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Best Hunting Gloves

On long days in a tree stand, duck blind, or pheasant field, your gloves need to be capable of withstanding any weather conditions. Look for gloves with waterproof protection and an insulating layer thick enough to keep your hands warm.

If you need an extra-warm hunting glove, wool-based options may be your best bet. Sheared from specialty sheep, this material is great for moisture-wicking and warmth retention.


When hunting, it is essential to have a pair of gloves that keep your hands warm. Choose materials such as fleece or wool so that your hands feel comfortable while wearing them.

Fleece: This material helps wick away sweat and moisture from the wearer’s skin, keeping their hands warm. Additionally, it allows air to circulate gloves, preventing rashes on hands and fingers.

Short Pile Fur: Similar to fleece, this material wicks away sweat and keeps hands warm while hunting. It’s especially great for those with sensitive skin as it allows them to breathe easily while staying comfortable.

Wool: Wool is an ideal winter material due to its durability and warmth. It can be used in various weather conditions and is waterproof as well.

Leather is another material ideal for keeping your hands warm during wintertime. It’s soft, flexible, and durable – providing you with a secure grip while out hunting.

Other materials ideal for keeping hands warm include cotton and neoprene. Both materials are soft, breathable, and waterproof.

Waterproof gloves are essential for hunting as they shield your hands from mud, rain, and other wet conditions. Furthermore, they help prevent numbness and cold from reaching your fingertips so you can hunt with peace of mind.

KUIU’s Volt Heat gloves feature a patented waterproof Microwire heat tech that makes them ideal for hunting in cold weather. Fully waterproof, these gloves can withstand even extreme conditions while being insulated with PrimaLoft insulation to keep your hands warm.

KUIU’s gloves may be pricier than most other options, but they provide hunters with exceptional value for their money. Fully waterproof and featuring a cozy wool lining as well as leather on the palms and fingers for extra dexterity, these gloves can keep your hands warm and dry with ease. Plus, KUIU gloves are touchscreen compatible – meaning you can use your smartphone without taking them off!


Waterfowl or upland game hunters alike should always have waterproof gloves in their arsenal. Not only do these protect your hands, but they also keep water out so your fingers don’t get numb when setting decoys.

The ideal waterproof hunting gloves are breathable and designed to keep water out without adding extra bulk. Furthermore, these gloves boast features that come in handy when wet or messy conditions arise, such as textured grips and reinforced palms.

When duck hunting, having gloves that repel water is essential. The Sitka Pantanal GTX gloves have a water-resistant shell and breathable Gore-Tex liner to keep your hands dry while setting and picking up decoys. Plus, these gloves feature scent control enhancements to contain your odor while helping you remain concealed in the woods.

These Orvis Upland Hunting Gloves feature sheepskin on the palm and the first two fingers to aid with movement and range of motion. Plus, its durable leather shields your wrist from thorns or sticks that could prick you while clearing the brush.

These waterproof gloves can be worn alone, but we suggest pairing them with a warmer layer of insulation like the Sitka Stormfront GTX. Its removable fleece liner makes it ideal for cold weather while the shell acts as an independent glove when temperatures are mild.

Under Armour’s Traverse Tech Touch gloves offer users the convenience of operating their touchscreen devices without taking them off. These gloves feature a Silver index in both index fingers and thumbs for precise control over phones or GPS units.

Mossy Oak Lightweight Early Season Hunting Gloves are an ideal option for early-season hunts. These gloves are lightweight and comfortable, plus they come in various camo patterns.

These gloves may not be the warmest options available, but they’re an ideal choice for early-season hunters. Wear these alone or pair them with Under Armour Traverse mittens to add extra warmth in extreme cold weather conditions.


Heated gloves are an excellent way to stay warm in cold weather. These gloves feature small wires woven inside that run on batteries, providing constant warmth distribution.

They can be invaluable when doing outdoor tasks, like shoveling snow or hiking. Furthermore, they may help alleviate pain in your hands and fingers if you suffer from arthritis or Raynaud’s syndrome.

The ideal heated hunting gloves provide enough insulation to keep your hands warm without overheating, yet are comfortable and easy to wear.

You can choose gloves with chemically or electrically heated heating elements. The latter tend to be more cost-effective and eco-friendly, however, they may not be reliable or suitable for everyone.

Electric gloves feature small, interwoven wires powered by rechargeable batteries that distribute and maintain warmth for hours.

Heated gloves are essential for those who spend a lot of time outdoors during the winter. They can be used for hiking, skiing, shoveling snow, riding bikes or simply walking the dog.

They tend to be touchscreen compatible, which is great for anyone who wants to use their smartphone without taking off their gloves. Furthermore, these phones typically offer multiple heat settings so you can regulate the level of warmth.

We tested the Autocastle Heated Gloves, which are one of our top picks for those seeking an excellent value pair. Made with waterproof spandex fabric that’s soft and flexible with plenty of insulation, these gloves also have an adjustable wrist strap to ensure a secure fit and a non-slip palm grip to easily use your phone or other items.


Dexterity is a type of ability that requires the coordination of small muscles, such as hands and fingers. It’s one of the six primary ability scores used in D&D 5e along with strength, agility, and balance.

Dexterity is an invaluable skill that characters possess that can assist them with many different tasks. For instance, someone with great dexterity could use their hands to hold a bow or crossbow during combat, providing them with a significant advantage.

A quality pair of hunting gloves should provide dexterity while protecting the palms and fingers. Your hands are one of the most vulnerable places when out hunting or at the shooting range, so it’s important to protect them with gloves.

Different hunting gloves exist, and each can be an ideal option depending on your activity. Some of the best gloves for hunting offer a precision feel and lightweight hand protection while others focus on insulation or breathable material.

Our most expensive hunting glove selection, the Alpha Gloves, is an excellent option for anyone who values hand protection and dexterity. Crafted from soft yet breathable material with an extra grip on the thumb to keep your fingers safe when cleaning rifles or knives, these gloves provide extra grip while cleaning.

These comfortable pants feature a durable, long-lasting material that won’t absorb water easily. This is especially beneficial if you’re going on an exciting water adventure like hunting moose or other aquatic wildlife species where you may spend lots of time submerged.

Another advantage of wearing gloves with good dexterity is that they can assist a person to perform various tasks. A pair of hunting gloves may be ideal for fishing, paddling a boat, or cleaning up after a moose.

Dexterity-based skills such as Acrobatics, Sleight of Hand, and Stealth are some of the most commonly used dexterity-based abilities. Rogues use these to sneak through rooms undetected or hide weapons or objects during fights.

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