Thu. Sep 21st, 2023

best bowfishing lights

When looking for the best bowfishing lights, consider the Lumens rating, price, durability, and color. You may want to look for a quieter generator, but this can add to the cost. Also, consider whether you’ll use the lights in a boat or on the bank. You can also save money by purchasing multiple units. If you’re not sure which style of light to purchase, check out our reviews to find the best models.

Lumens rating

If you’re a fan of a high lumens light, you’ll want to invest in the best bowfishing light available. These lights are adjustable and can be adjusted to the conditions of the water and weather. Even with their higher price tag, these lights are worth the money for the features they offer. Most of these lights provide 110 lumens per watt, which is more than enough to illuminate any bowfishing spot in the dark.

Halogen lights are an excellent option because they’re water resistant, run on batteries, and have a long life. They’re more energy-efficient than other types of lights, and they’re equivalent to a 170-watt halogen bulb. And they’re incredibly versatile – you can mount them on the end of your stabilizer bushing or use them as a handheld flashlight.


While there are many different types of bowfishing lights available in the market, LED bowfishing lights tend to be the most affordable options. LED lights are extremely durable and provide substantial light output. They are more expensive than other options, but they offer long-term lighting, with some models claiming to last up to 50,000 hours. They are also extremely useful when fishing in the dark, as they can help you see better than ever before.

The LED light in the TruGlo is one of the best bowfishing lights available. It features two LED bulbs, a 250-lumen white one and a 150-lumen green one. It mounts directly to any bow stabilizer mount and also has a tail cap for handheld use. It is made of durable aircraft-grade aluminum. The LED light will last for a long time with proper maintenance.


There are two basic types of bowfishing lights: handheld and boat-mounted. Handheld bowfishing lights are essentially flashlights, and are mounted on the bow of the boat. They produce less light but are very portable. If you plan to use them for trolling, be sure to check the durability rating of the light before buying it. These lights must also be water-resistant. Make sure that they are rated for immersion in water.

LED bowfishing lights have the advantage of being very durable. They are cheaper and still offer excellent lighting performance. LED lights are also easy to install, and their lifespan is often in the thousands of hours. This means that you can use your lights year after year without any worry about them fading. These lights are recommended for boats and have a 50,000-hour lifespan. However, they are not as durable as their halogen counterparts, so it’s important to make sure you’re making the right decision when purchasing one.

Colors available

You have many choices when it comes to the colors of your bowfishing lights. The most common colors are green and white. Green lights are more attractive at night and are less hard on the eyes than white lights. In addition, they attract fewer bugs than white lights do. Blue lights are less noticeable and are often used for ambient lighting rather than bowfishing. Each type of light has its own benefits and disadvantages.

One of the best bowfishing lights on the market is the Swamp Eye HD. The Swamp Eye has over 12,000 lumens of flood power, which is unmatched by other high-brightness lights. Another great feature of this light is its ability to adjust color tone on the fly. These lights are also effective in both muddy and clear waters. Tournament bowfishing enthusiasts can use the lights to adjust the color tone to penetrate clear and muddy water conditions.