Thu. Jun 8th, 2023

hog hunting tips for beginners

Many hunters start out thinking hog hunting is easy. They read about millions of hogs tearing up fields and take the first step by buying a rifle, slapping a scope on it, and packing their hunting gear. Some even think it’s as simple as picking up a hunting guide, who will show them how to zero the rifle and load the clip. When things don’t go as planned, they can borrow a guide’s rifle.

Using your nose

When you’re hog hunting for beginners, you can learn how to spot the animal easily using your nose. Hogs have a distinctive smell and can be identified by the excrement they leave behind. You can also smell the hogs through their tracks. Hog tracks resemble deer’s tracks, but hogs tend to leave higher slash marks. To make your hunt easier, you can use predator calls to lure hogs out of cover.

Using your ears

When hog hunting for beginners, using your ears is an effective way to find your prey. Pigs will often rub their bodies on objects, including downed logs. Their tusks can turn up an entire acre of soil in a single night. They also rip the surface of the soil to find food. Hogs will often follow the same trails and crossings to find their favorite foods.

Using a good rifle

A deer rifle can be used for hog hunting. A deer rifle is great for hunting hogs, but it can also be used for other types of animals, such as coyotes. Bolt action rifles are among the best available options, and they are also very lightweight. Modern models have a 30-inch barrel, wood stocks, recoil-reducing pads, and ring attachments for a scope.

Using a good scope

When hog hunting for beginners, it’s crucial to invest in a quality rifle scope. A low magnification scope allows you to clearly see pigs, but the less power you have, the more difficult it is to get clear shots of the hogs. This is especially true if you’re hunting at night. While low magnification scopes can still give you a clear shot, they require you to remain quiet and squat closer to the activity to get clear pictures. Additionally, higher power scopes can lose resolution and image clarity when viewed through a glass window. The ideal combination between magnification and effective range is often tricky to strike, and depends on many factors.

Using a hog hunting feeder

When using a hog hunting feeder, you have to have at least 30 to 50 metres visibility. This will ensure that you are able to see and shoot the hog without having to get up in their face. A roll barrel feeder is a simple device, consisting of a barrel with holes attached to a rock, tree, or stick. The feeder can also be attached to other stable objects, such as a fence post.

Using a sounder

Using a sounder is a great way to find a hog. This tool is incredibly useful for beginners and can make the difference between a successful hunt and a missed one. It also allows you to see if a hog is in a certain area. The moon phase is a crucial factor, as hogs can be extremely sensitive to scent. You should always check with the hunting office or state regulations to determine whether night hunting is allowed where you live.

Using recorded piglets in distress

Recorded piglets in distress are an effective way to attract hogs to a hunting spot. Sows are very protective of their young and will come out to protect them. Using the recorded sounds of distressed piglets will draw a protective sow’s attention and encourage her to come out to protect her babies. Beginner hog hunters can use recorded sounds of distressed piglets to increase their chances of success.