Gator Waders Womens Camp Boot, Ankle High Waterproof Shoes for Fishing, Hunting, and Camping are waterproof and stylish boots. The neoprene lining and 100% waterproof rubber outer layer provide extra warmth and comfort, so you can spend all day in these shoes. And, with reinforced heels and toes, these boots are designed to endure the roughest conditions.

Gator Waders have made great strides since the first RedZone wader, the Black Label and RedZone 2. Their new Catalyst and Aspire have even better fit and roomier than previous models. Earlier models were too tight on the crotch, thighs, and gut. And they made walking and jumping in shallow water difficult.

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The boot-fit on this pair of waders is the best among the bunch. It is also the most difficult to take off. A rubber stud at the heel would make removing them easier. The price is just right too.

When choosing your new pair of waders, remember to choose the right size. You should measure your chest, inseam, and boot size. Most companies will have sizing charts to help you select the right size. However, if you are still uncertain, you can try them on at home. And, if you are shopping online, you can always return them if they don’t fit properly. Also, you can test them in a bathtub or pool to see if they leak.

Another important factor when purchasing a pair of waders is durability. It is important to check the material and stitching of the boots to prevent leaks. Waders that can withstand repeated use will last longer than those made of cheaper material.

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