many different types of recurve bows to choose from.

Generally speaking, a recurve bow with a draw weight between 40 and 60 pounds is adequate for most deer hunting purposes. You can also buy a bow with a sight attached to it, if you wish. The Cabela’s Insurgent HC RTH Package comes with the core accessories needed for a successful bow hunt. It also includes a sight made by Trophy Ridge, the Volt 5-pin. This sight is highly functional and easy to use, and is a great entry-level sight for a beginner bow hunter.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly recurve bow, you may want to consider Cabela’s Thundor recurve bow. This 66-inch recurve bow combines both strength and performance. It comes in 30 and 35-pound draw weights and features fiberglass laminations. It also looks just like the Samick Sage, so you’ll be able to tell which is better for you.

The Summit II is another good option. While this recurve bow isn’t as high-quality as the top-tier models, it still offers an excellent value for the money. It comes with a stringer tool, and the bow comes with a nock set. It’s great for beginners because it’s affordable and easy to assemble. A recurve bow is a great choice if you’re looking to make your bowing debut.

PSE Razorback

If you’re a new archery enthusiast and are looking for a bow that’s easy to store and transport, the PSE Razorback recurve is a good option. It features a layered hardwood riser and white limbs, and is recommended for recreational target shooting and field archery. The PSE Razorback recurve is not suitable for hunting deer and other large game, and does not have a poundage rating for the hunter’s weight. It also lacks the accessories needed for serious deer hunting. The PSE Razorback recurve bow is located in a section of the PSE website devoted to compound bows. The company sponsors some world-class archery athletes and has a great reputation for making high-quality bows.

The PSE Razorback recurve combines excellent range, great distance and quick release. It is also whisper quiet when shooting, and is lightweight and easy to transport. It has an integral stabilizer for increased safety and is easily assembled in less than two minutes. It does not require the use of an Allen key to assemble and disassemble. Customers have raved about how easy it was to use the bow.

Another feature of the PSE Razorback recurve is its light weight. The bow weighs less than two pounds, even with the string and stabilizer installed. It does not come with an arrow rest, but you can make one yourself with sticky backed velcro. If you’re a beginner or a woman, this bow is an excellent choice for hunting. It’s lightweight enough for both women and youth, and the ergonomic design is great for comfort.