Thu. Sep 21st, 2023

FOXPRO Patriot American Made Electronic Predator Call

If you’re looking for an electronic predator call that has everything you need, the FOXPRO Patriot is the perfect option. It comes standard with 35 high-quality FOXPRO sounds, and you can add up to 111 more for free. This unit can store up to 300 sounds and is portable enough to carry with you while you’re hunting. Its lightweight ABS housing makes it easy to carry and its single high-efficiency horn speaker gives crystal-clear sound with great volume.

This medium-priced electronic predator call features a speaker with a punch and comes with a remote control. This device is 7.5 x 3.75 x 5 inches, which is small compared to most other electronic callers. It also comes with a battery indicator, which glows a steady green when it’s full and blinks when it’s running low. It uses 4xAA batteries, which is the same amount as other brands. The remote controls have a mute button and power on/off switches.

The FOXPRO Patriot is smaller and lighter than most e-callers. It weighs less than three pounds, which means it won’t bother you when walking to your stand. It also has programmable sound settings that you can use to change the sounds. It’s easy to carry, too, and its durable plastic case won’t hurt your back when you’re carrying it around.