Sun. Feb 5th, 2023

GLORYFIRE Duck Call Lanyard with Removable Drops Secures 5 Call Premium Military Grade

The GLORYFIRE Duck Call Lanyard is made of premium military grade paracord and can securely hold up to five duck calls. It is a versatile piece of hunting equipment with a generous length of 60 feet. It features adjustable loops and removable drops to fit any size or shape of neck.

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This lanyard is made of premium military grade paracord and is hand braided for strength. It is easy to sell and keeps your duck call secure in case it gets lost or stolen. It comes with six slip knot drops and a special tuning hole.

The Specialty Series Duck Calls are specially designed to attract “off ducks” or act as a confidence call for late season ducks. They have the highest quality materials and are the best calling products on the market.