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Ball-bearing bows are an excellent option for hunting and target shooting, due to their ease of use, lightweight, and stability.

They offer a vast selection of draw lengths and weights. The longer the draw, the faster your bow can shoot.

Mathews Archery

Mathews Archery is a legendary brand for its quality products and innovative designs. Their bow line is among the finest in the industry, while their accessories provide hunters with that extra edge they need for successful shoots.

Matt McPherson founded the company in 1992 as an engineer and marketing expert with the vision to design a bow that could improve accuracy while being easier to use. His Solocam single-cam technology created a lighter, faster, and quieter bow than other brands’ offerings, while their parallel limb design makes them more stable and user-friendly than traditional compound bows.

Mathews has always strived to innovate with new designs, while continuously striving to improve its products year after year. This dedication has earned the brand worldwide recognition, helping it remain one of the most renowned brands worldwide.

They offer a vast selection of bows for everyone, from beginners to expert hunters. Many are designed with accuracy and speed in mind while others are designed for long-distance shooting.

Mathews stands out among archery companies by field testing each bow before releasing it to the public, guaranteeing it works as intended and can be trusted. This ensures the bow performs as promised and meets all quality assurance standards.

Mathews offers an impressive selection of accessories for their bows, such as sight mounts, arrow rests, and quivers. All these products are meant to enhance the shooting experience for bowhunters – plus they all come with a money-back guarantee!

Mathews Archery not only produces superior bows but they are dedicated to infusing spirituality into its company culture. They employ a full-time chaplain who is available for all employees’ personal, emotional, and spiritual needs.

The company is a leader in ethical business practices and promotes social responsibility. They strive to ensure all their products are designed and manufactured by independent artists from the community where they sell them, as well as working with local charities to make an impactful contribution to society.

Hoyt Archery

Hoyt Archery has been manufacturing bows since 1931 and offers a comprehensive selection of compound and recurve bows for hunters, target archers, and recreational shooters alike. Additionally, they carry an assortment of bow accessories like stabilizers, quivers, and sights.

Hoyt has been a pillar of the archery industry for over 100 years. Their lightweight carbon bows and cutting-edge technologies are renowned worldwide. Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Hoyt offers bows for both compounds and recurve applications – known for their improved accuracy.

For instance, the company was the first to use hollow-tube risers for its bows, which reduced mass and rigidity while maintaining strength. Furthermore, they have developed numerous other technological breakthroughs such as the HBX cam system and Stealth Shot string stop.

Hoyt has earned a reputation for producing quality archery accessories to go along with its impressive lineup of bows. Its inline sight mount is particularly popular among archers as it eliminates extra bulk and weight from sights while making the rest of the bow more balanced.

Another key benefit of an inline sight mount is that it keeps everything aligned with the bow’s riser, providing greater stability and accuracy. Furthermore, setting up and taking away this sight mount is much simpler than with most other bows since it can be accessed from behind the bow.

The HBX cams on the Ventum 30 provide superb balance and draw stability, particularly during the middle of the draw cycle when they roll smoothly over into the valley. As a result, your draw is always comfortable and fluid.

Furthermore, the HBX cams provide coverage of all draw lengths and can be adjusted easily to a wide variety of draw lengths – an incredible improvement over previous models that required different cams per draw. This ensures each Ventum is optimized for each draw length, leading to better performance from Hoyt bows. We’ve never seen such an efficient cam system!

PSE Archery

PSE is the largest privately owned archery equipment manufacturer in the world. Established in 1970 by Pete Shepley, they specialize in high-performance bows and target bows as well as making some of the fastest hunting bows available on the market.

When looking for the ideal bows for hunters, quality, and craftsmanship should always come first. One of the leading manufacturers in this regard is PSE; their products have earned them a well-deserved reputation among shooters of all levels and abilities.

They offer a wide selection of bows, including traditional and compound styles. Based in Tucson, Arizona, this company has been crafting bows for over half a century.

Their bows are renowned for being durable and offer various draw length options. Additionally, they carry an assortment of bow accessories like arrow rests and quivers.

PSE Bows offers an archery school to teach beginners how to shoot their new bow. Run by PSE’s master coach Alexander Kirillov, who has trained numerous national and international champions in archery, this academy is run by experienced professionals.

If you want to learn how to shoot your bow correctly, this is the place for you. They will demonstrate proper shooting techniques and teach you how to adjust them appropriately. They also instruct on safe storage and transportation methods for your bow.

No matter if you are an amateur or a pro, mastering how to shoot your bow correctly is paramount. Not only will it make you a better shot, but it can also increase your chances of success while hunting.

When working in a bow shop, it is essential to treat all customers equally. Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses; if you treat each customer well, they are more likely to come back frequently.

Another tip is not to be afraid to offer unique products and services. If your competitors don’t carry what you offer, this could be an opportunity for growth in your business – particularly if it’s a small bow shop.

Elite Archery

Elite Archery is part of The Outdoor Group, a rapidly-growing company known for its top-notch bows and accessories. Its products include Scott Releases, Custom Bow Equipment, Duel Game Calls, Winners Choice Bowstrings, Slick Trick Broadheads, and Perfect Form Manufacturing.

One of the world’s most beloved brands, this company produces a comprehensive selection of compound bows for hunting and target archery. Their products boast industry-leading performance.

The brand offers a comprehensive selection of bows at various price points, including its flagship compound model, EnVision. This bow has an ergonomic slim grip with definable edges and is perfectly angled for pressure-sensitive hands.

Shooters who prefer using a bow press may appreciate this brand’s DeadLock system, which allows the bow to be tuned without ever leaving its shooting line. Its bolt is situated on the bow riser and moves automatically with each draw – meaning no need for moving the bow when paper tuning!

DeadLock also includes hardened stainless steel mod screws, which is a thoughtful inclusion. Unfortunately, these types of components can often get stripped away during bow repairs, so Bowtech has taken into account how easy it will be for mechanics to put the bow back together.

Many hunters appreciate a string suppressor, which attaches directly behind the stabilizer and blocks forward string travel after shots. This prevents vibration from being transferred into the arrow shaft, helping reduce noise levels and enhance accuracy.

This feature is ideal for treestand hunters or anyone else needing to be mobile on their hunts. Additionally, it makes the bow less likely to slip and slide when shooting while standing or moving.

Finally, the company offers an extensive range of bowstrings and cables specifically tailored for their bows. These are made to replace the factory strings and cables that come standard with each bow, guaranteeing optimal performance in all conditions.

In addition to producing top-notch bows, The Outdoor Group supports archery through the National Archery in Schools Program (NASP). This nationwide, non-profit initiative gives free bows and arrows to students in grades 4-12. Studies have demonstrated that participating in this program helps boost academic performance as well as build focus, discipline, and patience among archers.

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